Player: Mezrin

Character Full Name: Volner Aregar

Character In-Game Name: Volner

Nickname(s): The Cracker, Crack

Association(s): Dalaran, The Alliance

Race: Human

Class: Paladin

Skills and Abilities: Basic paladin abilities, although spell-wise is inclined towards healing. Exceptionally skilled with big weapons, but good with one-handed weaponry as well. Educated in Dalaran (this includes literacy, world history, mathematics) and has the training to be a librarian in Dalaran (no small feat!).

Age: 28

Sex: Male

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Weight: 323 lbs

Height: 6'6"


Usual Garments/Armor: Heavy plate armor, colored purple of course, and adorned with a Dalaran tabard. Otherwise, he wears whatever fits his rather large frame.

Other: Often carries a large weapon with him, to tell people to back off and just in case trouble does happen. This large weapon is an enchanted mace. The head opens and spins when activated. When open, it glows with a purple flame, acting as a holy torch, the enchantment only opening the mace and making it purple.


Volner is not the stereotypical strongman you'd expect to see out of a man his size and build. Rather, he is an introverted, quiet type, but he wasn't always that way. In his youth he was a loud and brash man, the type to always lead his group of friends into a new adventure, regardless of the rules. He didn't succumb to any vices however, as he was still a squire and later a paladin of the Holy Light. He remained a paragon of virtue, as was fitting someone of his status.

Now he is the introvert, after having discovered his passion for books and learning. He realized the value and comfort of being alone in a room full of books. He is slow to anger, often calm-headed, and a man of few words. When with his friends, however, he opens up more, and becomes a glimpse of the man he used to be.

On the topic of the Horde, Voner attempts to remain neutral, keeping his head out of such a touchy subject. However, when held down and forced to state an opinion, he expresses distaste for the blood elves, but that's only an illusion to fit in more. Only his close friends know that he has no quarrel with the Horde.


Volner was born around the opening of the Dark Portal, in the city of Dalaran. He was born to a pair of pure-bred Kul'tirasian citizens who fled their kingdom in order to get away from the normal fisherman's life. Volner's father was a priest, and his mother a librarian, her love of literature one of the pressing reasons they moved to Dalaran. Nobody in the family showed any real interest in magic, and so Volner had nothing to do with any of the other magi in training. As he grew older and began to think for himself, he began to rebel against the strict guidelines his father had laid out for him (mother wasn't around as much because she had so many books to read). Worried that his son would succumb to the vices of the world, he had Volner become a squire to a particularly pious warrior of a relatively new band of holy men known as the Paladins of the Silver Hand. Volner was a reluctant child at first, seemingly a bad choice, going out of his way to slight his master and complain as much as possible. After squiring for his master during a battle against renegade orcs and seeing the power he held, however, Volner quickly shaped up and became an apt pupil, finding some use in the training after all. Volner most often trained in the use of larger weapons that required two hands to hold, but received advanced training in the use of a one-handed weapon and shield as well.

After years of being a squire, at the age of 18, Volner's father's morals and those of his master's finally stuck, and he was made into an official Paladin of the order. Still new, he had yet to decide where his specialty lied. While he was an exceptionally large man, and could wield a giant hammer more naturally than a cook holds a spoon, he had shown a major affinity for healing and studying literature throughout his childhood. He never truly picked an area to specialize on, instead healing when he needed to and fighting when the occasion came up. The virtues of being a paladin and the personalities of his friends tempered his rebellion early on, and coupled with his love for books that his mother had showed him, he began to turn into a more quiet man, introverted and talking less. When he was on duty as a paladin, he was often hunting orcs, sometimes coming into contact with his childhood friends again and battling side by side with them.

When the plague broke out in the western parts of Lordaeron, Volner and his master answered the call. The arcanists of Dalaran teleported them onto the scene, and he experienced the horror of the undead for the first time in his life. In between battles with them, he often recorded every single detail he could of their behavior and fighting styles, trying to document them as best he could, as his scholastic personality had tendency to do. Nerves and excitement clashed within him, coupled with suspicion that his home wasn't safe, either. None of this mattered when the Culling of Stratholme began. With the disbandment of the Silver Hand, Volner chose to continue following Arthas down a dark path, choosing duty over all else, as his master had taught him. So, Volner and his master advanced through the city, striking down poor sick civilians wherever they were seen, and eventually fighting against the forces of Mal'Ganis, the Dreadlord. After the Culling had ended, Arthas became a vengeful bastard, wanting to chase Mal'Ganis to Northrend. Volner's master died in the fighting, and this act of final duty opened Volner's eyes to what was going on around him. He realized he had been slaying the innocent, those he had once sworn to protect. In disgust with himself, he took his master's locket to give to his wife in Dalaran, his last request, and fled for both his life and his honor.

He made it back to Dalaran in time to give his master's wife the locket. She left the city, as it reminded her too much of her holy husband. Volner himself decided to stay and prepare for the coming storm, linking up again with his friend Clovis Briarthorn, a childhood friend of his. Volner, though, was a radically different man, much quieter than he had been even after he found his love for books and other literature. He kissed his parents goodbye and sent them to Stormwind, where they'd be safe, a mere day before the assault on Dalaran began. He never knew that the undead ambushed his parents' caravan on their way to Stormwind, killing them both. Volner stayed for the initial clash of undead on living action, but found himself escorting the living from the city South instead of fighting for long. His healing talent became suddenly extremely useful, as he purged the disease from their wounds and healed their ailments, stopping them from turning. He was the sole defender of roughly twenty people, afraid for their lives and unable to fight. He successfully escorted them out of the land and to Stormwind, where he tried for a week to find his parents, but to no avail. Realizing that he was needed elsewhere, he trekked north again, in search of pockets of survivors so that he could heal them and escort them south, to safety.

Volner never joined any higher power or fought in a great crusade for a chance at redemption. Rather, he was overcome with guilt, and fled north to become a hermit in the mountains. He became an isolated healer, his armor and weapons hidden away in his home, which became a small library and place of rest for travelers. He never once spoke about the atrocities he committed during the Culling, which is the driving force his of silence and guilt. Volner eventually received news of the war against the Scourge in Northrend, and saw this as an opportunity to avenge those he had slain and redeem himself in the eyes of the Light, which had for some reason never left him. He put on his armor, picked up his hammer, locked his home up, and traveled to fight. He spent just as much time healing the wounded as he did being a one-man wrecking crew of righteous fury, but when he was fighting, even the undead almost turned tail and ran (though they didn't, since they're mindless and undead and all that). After the fighting was over, Volner returned home to his library, packed his things, and asked a regular traveling mage that once was healed by him to teleport him to Dalaran. So, he found himself back home, but was restless. He began to travel himself, for some measure of time, always coming back home every once in awhile to read and regain his composure. In the end, all he wants to do is atone for his crimes in Stratholme.

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