Yeshua (Vincent Faust)
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Archivist, Philosopher, Private detective




Lucille Faust (deceased), Maxwell Faust (deceased)


Gideon Hale (deceased)

Yeshua Edit

Vincent Faust, alternatively Yeshua, is an arcanist mastermind of sorts. Spending most of his life in seclusion studying his archives and taking crime cases into his own hands for recreation, Yeshua decided to seek knowledge from the outside world and take it upon himself to gather it independently.

Although he never directly took part in any sort of conflict or war, he did anonymously tip off his "allies" with information from his archives, whether it be an enemy observation or the details of a specific location.

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Yeshua performing a spell


Early lifeEdit

Vincent was born into a very small, but intellectual family in Darkshire; his mother was named Lucille and his father Maxwell. Being substantially quiet and pragmatic from an early age, Vincent excelled in his studies and observations about almost everything. Throughout his education, he considered everything to be too elementary or unchallenging for him, so he brought the issue up to his parents, whom told him to continue his studies until he was finished. The unsatisfied Vincent reluctantly agreed.

Flawlessly coursing through his studies, Vincent soon became more than just someone who was intelligent with educational work. He took an interest in solving complex puzzles and riddles, no matter how related they were to him. Often times he would casually stroll around town and solve people's problems for them, utterly disregarding the courtesies involved with the task. Vincent even cracked a tough case that involved a necromancer that was setting his sights on Darkshire. Using his ingenuity and intuition, he pieced together the trails left behind by the necromancer and realized that it was a countdown puzzle to his first assault on the village. By figuring this problem out, Vincent was able to alert the authorities, but only at the price of them calling upon him to assist in situations as difficult as this one.

After the necromancer case, Vincent once again confronted his parents with the motion of finding a higher source of learning. Eventually realizing their genius son's imminence, they contacted an old family friend by the name of Gideon Hale, a philosopher and wizard. They sent Vincent to stay with Gideon for as long as he wished.

Young adulthoodEdit

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Yeshua/Vincent as a young man

Together the two actively went out to study many different points of interest and create theories about how things ticked. Using Gideon's home, which was basically a library of information, they took mass amounts of time each day and devoted it to mentoring Vincent to become a studied wizard. As the days, months, years passed, Vincent became an adept at illusionary magic, as well as conventional arcane manipulation. Not to mention he knew every inch of text that existed within Gideon's archive. As mentor and student, the two shared a bond bound by knowledge.

However, good things may not last forever. Upon Vincent's early return to Gideon's residence from his authority work one day, he noticed there were a few papers lying on Gideon's desk with him nowhere in sight. Naturally following his curiosity, Vincent decided to take a read through what his mentor was up to. What he read hit him like a lightning bolt, as his expression changed to one of awe-stricken proportions, and then back to his casual, emotionless face. His parents' decision to make Vincent a mentor under Gideon was all planned out since their realization of Vincent's ingenuity as a child. Their plan was to fill Vincent with knowledge, and turn him into an absolute genius, only to have Gideon siphon the life out of him with a demonic artifact disguised as a book via illusion to absorb the young prodigy's intelligence for themselves. Seeing his family's treacherous betrayal, Vincent casually placed the papers back in the exact position he found them and silently waited for Gideon to return..

As Gideon stepped through the door, he noticed a sickly relic under his arm. Normally this would be in the guise of a book had Vincent not cast an illusion ward on himself earlier. He greeted his mentor normally and played along with the old man's ruse until he knew the plan was about to be set in final motion. Later in the afternoon, Gideon arised from his study and asked Vincent to take a read through this "book" he had found while he was "out" earlier. Accepting the item, Vincent looked up at Gideon with an emotionless, cold stare and asked him, "You think this is a game, don't you, Gideon? I must have overestimated you if you truly think a fool such as yourself can possibly beguile me." Gideon's eyes widened in horror as he saw that his plan had fell through and was crumbling apart where he stood. He was speechless as Vincent continued to speak. "This is comedy, really. You had your entire scheme based around the idea of me not figuring this out, because if you knew I did.. Well, let's just say you knew what is about to happen, my dear old mentor." Gideon attempted to stir up an arcane bolt as a defense mechanism, but Vincent quickly counterspelled his attempt and layed a firm hand over Gideon's forehead. He shouted a chant and utterly destroyed Gideon's mind using the relic against him, siphoning his memory, thoughts, and intelligence to himself. Now a motionless shell, Vincent pushed Gideon back onto a chair and walked out the door while his old friend sat there, forever a vegetable.

Vincent flipped his hood over his head and marched forward with the heathen relic in hand. He was coming home. He was returning to Darkshire. He greeted everyone that he remembered, and even those that Gideon remembered, as he was making his way to his old home. He knocked on the door.. and his mother, Lucille, answered. "Hel- Oh, Vincent? It's been so long! How are y-" "Hello, mother.. I bet you've missed me, haven't you? Oh, who am I to even guess that. Of course you have. But was it truly me that you miss, or my.. mind?" At the uttering of those last words, Vincent repeated the memory erosion spell he had performed on Gideon to his mother, her self falling onto the floor as Vincent shut the front door.

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Yeshua about to distribute justice

Apparently his father, Maxwell, was at work late today, so this was good for him. He set his mother up in her usual chair and awaited his father's return, taking a look at their books in the meanwhile. As his father opened the door and stated "Lucille, I'm home. I'm sorry for how late I am. They decided to keep me out late today." He walked over to Lucille since she wasn't answering, and saw that she was slumped over, drooling incessantly, and his faced shifted into utter horror, not even able to comprehend what was going on until a hand was placed on his shoulder. Vincent spun him around and threw him against the wall with an arcane push. He gripped his hands around his father's collar and whispered, "Welcome home." He performed the memory spell once again as his father began to utter "Vincent! N-" He was cut off by the sound of his sudden lapse in intelligence, falling to the floor like his wife.

After planting the now depleted artifact on the necromancer's body and setting the 3 betrayers up for a certain framing, Vincent talked to the Darkshire authorities and told them that the old necromancer from his childhood incapacitated all 3, in hopes to lure Vincent home for revenge, and that he had once again put a stop to the necromancer. Having no reason to not believe him, the authorities congratulated him and gave their condolences in the form of financial aid, which he accepted. Soon after, Vincent left town and was never heard from since.

A year later he returns home with a very different physical appearance and purchases his own home with the money the authorities gave him that time ago. He restructured the house to resemble Gideon's old archive house, and transferred Gideon's belongings, which he had stored away in secrecy, to it.

Having no clue who he was other than him calling himself by the name "Yeshua", which he took up out of sproradicity, the people of Darkshire assume he is just an incredibly intelligent young wizard.


Growing weary of introverted observations, Yeshua decided to travel off from Darkshire and take personal, independent research of anything about Azeroth that interests him. Occasionally he would return home to take inventory and make sure everything is going stable in his residence before leaving again.


Yeshua embraces his introversion. He wields a deadly mind that uses logic and reasoning to deal with any problems that approach him. Yeshua's favorite word is essentially "efficient", because he believes everything can and must be improved, no matter how perfect it may seem; 99% is not 100%, nor will it ever be to him.

When in social situations, he mostly keeps to himself unless something sparks his interest to speak up and explain his thoughts, which he rarely does for anyone that he deems unworthy of the effort. He has a very tolerable temper and never lets any excessive emotions leave the depths of his mind, since he believes emotions can prove to be a very deadly hubris should one let them interfere with their logistics.

Yeshua thinks rationally, and that's all he knows. He proves himself time and time again to be inconsiderate and unable to attune himself to the emotions of anyone but himself. He doesn't care. He's apathetic and callous.

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When in combat, Yeshua utilizes his skills in the arcane arts to manipulate his foes with illusions. Although he is fully able to use other types of arcane manipulation besides illusion, it is his preferred fighting method, simply because it brings him to joy to be in total control of the outcome of something. However, he isn't exactly at the magical prowess of an archmage. Due to devoting most of his life to actual theorycrafting and studying, he hasn't honed his wizardry to that extent.

Yeshua's brutal weakness is that when he is deprived of the ability to use magic, he is ultimately defenseless in combat. He has little to no knowledge on swordplay or any kind of use of conventional weapons, as he mostly sees them as trivial skills for the reason of never letting his foe get the best of him to have him result to the use of a weapon.


  • Yeshua is an essential remake of the character Jaden Hale from Freedom-WoW.
  • The pictures used are indeed mostly from Jace Beleren, a Planeswalker from Magic the Gathering.
  • Yeshua and Jace Beleren are substantially different in terms of character. Yeshua is RP'd as an extreme of the owner's personality. The inspiration from Jace originates purely from his aesthetic appeal.
  • Nobody knows Yeshua's real name aside from himself.
  • Yeshua can be considered a sociopath by some due to his callous disregard for emotion, although this is not true. He has emotion and values it, but rarely does he show it and it's likely he will never value it over rationality.


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Yeshua as an adult


Yeshua's archive library/house