Viola Havencloud










Romeo Havencloud (Father, Undead)

??? (Mother, unknown)


Common, Thalassian.


Tirisfal Glades.

Eye colour:

Fiery brown.

Piercings / Tattoos:

None visible; her body is usually covered almost completely.



Her voice, Eleanor Lamb, and theme, from Silent Hill.

Bioshock 2 - Ending ( All 4 alternative endings ) *SPOILERS*

Bioshock 2 - Ending ( All 4 alternative endings ) *SPOILERS*

Silent Hill 2 Soundtrack - True

Silent Hill 2 Soundtrack - True.


As the bastard child of a Lordaeron Noble, Viola was kept from the public eye for most of her youth - her father fearing damage to his reputation. Her mother was never spoken of nor heard from again. She was sheltered by father and educated by few of his many servants in the basic areas of knowledge, but soon grew beyond them to have lessons in more advanced subjects from a well-educated tutor.

When the Orcs began to act up once more within their homeland of Lordaeron, her father was summoned to fight them off. The rebelling greenskins were quickly put down by the nation's armies, along with the two heroes Prince Arthas and Uther the Lightbringer, yet trouble began to stir in other forms. Fearing the malicious rumours of plague, she was to be sent away to Dalaran to learn the magical arts. The night she was evacuated was her last glimpse of the Paladin parent. Her training had barely taken off when the news of the Undead Scourge reached the city. Jaina Proudmoore decided to follow a mysterious Prophet's advice and took thousands of refugees from the land - Viola included - across the Great Sea. It was in the newly-formed Theramore that she continued her studies (both magical and otherwise), along with the other Dalaran students that had journeyed with them (and survived).

She spent several years in study and practice, the only interruption being the return of Admiral Proudmoore. The Horde, at Jaina's request, invaded Theramore to prevent war between their people. During the attack they locked themselves in their study to escape the wrath of the Orcs - they thought it would be better to accept the punishment of the Kul Tiras navy rather than being butchered by the mass of bloodthirsty greenskins. Viola remained in Theramore for another few years following the attack, up until the Cataclysm - where she travelled once more back across the sea to the main Human lands, returning to the Eastern Kingdoms as a fully fledged Illusionist with a Familiar in tow.

Once there, she became fascinated with the Gnomish technology - far superior to the unreliable Goblin rubbish she had witnessed in the west. Always having been attracted to knowledge and being a logical thinker in general, she developed an affinity to technology and started to try and integrate it with her magic (having been near enough forced into the Arcane arts by her father's machinations).


(( On a previous server, I ended up with literally pages of stuff here... and I really don't feel like doing that again so, this time, it shall be bullet pointed ))

  • Joined Enigma Tech, in accordance with her desire to learn about technology in more detail.
  • She travelled with them to Hyjal to aid wherever she could, but was more attracted by the thought of the new Well of Eternity than aiding the Night Elves. Viola was found trespassing in a certain location and was chased off by a Highborne and a pair of Watchers - having to resort to using her Familiar to escape them.
  • Despite that 'misunderstanding', she stayed in Hyjal and tried to help - but found the Twilight monstrosities a bit much to face. She found herself not ready for an actual war and, after talking with the Chairman about this, decided to leave and return to more peaceful areas to continue her learning.
  • Following on from this, she returned to Theramore's Mage Academy and met Jale, who became a good friend as time passed. Her master - as always - would send her on ridiculous tasks, believing that experience was more valuable than bookwork.
  • One of these tasks was to deliver a package to Northwatch Hold. On the way, whilst travelling through the strange jungles at the centre of the Barrens, she encountered a Nightmare Druid who tormented her with nightmares and illusions of intense peril. She eventually escaped, continuing on to Northwatch to deliver the package successfully.
  • On the way back, she strayed around the side - not wishing to go through the jungle again - and encountered a feeble-looking Blood Elf standing guard on the road. Deciding that, if she didn't pre-emptively strike, the Blood Elf would hold an advantage and attack her, she attacked the Elf from behind. As she didn't use physical weapons, she placed the Elf into a lock and got her to her knees - intending to knock her out. This failed, though, when the Elf pulled Viola over her shoulders and pinned her arms behind her back.
  • She was secured by the Blood Elf - arrested and taken to a nearby Horde camp, where she was questioned. The Blood Elf, now known as Elayne, asked the advice of the camp denizens. They were bitter toward the Alliance, even more-so than most Horde, due to the slaughter of Taurajo (The Camp was Vendetta Point), and Elayne then began to take Viola to Orgrimmar.
  • Viola was cunning, however, and tricked Elayne into taking her through the jungle. The Nightmare Druid re-appeared, as she had hoped, and she freed her arms during the confusion that followed. The Elf had been scared and was in shock, allowing Viola to reverse the previous situation and capture her with the help of her Familiar. She took the Elf to Northwatch, to then use a Flight Master to get back to Theramore, where Elayne was then imprisoned.
  • Within a dark, stormy night, Viola was sent by her tutor to an abandoned inn at the entrance to Dustwallow Marsh. She was sent to retrieve anything valuable - her tutor purposely placing her in danger with the hopes that she'd learn from the encounter. Viola then encountered another Blood Elf but, despite creeping up on her, she began an ordinary conversation. After a rather detailed conversation, they exchanged names and became somewhat friendly - Reen gave Viola a small gem to offer to her tutor.
  • Her next adventure would take her to Ashenvale, where she had heard rumours of Highborne ruins abundant within the forest. She planned to visit each of them and salvage what she could - hoping to discover some scrolls or tomes or such. At the first ruin, she found a Highborne named Mirae and a Night Elf named Veya. They appeared to be friends or such and, after a brief battle with the Highborne (which she obviously lost), she was left alone after a brief chat and a warning by Veya to stay away.
  • She ignored the warning by Veya and returned later that night, wearing a dark disguise to hide more easily. Whilst looting the Highborne ruin, she was attacked and forced to flee by both Veya and a Sentinel. Managing to find a hiding place, she began to inscribe runes in order to craft a spell which would've allowed her to fully escape the area. Unfortunately, though, the acute senses of the two Night Elves enabled them to find her before she had finished. They struck quickly, with expertise, and took their new prisoner back to the Eventide Resistance headquarters. The leader of that sect determined that the Sentinel had been too zealous - and that the Human was, after all, a member of the Alliance. He told her to leave. She was escorted down, though, and the Sentinel took her to a shadowed area of the enclave. A knife was drawn and Viola was stabbed in the chest.
  • Viola would have died that day were it not for Veya, who took pity on her. She, along with Viola's Familiar, fought off the zealous Sentinel and then Veya kept the wound closed - to quickly call a healer to see to the fallen girl. Viola was taken to the medical area and healed over the course of the day, spending the rest of the week resting. She owed Veya her life, but also gained a distaste for Night Elves following that incident.
  • She met the Highborne once again afterwards, wishing to learn from a being that was quite obviously better at magic than her - but this was very short lived, as the Highborne travelled a lot and Viola was unable to find her very often.
  • In Ashenvale, she once more discovered Reen whilst investigating a Horde outpost. At first they did not recognise each other, and they briefly fought, yet Reen then caught a glimpse of Viola's face and understood who she was. Viola explained why she was here - she needed to get to the final Highborne ruin, which was on the west coast of Ashenvale, yet it was guarded by a Horde outpost. Reen disguised her and took her to the beach, allowing her to examine the area for any interesting items. They parted again after, with Viola noting that she was indebted to the Elf.
  • Now that she had investigated all of the ruins, she wanted to get out of Ashenvale as soon as possible. She returned to Theramore briefly, for perhaps a week, before deciding to travel to Stormwind; a place she hadn't been before...

    By Grandiot/Argoron

  • Viola met a Priestess who claimed to know her in Stormwind. The woman, named Ripley, spoke of them being good friends before... but Viola had no recollection of this - which drew her interest. They spoke and Viola decided to trust her for now, wanting to be shown around Stormwind. After the tour, the Priestess allowed Viola to stay at her house. That night, though, her Familiar decided to toy with the Priestess by invading her dreams... It elaborately constructed a scenario for Ripley that was filled with metaphorical statements about the Horde and Alliance war - condemning both sides, and showing Ripley that both of those factions were responsible for the deaths of her family, and would be responsible for the deaths of her friends. The next day, Ripley moved out to join the Night Brigade in Duskwood, and thus allowed Viola to use her house.
  • The next one for Viola to meet was a Hydromancer girl named Lyra. They had been wandering through from Stormwind to the Harbour when an illusion was cast over them both: they saw gory murders all around them, piles of corpses, and eventually a man came to try and take their lives. After a long battle he was repelled and revealed to just be under the control of another - the illusion fading at that point. Lyra fancied herself a good investigator, and sent Viola off to find a map and note down any irregularities around the Harbour entrance. She borrowed a map from an Elf named Faye and then thoroughly examined the Harbour entrance. After scaling the mighty construction she took notes on anything of interest, and reported back to Lyra, allowing both of them to come up with a plan on how to deal with it. Viola would lure the attacker out again, whilst Lyra would occupy the hiding spot they found atop the Harbour entrance, in order to catch the one behind the illusion. It worked perfectly, and the man was in chains by the end of the day. ( A long DM by Lyra, not going to write every detail of it. )
  • Later that week, Viola was framed for murdering a merchant. Lyra had found the merchant's corpse that morning, with letters from three different people on his person. Viola had been proven to be there, and so Lyra set out around the City to investigate different leads on the other senders. She arrested Viola and then interrogated, but Viola was unable to say anything about it. When she was about to be sent to the Stockades, though, Lyra had later returned with the true criminal - who had sent both of the other letters, murdered the merchant, framed Viola and also mind controlled her with a pendulum. Viola desired the pendulum, but Lyra shattered it, but the thought of having an ability to control people remained in the back of her mind for a long time. ( Note, this was a pretty complicated DM I did for Lyra, thus I only put it from Viola's perspective to avoid having to write tonnes. )
  • Whilst on a trip to Booty Bay to investigate the gem she had originally purchased from the merchant that had been murdered, she encountered the High Elf known as Faye that had allowed her to borrow her map before. The Elf, upon learning that the map had been ruined, acted strangely about it - claiming that the map had been handed down through generations and was a family heirloom. Viola knew this was lies, as Stormwind had been rebuilt most likely within Faye's lifetime, and the map would've been inaccurate if it represented Old Stormwind. The Elf demanded that Viola pay her outrageous sums of money in compensation and, when she refused, Faye bribed a Booty Bay bruiser into arresting the girl, who failed to escape and was then escorted back to Faye's dwelling. The next events convnced Viola that the Elf was not right in the head and, after a battle between the two, she barely managed to escape after tricking the Elf into recapturing a fake self (an illusion). Viola could then flee back to Stormwind.
  • Soon after, both her and Lyra went to Westfall to help a few friends. They had to retrieve two heirlooms for a farmer: a sword from a Murloc island and a pocketwatch from a bandit-controlled farm. The first was retrieved using a swift hit-and-run attack, whilst the second was done so using a distraction and a disguise.
  • The next 'adventure' would involve two underground Stormwind organizations. The first were known as 'Freedom Fighters', whom Viola originally suspected to be terrorists, but in fact turned out to be a group fighting against the Horde. The second was known as 'Mystiko', a group who used the Light to further their own ambition - fighting in opposition to the Freedom Fighters, whom they determined to be peace-breakers. Viola and Lyra split up, with Viola trying to infiltrate the Freedom Fighters and Lyra aiming to infiltrate Mystiko. The two groups would collide in a part of the City and, despite their best efforts, they could not stop James from defeating Matthew - could not stop the Mystiko slaughtering the Freedom Fighters' leader. With this done, Mystiko supposedly disbanded. ( Once again, it was more complicated and DMed by Lyra, but I cannot write it all down in bullet point form )
  • She re-encountered Faye in Stormwind whilst on a daily walk, where she was ambushed and restrained, at which point the Elf attempted to trick her into believing she had been poisoned - Faye saying that only she had the antidote. Viola, obviously, did not believe her, yet played along for a few minutes in order to lower Faye's guard - not wishing for her to have the upper hand as she did before. At the moment of her choice, she spontaneously attacked Faye and quickly beat her down, to then escape again.
  • Lyra visited Ripley/Viola's house one day to find the latter unconscious on a sofa with a note attached to her. Lyra read the note, which told her to surrender or 'face consequences', and two mercenaries emerged after she dropped her staff. They quickly captured the Hydromancer and took both of them to a farm outside Stormwind, where a group of bandits had been planning a heist. They wanted Lyra as a hostage so that her brother, a Stormwind Investigator, would not reveal their scheme to the Guards. She tried to escape to prevent this, but was simply beaten down by her captors and into unconsciousness. They would both awaken, tied and crammed inside a barrel on a ship, where Viola used her Familiar to release them and Lyra was tasked with clearing the boat of the bandits - sneaking through it and disabling them group by group. Eventually, despite the leader not being found, the boat was taken over by the two and they could hap-hazardly navigate it in Theramore's direction ( It was originally travelling to Ratchet. DMed for Lyra, once again not every detail present )
  • [Nimueh - attack, racism, Worgen, disguise]
  • [Auris Expedition - sinking]
  • [Driana, purchasing Arcane Crystals, discovery]
  • [Celestia - Tomes]
  • Two plans - Revolver, Pendulum.
  • [Vikki - rescuing, westfall]
  • [Adira - returning from Westfall (Defias)]
  • [Mirae, Cephei, electric lamp]
  • [Attacked by Twilight's Hammer named Eloise. Dispelling mind control. Healing, Neraliara, contract]



Looking at the pale face, shadowed by long raven hair, you can make out a pair of fiery brown eyes watching - constantly watching. They occasionally flit around; absorbing the details; hungering for knowledge. Her expression is usually passive, yet she can mould it at will to express a plethora of emotion - authentic or otherwise.

She usually wears a set of black leather armour that hugged her form closely, decorated with subtle yet intricate patterns of varying colour.

Her profession would not be obvious, for her Familiar rarely shows itself around her.



Her Familiar rarely shows itself, being less of a combat aide and more utility-based. It usually takes the form of a cat, shaped by wispy tendrils of black smoke, yet is able to shift in colour to become indistinguishable from it's surroundings; akin to a chameleon. Powers of invisibility and perception allow it to serve mostly as an extra pair of eyes for it's mistress... but also as a guardian - baring the natural weaponry of any true cat (teeth and claws) to defend her from assailants in only the most dire of circumstances (such as a backstab). It only reacts to the direst of circumstances due to both of them preferring the Familiar's existence to remain a secret, as this gives considerable advantage during combat, and also because the Familiar is her weakness.