Kirin Tor 64 Sera Lynnette Dawnwing



IconSmall HighElf Female Quel'dorei


IconSmall Mage Focused mage


Diplomat of the Kirin Tor


Kirin Tor

Place of birth



IconSmall HighElf Male Alt Aendis Dawnwing - Father

IconSmall HighElf Female Celis Dawnwing - Mother

IconSmall HighElf Female Lyira Dawnwing - Sister

IconSmall HighElf Male Alt Alairan Dawnwing - Brother




Sera has several garments that she wears depending on how she wants to look on that day. Her usual attire is robes, or dresses with elaborate designs. She will sometimes wear simple clothes when she feels like it, but this is rare. Her most worn are her political outfits both favoring purple, and sporting elaborate designs of the Kirin Tor. She at all times wears a signet ring which is made of white gold with four purple diamonds surrounding a glowing etched Kirin Tor signet.

Height: 5ft 2in

Weight: 98lbs

Age: 189

Hair: Red (Long, and down to the small of her back)

Skills and Abilities

Ability to cast without a book, she memorizes spells to use. Current status of studies:

  • Abjuration – Studying
  • Conjuration – Advanced Knowledge
  • Divination – Studying
  • Necromancy - Refuse to study/Forbidden
  • Enchantment – Studying
  • Transmutation – Basic knowledge
  • Evocation - Master
  • Illusion – Studying.

She is very skilled in Alchemy, but this is more of a hobby to her. She uses this mostly to brew painkillers, antidotes, and other substances of medical value. She can follow expert recipes without too much trouble. This in consequence has made her a pretty good cook.

She knows many languages, and is consistantly learning new ones as she goes.

Current languages she can speak fluently in order of learned:

Thalassian, Common, Darnassian, Taur-ahe, Gnomish, and Dwarvish.

Languages she is learning, and % of completion:

Ignan - 75%

Orcish - 60%

Draenei - 25%


Alignment: Good

Sera has a serious tone at most times, as her profession as a political figure forces her to be. Her attitude towards others is usually quite relaxed, and she is usually willing to help with issues. She isn't racist at all, but she won't spark conversation with a Sin'dorei, Trolls, or Undead. This doesn't mean she won't talk to them, and if needed she will stick with her diplomatic role to achieve favor with a group.


Sera was born the first child of Aendis and Celis Dawnwing in the grand city of Dalaran. Her father was from a respected medically inclined family. Her mother was from a known line of magi, and politicians though wasn't magically inclined herself. Sera lived happily for most of her life, and started her studies on medicine around the age of fourteen. She delved into the subject by first reading her families medical journals, and documents which resided in her fathers library, and within a couple of years she was allowed to help her father out in practice. She wasn't given major tasks, but given the opportunity to watch as she kept the facilities cleaned. It wasn't till her eighteenth birthday that her magical abilities were found, and by accident,

It happened on the day that she picked a tome on basic magic from the library, and she cast her first spell from the book. Luckily for her, and the book she stated the words correctly only causing a piece of fruit to fall onto the book. Surprised by this she immediately showed her parents who were both surprised, and excited. Sera was immediately sent to show proof her her magical abilities, and furthered the surprise as she cast the spell without the book in front of her. She was taken as the apprentice of her uncle, and was forced to continue her studies in the medical field by her father.

She struggled with both professions for a good portion of her early years, and it only let up as she neared the end of her medical studies. She didn't complete her studies to become a full doctor, but she had the equivelant of an experience battlefield medic by the time she was in her mid forties, and delved into magic full time from then on. Her studies went as usual, and she soon found she had a natural affinity for Evocation. Her studies focused into fire magics after she found she had a fascination for the element, and that caused her to branch more into Conjuration. She was only an apprentice in the school, and conjuration was her least favored subject. She would sometimes find herself repeating basic classes, and it took her much longer to make it the equivalent of her abilities in Evocation.

Over the course of the next hundred years she continued her studies, and mastered her first school Evocation right around the time her brother, and sister were born. She was happy with both events, and helped her parents raise her siblings. She purchased her first house right next to her parents freeing up needed space they needed. She then increased her studies into conjuration, and soon found herself in need of a better career. She confronted, and after some time joined as initiate rank with the Kirin Tor, and started working as a diplomat. She had support from the medical wings of Dalaran due to her fathers reputation, and soon became a average ranked member. Her political attributes took off as a career as soon as she was well versed as a diplomat, and she established herself into the same class she grew up in. She continued through this helping out as she could until Azeroth was invaded.

The first was wasn't much, but the second war left Dalaran in ruins, and it's residents evacuating the city. Upon evacuation during the final blow to Dalaran, she lost many of her family including her uncle. Luckily she found her parents, and siblings while fleeing the destruction during the evacuation. After the second war started looking up Sera returned with her people, and helped retake the lands. Once retaken she took the needed role to give her daily magical energy to help feed the shield around the city. Her other duties during this time was documenting found tomes, and repairing the bindings on damaged ones. Her duties weren't solo, and she gained support from other groups of the city.

Once Dalaran was rebuilt, and the paperwork recovered for the banks Sera found herself able to rebuild her house. She confronted the Kirin Tor, and purchased the smaller of the floating islands. It was an ideal place since her school of magic was quite dangerous. She then had her house rebuilt having recovered the original design plans, and hired someone to place a teleport rune on the entrance to her house tied for a gem that she carries around. Her current roles are being a diplomat trying to keep Dalaran as a neutral faction, and documenting any new policies that arise in the organization. She found herself associating with the factions in Northrend, and gave up some of her wealth to help their cause.

Current History

Her life continued as normal, and she was soon asked by the medical wing that she take on a medical apprentice. Sera had the time, and began searching until she happened upon a candidate a female Quel'dorei she met in a neutral town. She began training the girl, and bringing her along during her travels. She became involved in a serious conflict that she has pledged her support to help the blue dragonflight with an upcoming civil war. During this time she took up a second apprentice in the magic field, and began teaching a human girl about evocation into the fire branch. She was soon called on, and sustained pretty heavy injuries during her first conflict. During her healing she sought to better protect herself after finding that this fight removed her magic entirely. After speaking with her medical apprentice she has dropped her medical duties after finding the girl had an aptitude for arcane, and asked her to teach Sera how to weild a sword.

She has now began to train the girl for the use of magic, while her apprentice teaches her how to weild a bladed weapon. The girls have decided to train each other, and once both are ready will make the move together to train under a warmage. This continued until one day the girl would disappear without a note, or trace of where she went. This caused her to bury herself in work for the next couple months, and watch the current events around Dalaran settle. After the city feel quiet from it's previous activity she returned to her natural lifestyle of normal work, and freetime. This allowed her to meet with a younger member of the silver covenant that was renting to live. She offered her a place in her tower which was accepted, and Sera was given the chance to continue her training with swords. After a while she submitted to a test to see if she was lying, and had to explain herself further than she wanted. Things however didn't turn out as bad as she expected, and she now spends her freetime around the other girl.


  • Aendis Raugwin Dawnwing – Father - 319 years old
  • Celis Elandra Dawnwing/Skybreaker – Mother – 294 years old
  • Lyira Celara Dawnwing – Sister 114 years old
  • Alairan Riken Dawnwing – Brother 114 years old
  • Arcral Lenick Skybreaker – Uncle/Teacher -Deceased-

(If anyone wants to play any of her family members PM me)

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