Kizuru warrior draenei by Luzerrante






Chaotic Good












7ft 11in


Hair: Long and silver, brushed back to keep out of her field of vision while keeping a sense of care for how she looks.

Eyes: Silvery white- glowing

Usual Garments/Armor: Rarely caught without her full plate set which she takes pride in keeping it clean whenever possible. If occasions call for it she will wear a fancy dress, but the occasion will have to be special. She carries her pike, and shield on her at all times. She is always prepared for bad things as she knows the universe isn't a perfect place, and anything could happen.


Svelia is a very sociable Draenei, with one major problem she is mute. She uses the light to speak, tracing glowing words into the air with her fingers, and thus her replies are shorter than usual. She is a happy girl, and doesn't seem to let her past get her down even though she remembers everything that occurred throughout her people's history.


Svelia was born on Argus the home planet of the Eredar to her parents Khanila, and Atilah. Both were adept users of magic like most of the race, and nothing out of the usual. Though this would change when they procured their first child Evelia, whom was an oddity when born. When Svelia was reared even though tears came from her eyes her cry didn't sound right to anyone who herd it. After having several inspect the newborn they found that unlike normal she was born without vocal chords. This concerned her parents, but eventually they learned to cope with their quiet daughter. Svelia grew up normal for the most part first using a form of sign language, as well as mouthing the language to speak to others. She found it difficult to use magic, and it took her on average seven times longer for her to even pull off a spell than another speaking Eredar. After quite some time Svelia grew tired of her usual way to speak, and soon found that she could stop a spell, and use it's magic to set the words into the air. It felt like an accomplishment, and it was a visual change since she didn't have to repeat herself multiple times to get her point across.

As the years rolled by Svelia lived a natural life given her new found ability, and settled just as any of her kind would. She grew quite tall for a female, but she was accepted since she was already different in her inability to speak. Her handicap was a small hindrance putting her around the mid lower tier of society, but far from the bottom. Soon this would all change for her, and the rest of her people when the fallen titan Sargeras appeared. She like many of her people waited for information, and during a speech to his people Velen revealed what he felt was to pass if they were to accept his offer. Like many others Svelia had a hard choice to make either to stay loyal to Velen, or to stay and find out what will happen. She ended up pledging her loyalty to Velen, and joined her race on the spaceship Oshu'gun fleeing the planet with her parents. She at first didn't believe the huge solid crystal could even fly, but her doubts were soon erased as they fled their home world renaming themselves as "Draenei". Many millennium would pass, and the newly called Draenei would find that their escape was only just. They were being hunted, and every new world they settled on would find itself rampaged by the legion. This gave her motivation, and she like others sought the wisdom of the Naaru.

She trained hard as she had before, although her previous knowledge of magic and how to learn it helped she still struggled to learn. Time, and experience would make her difference as they traveled from planet to planet. She pushed herself fighting alongside other paladins against the burning legion, testing herself in training with other paladins, and even put herself against alien creatures that would attack the refuges her people made. As each millennium passed she became stronger, and became one of the most experienced paladins. She even found herself asked to train young Draenei that sought out to protect their people. With doing her part to keep her people alive she rested her beliefs that Velen's prophecy would come to pass one day. It would be a very long time passing from planet to planet that they would arrive on a planet that would be named 'Draenor'. It was as before they ended up settling, and making part of the planet into a fitting home.

She as many others ended up noticing that there were a intelligent race on the planet, and they attempted communication. After some fussing, and probably a few misjudged fights they ended up respecting each other. It wasn't a arm in arm friendship, but they made trades between each other for things they needed. Although their stay was peaceful they were once again facing down the burning legion. Svelia, as well as others helped to fight back the corrupted Orcs they had once mutually respected. It was a losing battle, and she watched as others around her were killed including those she had trained from an early age. She took the retreat order, and went into hiding with the Draenei that survived the onslaught in Zangarmarsh. She resorted to waiting for their next plan being one of the few capable fighters left. As the plan was revealed she was part of the first wave to storm tempest keep, and fought without mercy against the small elves that had claimed the keep as their own. Once they had the wing called 'The Exodar' taken they made plans to use it to escape.

What they didn't know was there were still remaining elves, and they ended up sabotaging the engine of the spaceship. They thought they had escaped, and fled to seek help, but once the engine was activated the only thing Svelia could remember was everything turning white. She woke up feeling water wash against her face, and opening her eyes she pulled herself up. Before her she saw nothing but wreckage, and crystal fragments from the ship. She however didn't see any living Draenei for quite some time as she limped around the woods. Her first contact with her people was at a small fragment of the Exodar which had broken off during the landing. She received healing, and helped to find the larger part of the wreckage where many were still alive including her parents. She listened as their new plan meant this was their last stand having nowhere else to run due to their only means of escape laid in ruins. She helped make the best of it, and wandered the lands with a scout team until they found several intelligent races. They began to try communicating, and eventually they joined the alliance.

Svelia spent her next few years helping, and even found that there was a portal to the world they had fled. She returned to help fight off the legion, and things were a little different this time. There were Orcs like the ones they had became friends with before that wanted to help remove their corrupted brethren. She gave them the same respect as before welcoming their help, even if most of her people didn't want anything to do with them. With reinforcements from all of the races of Azeroth she saw the tables turn towards their favor. With the fall of Archimonde recorded in the history books of the new races, as well as Kil'Jaeden's fall at the Sunwell. Svelia felt she owed much to these races, and in turn she helped to increase relations among several races, and even helped out with the fight in Northrend. She joined under the banner of the Argent Crusade, and helped to push back the scourge until Arthas was felled on his throne in Icecrown Citadel. With his fall led many celebrations, and she found herself moving around the continents, as well as some trips to Draenor to help out when they need. As for now with all threatening wars ended she has found some needed time to relax. While the one war rages between the Alliance, and The Horde she feels it's not her place to fight in a war of beliefs, and prejudice.

She now finds herself wandering between Azeroth, and Draenor not really taking up residence in a place for long. She would figure it a habit obtained from the years she traveled with her people from planet to planet. She makes due on her travels, and takes jobs to help out where she can to cover her expenses, and visits her parents when she can. For now with a settled peace she retains contact with her people, and seeks to broaden her wisdom with the new races, and find out if this is the peaceful planet that Velen had once prophesied.


  • Svelia is Mute

Has a fighting style that integrates her shield more than just having it as a defensive item. She trained in a style that favors the shield as an main offensive weapon. She does carry a separate weapon, but its purpose is meant for quick attacks while her heavy shield is more favored for delivering her most powerful attacks.

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