Valdemar Flametongue




Blood Mage






Valendria Flametongue (Mother, alive) Fele'til Flametongue (Father, deceased)


Thalassian, Eredun (Partially)



Eye Colour:

Emerald, glowing.

Piercings / Tattoos:

Faint, spiralling runes spread out from beneath his eyes. Only for an inch or two, though, before they fade into supposedly seamless skin.




Born within the illustrious isle of Quel'Danas, Valdemar was sheltered from the 'lesser' folk Silvermoon City by his Mother - a seasoned Magistrix and one who excelled in snobbery. As such, he was privately educated in politics and underhand schemes, both of these contributing to his eventual acceptance into the Magistry, enabling him to also engage his elitist views on whomever he pleased. He was trained in the art of Arcane, as most Elves were, and quickly took a liking to the raw power of evocation and the utility of enchantment. Specializing in these schools, as well as practicing a fair few of the basics from abjuration (a must-have for any Mage), he believed himself well equipped for the Undead Scourge when it would arrive. Yet he was not, and nor were any of his race. Prince Arthas carved a brutal path of gore and destruction through the majestic Elven lands, even crossing the sea into the prized Quel'Danas - taking the jewel of the Sunwell from the 'crown' of the High Elves. He, like all the others, fought long and hard against the tireless invaders yet he, also like the others, were no match for what had been unleashed upon them. Managing to escape by boat, he returned later after the devastation to find Prince Kael'thas mourning over the tragic demise of his people, where he would then join the Prince and the survivors - pledging allegience to Kael's hunger for vengeance. They were re-christened the Blood Elves, and would then sign up to Lord Garithos' 'New Alliance'. He despised Garithos in one way, yet admired him in another. He was a powerful man of stature, above his men completely in all respects, and then made the judgement that Humans - whilst still inferior to Elves - can make good servants to his 'master race'.


Valdemar in Outland

After this 'Lord' sent his people against overwhelming odds time and time again, Prince Kael'thas found himself becoming increasingly reliant on a band of Naga led by Lady Vashj to win. These creatures were of intrigue and power, Valdemar thought, yet still mere monsters. Regardless, he followed his Prince in the break-out from the Dalaran prisons, fighting alongside both his brethren and the Naga to escape to Outland. There, the Elves swore allegience to Illidan Stormrage, and would begin a war against the Burning Legion for dominion over what remained of Draenor.

With Kael becoming ever-stronger in the constant fighting, Valdemar himself began to learn the arts of the Blood Mage - acquiring a Verdant Sphere amidst one of the many battles, and subsequently beginning to empower it with whatever lesser Demon he could find (Not anywhere near powerful enough to siphon the soul of anything stronger). Many an Imp found itself trapped within the Demonic Orb, with a few Succubi and Voidwalkers finding their way inside as well. Magtheridon lured scores of Demons through the Legion's Portals daily, and so Valdemar tried constantly to salvage whatever he could from the dying creatures. Still, he was never able to drain anything of any significance - deciding to take what he could handle and nothing more.

He took part in the final skirmish against the Pit Lord - invading the Black Citadel with his fellow Elves, the Naga and the Broken Draenei. Although he was nowhere near the mighty Demon when it was supposedly slain, he fought long and hard against the vile Fel Orcs to claim eventual victory - much celebrations being had along with his brothers in battle whom he had now grown to trust. The Naga, especially, for their loyalty had become much more than the 'mere monsters' he originally viewed them as. His celebration did not last for long, however, for Illidan soon after decreed that he would enlist Fel Orcs and Demons to join the ranks of the newly-formed Illidari. Kael then began to distance himself from Illidan, with Valdemar and a few other of the Elves starting to become wary of the dangers of allying with Demons - they were beasts to be exploited, not to enlist. He secretly feared them, yet was far too seduced by the Demonic magic to fully abandon it. They decided to flee, and flee they did, across the barren wastes of Outland; from haven to haven; to then eventually return back to Silvermoon. Rebuilt and reglorified, the Capital of the Blood Elves had emerged from the ash to be reborn.

Upon returning, he met his mother once more, whom informed him that his father had perished during the long, arduous struggle to rebuild their city. She pointed him towards the Sundawn Consortium as a means to gain influence, reputation and power, and so he followed.

The Sundawn ConsortiumEdit

(Coming soon. Will contain joining, attacking the Night Elves, torturing a bird, being bitchslapped by a Legate, and also defending Tranquillien.)

- Joined after sending a letter to the appropriate officials.

- Attacked a group of Trolls to defend a Blood Elven caravan. Began to ask after an 'Elayne', having viewed her ineptitude at offense; wanting to use her as his own defense.

- Organised an assault on a Night Elf spy camp within the Ghostlands

- Captured and tortured a bird, whom he believed to be a Druid. It was a mere bird, yet he pretended to others that he had slain the spy.

- Slapped by the Legate for his snide comments.

- Helped to defend Tranquillien and the Sanctum of the Sun from a large-scale Amani invasion.

- Organised yet another assault on a Night Elven spy camp, utilising a nearby mountain to cause a landslide upon the majority of the Elvish forces.

- Aided in the assault on Zul'Mashar. He was, during this attack, hexed into a piglet - yet then tore out the hexxer's jugular. He was promoted after the assault, replacing Tylaria as Head Magister.



Valdemar's Verdant Sphere

Beneath the cowl looms a pair of emerald orbs, protruding from worn sockets. Underneath the ill-natured observers, dark runic symbols have been carved delicately into flesh - spiralling symmetrically for barely two inches before melding seamlessly into his supposedly unblemished skin.

Moving down from the grim visage of a concealed face, robes of crimson patterns flow down from his rigid figure. Out from the sleeves emerge hands always bandaged.What appears to be an oversized jewel, perhaps the size of an Orcish head, would remain perched itself at the top of his cape; blending into his mantle.

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