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Death Knight


Quel'Thalas (formerly), The Ebon Blade


Death Knights of the Ebon Blade




Thalassian, Common, Orcish




Lawful Neutral

Sillenya Frostflame is a Blood Elven Third Generation Death Knight raised into the service of the Scourge after dying at their hands in the Ghostlands. Like many other Third Generation Death Knights she was to be used as a Cannonfodder to draw out Tirion Fordring and the Argent Dawn out of the Light's Hope Chapel, and regained her free will after Ashbringer was cleansed. As a living Sillenya was a Blood Knight prior to her death, serving Quel'Thalas loyally, though now, such memories are nothing more than a mere shadow for her.


Sillenya Frostflame, in life, is a name remembered mostly due to her family's influence, and her pre-Third War occupation as a Paladin of the High Elves (Post-Third War she was then known for being a Blood Knight). Her family, the Featherflames, had positions of power within Silvermoon; Her father was one of the Magisters of Silvermoon while her mother was somewhat more of an ornament to her husband, often appearing at formal events by his side. Being an only-child, and the fact her mother was simply cast as a side-show ornament, Sillenya often craved her father's affections, seeing him as an influential role model to her life, and a great and wise advisor. Yet despite all the attention she tried to gain from him, the then-high elf patriach often had no time to invest in his daughter, being that he was, after all, a magister of Silvermoon City. He would bring her also along to social, political, and formal events, but she was also an ornament, always told to smile, be polite, and not speak unless spoken though. At home, her father was often very strict. He was already afflicted by the corruption of Arcane, and often told his daughter to always show strength, and never to appear weak to others. She was encouraged never to show regret or condemnation for her actions, and she was often told to beat away emotions like guilt, fear, and insecurity. Her family needed to look professional and as such, she forced such feelings into her subconscious, forming a cold, determined personality.

Third War and the Razing of Quel'ThalasEdit

The Third War swept across Quel'Thalas and ravaged the land. In the confusion, Sillenya lost her mother. Her father, now driven by rage and hatred, rallied his daughter behind the banner of Kael'Thas Sunstrider, and gladly accepted the offer to convert into a Blood Elf. He joined the Sunfury Regiment and travelled to Outland, and Sillenya never heard of him again. While she desired to join him in the Outland, she was told to remain behind, and so she did, albeit resentful. While her father was away, Sillenya decided to join the newly-formed Blood Knight Order and was recruited into it's ranks, draining magic along with others from the Na'aru, M'uru. Sillenya was dispatched into the Ghostlands as part of a few skirmishes against the Scourge who still dwelt there. Eventually, after a few to-and-from travels between Silvermoon and the Ghostlands, Sillenya discovered that her source of power was gone; M'uru was corrupted, and Kael'thas had him transported away to the Isle of Quel'Danas. Sillenya remained behind in Quel'Thalas to train more, though it felt "dirty" and "uncouth" to her that she had to resort to siphoning off the residue of the holy energies left behind by the Magisters. When the Sunwell was restored, Sillenya had a neutral standpoint to the fact she would not be able to drain light magic from a Naaru anymore. She acknowledged that her time in draining the Naaru had been one of the few times in her life where she could actually dominate a greater power without having to be pulled off to the sides or being told what to do.

Death and RessurectionEdit

A few years after the restoration of the Sunwell, Sillenya found death in the Ghostlands after a skirmish against the Scourge. She was brought to Archerus and there, she was raised as a Death Knight, for the Scourge had discovered her to be a worthy canditate. She was then told to select a weapon (she chose a blade), and shoved into Battle at the Chapel of Light's Hope, where she, along with many other Death Knights, broke free of the Lich King's control and found out she had been stripped of her will. Upon discovering she could remember who she was she grew horrified that she had become the very thing which she hated. However, unwilling to die just yet and finding she had a new arsenal of powers to make it easier to dominate and control, she pledged loyalties to the Ebon Blade out of a need for Self-Preservation, Vengeance against the Scourge, and to relish in her powers, rather than to redeem herself, though slowly but surely, inner torment from the shadow realm had begun to bring her pain from her inner self and from the demonic beings residing in that accursed realm, and adding to the trauma of having been forced into the Scourge's service.


Sillenya is nothing but a husk of her former self now. A cold merciless killer, she was purged of her emotions like so many others of her kind, instead reduced to feeling nothing but rage and anger. She is a lone wolf above all and prefers to keep her own company.

Despite being devoid of emotion, however, Sillenya is often proficient at faking sincerity or happiness, putting up a good charade for when she deems it fit. When confronted with tragic incidents such as finding out Lieutenant Attara's father was now a Death Knight, she will often feel a dull sympathy or pity subconsciously and grow confused and angered by these emotions until she feels inclined to kill something out of pure fury.

Sillenya suffers from the need to inflict pain and suffering on others. She holds no regret for her actions on innocent lives, deeming it necessary for the good of all others, and often tends to casually mention her latest victim, often ignoring the impact this may or may not have on the living if she is in the company of one.

The Living are a subject Sillenya rarely mentions. Although she tolerates being in the presence of one, she will often wish to move to her private space, deeming the living unable to understand her torment and her pain, as well as the thought of what comes after her second death. However, she will never object to the dominance of one, and has a strange obsession with controlling and manipulating those around her. This stems from being shoved aside in her life. Through this aspect of her personality she can also be seen as arrogant.

Sillenya does not seem to show regret for her powers. Rather, she seems quite pleased for having them (possibly because they make it easier for her to control and dominate), and will never back down from a fight if called on for such.

Sillenya also holds a fragile mind which is slowly deteriorating into insanity. In life, she was told to relentlessly drill herself to perfection. Anything that reveals weakness, such as insecurity, fear, guilt, was pushed down into her subconscious and lies there dormant... something that would help the Scourge in deciding to raise her as a Death Knight. Despite hardly being able to feel anything, these emotions and traits have slowly been manifesting into her conscious mind, coupled along with the inner pain she has locked away, beginning to eat away at her sanity. Anything that manages to provoke these Seeds of Instability could be dangerous.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a Third Generation Death Knight, Sillenya is proficient at Rune-Magic, specializing in the Frost Branch. She has been seen shackling opponents in Ice, removing heat from one area, and freezing water to walk across it. She occasionally uses spells from the Unholy branch as well.

However, one could say that her Rune-magic is arguably what could also disadvantage her if her Rune-blade were to be taken from her somehow. Despite this, she is also an able Hand-to-Hand combatant. She also has an ample amount of strength and stamina, being able to endure long running distances, and being able to lift two times as much weight than a regular living Blood Elf female.

Devoid of any emotions, Sayathala is often a clear thinker when panic rises in a dire situation and can accomplish her goals with superb perseverance. If she finds an obstacle in her plans, she will remove it by wit or force. She has also shown a lot creativity, often able to come up with innovative solutions and ideas. However, she often overlooks possible loops (Missing resources needed to execute the idea, unregarded side-effects) in the idea itself.


"My Life for Quel'Thalas!" - Prior to her death in the Ghostlands.
"Once I would look upon my homeland and proudly declare myself a Sin'dorei, but now, I am simply a lost soul stored in the husk of one." - Sillenya after regaining her will.
"Fools and bastards! I will find every single of you and destroy you!" - Sillenya vows to end the Scourge.
"The Argent Dawn? Hmmpf. If you will it so, Lord Cyrius." - To Cyrius Lysander, her superior.


  • Sillenya can be seen as virtually fearless, though of course, this may just be the work of the Scourge.
  • Sillenya seems to favour wine even in undeath and with the knowledge that there is no taste to get out of it.
  • As a former Blood Knight in life, Sillenya used to be quite authoritarian in her position, something that may also be attributed to her desire for dominance and control.
  • Sillenya appears not to know, or at least ignores, the fact that her mana addiction is gone. She occasionally drains mana out of magical creatures.

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