Thaddion Hartford

Hartford leaving Stormwind to check on his people and his birthplace, known as Southshore, yet little did he know that it was already demolished by the forsaken.



The Hordebreaker





Character class

Knight (Pre-BTDP); Paladin, Fighter, Paladin warrior


Stormwind, Alliance of Lordaeron, Lordaeron, Alliance, Knights of the Silver Hand (did not join Tirion Fordring)


One of the most fiercest orc slayers, Knight of the Silver Hand, Leader of Hartford's Regiment, Second War Veteran, Third War Veteran


Hillsbrad Foothills, Stormwind City (when in need for supplies), Capital City (during raiding attempts)


Captain Hartford (sister), Unknown Brother, Sorinar Hartford (father), Sprinthorn (steed)


Lawful Good

"If Thrall thinks he's safe from our Regiment just because he's in the Earthen Ring and tried to stop Deathwing, then he's dumber than any other orc I know of."

-Thaddion Hartford to a soldier of the regiment after hearing the news of Thrall's efforts.

Thaddion Marden Hartford, also called The Hordebreaker, is the firstborn son of Sorinar Hartford, is the current leader of Hartford's Regiment, and the current leader of the remaining Southshore Guardsmen. Under his leadership, he has led his regiment through many battles, leaving with blood and victory, and now hunts for the orc shaman known as, Thrall. With the destruction of his homeland and the death of his sister, he has vowed revenge on the Knights of the Ebon Blade and the Forsaken.


Pre-Second WarEdit

Back when Thaddion was only a trainee of the Silver Hand, he quickly grew to become a knight because of the strength and knowledge he's showed of the light. Once he gained his Badge of the Silver Hand, he was given his grandfather's military armor and his grandfather's sword. Seen with all of the armor and sword, he was promoted to second-in-command of the regiment.

Second WarEdit


As Sorinar and Thaddion were to meet with Milan of the Elven House of Scribes and the Azeroth Commander, they were rushed to their homeland, Hillsbrad Foothills as there were reports of orcish marauders scattered across the lands. As they met with the 2 other commanders, the Azeroth footmen of Milan and the Azeroth Commander and the soldiers of the regiment were sent to hunt the scattered marauders. Thaddion went with the soldiers and found an orcish warlord that was sending grunts to scout the lands for conquer. Thaddion called in 3 footmen and 2 soldiers to attack the small orcish outpost. The warlord and grunts that were guarding the outpost outnumbered them. But more than 10 soldiers/footmen arrived from the hills to torch the outpost and down the grunts, but the Warlord escaped.

Ambush at Tarren MillEdit

As the burning outpost was turned into nothing more than ashes, Alliance scouts were sent to the upper lands, near the Alterac grasslands. They returned to the 4 commanders with reports of captive elven archers in an orcish prison. All the soldiers that were deployed grouped up again to head to the orcish prison containing the archers. Once they arrived, they attacked the outer structures of the prison as Milan and Thaddion took out the prison guards. Once they destroyed the cells, the elven archers were sent back to Silvermoon City. A few days later, the Convocation of Silvermoon was pleased to hear of the Alliance's acts to rescue some of their archers. As a reward, they aligned themselves and the realm of Silvermoon with the Alliance. As a start, they donated a large amount of elven archers and the plans for High Elven Ballistae.


As the 4 commanders meeted, Lord Terenas gave them the location of where they were to be defending. Thaddion's birthplace, Southshore. Once Thaddion read the orders, he blessed all of the soldiers in the regiment and half of the footmen/archers of the Kingdom of Azeroth/Quel'thalas. Thaddion wanted to lead the whole regiment to victory alongside the Azeroth and Silvermoon Army. But before they were to start their mission, they were given a recommendation of building a naval facility by Daelin Proudmoore as he informed the commanders that the orcs would be raiding from water. They received plans for the naval facilities and the Elven Destroyer plans by Quel'thalas. Thaddion then realized that the battle would be on water, so he told his father to be the foreman to command the peasants to quickly upgrade the docks to a naval facility. Once the peasants were finished, Thaddion ordered all the footmen/soldiers to guard the town on each side and all the elves to board the destroyers. As Thaddion watched the destroyers demolish the Troll destroyers and the island. After the battle, the naval facility was quickly reconverted to a dock as it used to be.

Attack on Zul'dareEdit

As Thaddion arrived to the meeting, the plans for the Foundry, created by Lordaeron artificers. It included plans for Transport Ships. As scouts found the Troll-controlled island known as, Zul'dare. As the 4 commanders left Southshore for the location, they constructed their naval outpost and produced 10 transport ships and 15 elven destroyers. Thaddion boards the Azeroth Commander and Sorinar and their troops to the transport ships and Milan and the elven archers to the destroyers. Thaddion boards onto a transport ship with elite soldiers of the regiment. They head to the middle islands with destroyers taking out the orcish outposts. As Thaddion jumps off the last middle island, Thaddion rounds his elite soldiers to attack the orcs' Great hall. Once all the orcish grunts were taken out, the Warlord of the attack was able to escape to a currently unknown location.

Khaz ModanEdit

As the crippled orcs were retreating, the towns, Tarren Mill and Southshore were left in ruins. As Thaddion was angered by the results, he looked for the next orders.

Tol BaradEdit

Impressed by Regiment and Commanders' acts of duty, they were deployed to the current battlefield, known as Tol Barad. Forces of Stromgarde and Kul Tiras were stationed in the upper islands to hold off the orc raiders. Once the regiment and commanders' forces arrived to the islands, they quickly took transport ships to the island where the Stromgarde forces were holding off. Thaddion quickly sprinted to the attacking orcs that were torching the outpost and decapitated every one of them. He noticed that half of the Stromgarde forces were taken out. As thanks, they let the regiment and forces to gain current control of their production structures. As they created their naval base, they took transport ships to the island where the orcs made their outpost and was eventually destroyed with the help of Kul Tiras forces that were holding off a side of orcs, which were killed by the Azeroth, Elven and Regiments' forces. The Kul Tiras forces thanked the forces for helping them out and let Thaddion execute the Warlord of the outpost.

Dun AlgazEdit

As the orcs retreated, they quickly made their strongest grunt their Warlord and took refuged in the mountain pass known as Dun Algaz The mountaineers that guarded the pass were slaughtered mercilessly. The orcs tried their best to make their outpost but were quickly destroyed by the forces, Thaddion took out the elite grunts and the Warlord escaped, just like the 2 others.

Grim BatolEdit

Following the defeat of the orcs that gained control of the mountain pass, they fled to the mountain fortress known as Grim Batol. But most of the forces were stationed along the rivers that surrounded the fortress. As the forces of the Alliance and Regiment demolished every structure with the orcs' own catapults, the orcs were terrified, so they destroyed their own structures and surrendered, but a small amount of orcs hid across portions of the city.

The NorthlandsEdit

===Tyr's Hand Once Grim Batol and Dun Modr was destroyed and freed from the orcs, they fled to the region of Eastern Lordaeron, nearby the township of Tyr's Hand. The Nation of Kul Tiras were to aid the Alliance forces and regiment as the rebellion made by workers of the Kingdom of Alterac. Once the rebels were dealt with, they had to search for the 3 orc forces that were scattered across 3 areas of the region. Sorinar sent the Azeroth Commander and his troops to deal with the Stormreaver Forces, Milan and his elven forces to deal with the Twilight's Hammer Forces, and Thaddion, him and the regiment to deal with the Blackrock Forces. Once each outpost was found, each of them was torched, each orc was slayed, and each warlord was executed.

The Battle at DarrowmereEdit

As the commanders received their orders made by Lord Terenas, they received reports of the Archbishop's Assistant, Uther the Lightbringer offering to comfort the ones that are suffering the misfortunes of war. Lord Lothar entrusted the Azeroth Commander and the Regiment to escort the knight through the 2 orc-controlled straits. The knight was boarded into a transport ship by the Azeroth Commander as Thaddion offered to protect him on the ship. 5 other transport ships would be sent to each of the strait's land to take out the outposts set up to protect the transport ship containing the knight. Once the knight arrived at the town of Caer Darrow, the regiment and forces found 2 elven destroyers boarded with renegade Alterac soldiers. Alterac peasants were also caught aiding the Orcish Horde. The destroyers were demolished as the peasants were imprisoned.

The PrisonersEdit

Once the prisoners were chained up, they were ready to be taken to Capital City for interrogation. But since orcs were reported to be near the Alliance forces, they would have to be escorted to the nearest city known as Stratholme. The Stormreaver forces were the first to be dealt with, the Blackrock forces were easily broken through, as they were scattered across the land. The Alliance forces took the prisoners to the City of Stratholme and left for Lordaeron.

Betrayal and the Destruction of AlteracEdit

Once the prisoners' information was given to Lord Lothar, he gave the information to the commanders, noting that it was Lord Perenolde who gave the route of the Elven strike-force that was passing through Tarren Mill. The rebellion was started by Alterac spies, concealing the Orcish mining facility located near Tyr's Hand, and that Perenolde recently imprisioned 6 Mages from the Magical Realm of Dalaran. The Azeroth Commander stepped down from the mission as a Lordaeron Commander decided to aid Milan and the Regiment leaders. Once the Lordaeron forces were readied, they marched to Alterac City. They were ambushed by Stormreaver spies, but were quickly able to slay them all. Alterac footmen charged to the forces and was able to kill only but a few of Lordaeron footmen, but the Alterac force was cut through. The walls of the city were downed, houses were torched and destroyed, and the keep's royal guards were slain. Lord Perenolde was found and captured and the mages were returned to Dalaran.

Return to AzerothEdit

The Battle at CrestfallEdit

After the downfall of the Kingdom of Alterac, the Lordaeron commander let the Azeroth commander take control of the mission. The Nation of Kul Tiras would take full control of the mission. Sorinar, Thaddion, and the Azeroth commander went with Daelin Proudmoore to attack the Horde's Main Naval Base near Crestfall. The raid was successful, but dragons that were controlled by the Dragonmaw Clan demolished Daelin's son's ship, killing him in the process. Eventually, the mighty Kurdran Wildhammer and the Wildhammer dwarves demolished the dragons.

Assault on Blackrock SpireEdit

The remnants of the Orcish fleet was able to reach the northern shores of Azeroth and take to reinforce their main Orcish Fortress, Blackrock Spire. Thaddion was to follow the 3 Knights of the Silver Hand, Tirion Fordring, Uther the Lightbringer, and Alexandros Mograine and Sorinar was to go with Turalyon and Lord Lothar. Though the Horde was in their Main Fortress, they were still broken through with the help of the Kurdran and his Wildhammer dwarves, and the 2 Bronzebeards, Muradin Bronzebeard, and [1] and the Northeron dwarves. A mage from Dalaran known as Khadgar was to help with the death knights. Sorinar was to help Lord Lothar in their attempt to a parlay with Orgrim Doomhammer. Lothar was in search of the Warchief, but was only to be ambushed by ogres, grunts, and the Warchief himself. Turalyon and Sorinar watched in horror as the orcs were to mercilessly slaughter the lord. Turalyon and Sorinar fled past the orcs to rejoin with the Lordaeron and Azeroth forces. As Thaddion spied on the Warchief, he saw an orc speak to the Warchief and saw the Warchief blow a horn and noticed the orcs retreat.

The Great PortalEdit

1 month later, the Alliance forces marched to the WIP STOPPING HERE