Neutral 32Magistrix Sayathala Shara'ria Blood Blade










Silvermoon Magistrate, The Sunveil Covenant, Independent


Magistrix, Warlock


Lady Ernera T'Qualle Sunmeadow (Aunt, Deceased),
Champion Sandor Sunmeadow (Uncle, Alive),
Ranger Denila Sunmeadow (Cousin, Unknown),
Blood Knight Elina Sunmeadow (Cousin, Alive)
Dark Ranger Nillina Bloodblade (Sister, Undead)
Rest Unknown


Thalassian, Common, Orcish, Darnassian




Neutral Evil

Magistrix Sayathala Shara'ria Bloodblade is a member of the Magistrate of Silvermoon, and a Warlock by profession. Despite being a part of the Horde-Aligned Sunveil Covenant and the Magistrate, Sayathala's motives and ambitions are hardly disclosed and fuelled by a desire of Power, rather than contributing to the Alliance-Horde conflict. Her sister, Nillina, fell in the Third War and was ressurected as a banshee to serve the Scourge, before regaining her corporeal form and becoming one of the first Dark Rangers of the Forsaken.


Sayathala was born to the noble Sunmeadow line before her family cast it off in favour of a more aggressive Sin'dorei name, "Bloodblade", to show their fanatical allegiance to Kael'Thas Sunstrider. Even as a young Elf, Sayathala exhibited an unusual tendency to bully and spite other children. Despite this, however, she was close friends with her cousin, Elina Sunmeadow, until her departure for Outland. Her family was fanatically loyal to the Sunstrider Dynasty and fought bravely in the Third War until they fell one by one during the Assault on Quel'Thalas.

Third War and Death of her FamilyEdit

During the Third War, Sayathala was present as the Scourge broke into her family home and proceeded to murder every member of the Bloodblade Line. With only her parent line, the Sunmeadows, surviving, Sillenya was left dazed and disillusioned by her family's murder. Having been trained as a Mage prior, she swore Loyalty to Kael'thas Sunstrider and became a Blood Elf, joining him in Outland as a part of the Sunfury Regiment.

The Sunfury and OutlandEdit

When Illidan and his forces offered help to the Blood Elves to reach Outland, Sayathala was present among those about to be executed before she was rescued by the Naga. She escaped to Draenor with her fellow Blood Elves and begun delving deeper into the darker arts of Arcane, turning to Warlockery. She actively praised and dabbled in the use of Fel-magic and draining, often helping transport Fel-crystals back to Silvermoon or hunting down Demons to drain magic out of.

When Tempest Keep was assaulted, Sayathala was present to help in capturing the location. She suffered a grave injury there and was not part of the Battle in the Exodar, where the Draenei and Blood Elves were fiercely battling for control of the Ship.

Return to SilvermoonEdit

During the Events of the Burning Crusade, Sayathala was always present in Outland, helping as one of the Sunfury's Warlocks. As the Prince's betrayal was revealed, however, she returned to Silvermoon, unwilling to go to further to such madness. There she reencountered her old friend Elina, and the two decided to end their friendship, having grown too different in their ways to go a day without arguing. They kept their relationship strictly professional. Sayathala became a Magistrix and joined the Magistrate during this time. Sayathala then discovered that her assumed dead sister, Nillana, was in fact, a part of the Forsaken as a Dark Ranger. Sayathala then proceeded to disown her Undead sister and swore never to associate herself with the Undead.


Thanks to some slight persuasion by Elina, Sayathala has joined the Sunveil Covenant under Varen'thas Sunraiser. She managed to enslave a Demon Succubus, Kalnys, to her service, after a fight in the Warlock's Inner Sanctum in Murder Row. However, now lost in her desire for Power, Sayathala has begun to prepare to discard her demon servant and travel to Felwood to join the Shadow Council in hopes of greater power.


Sayathala is a mysterious character. Her motives and ambitions are shrouded by a web of tales and misdirections, and she rarely gives out any personal information regarding her family. Outwardly she appears Polite and well-spoken, and she can also offer (mostly faked) kindness, sometimes performing questionable actions. These are largely just part of her manipulative charade, however.

On the inside, however, Sayathala is a Blood Elf Supremacist. Her ideals of the Sin'dorei stem from her time in Outland and the Beliefs Kael'thas imbued into his Sunfury. She reviles all other races, dismissing them as weak and feeble. She especially loathes the Night Elves, and thinks the remaining High Elves are traitors for refusing to embrace the power of a Blood Elf. Yet despite claiming to trust her own people, Sayathala can be, in fact, just as racisstic to them as to the next Tauren or Orc; Any Sin'dorei who she deems unfitting of her vision of a Blood Elf is promptly discarded as a Mockery of the "True" Sin'dorei people.

Cold and disciplined, Sayathala appears largely incapable of genuine feelings such as compassion and kindness. To her, personal relationships are often insignificant to her, though she seems to be able to understand debts, as shown when she reluctantly did Elina, her former friend, a favour by examining the artifacts she had brought back from the Ghostlands (Though this may also be simply due to Sayathala desiring a higher position in the Covenant). She is also a Bon Vivant person, enjoying leisure as a rich, and often having servants around her home (often treated cruelly).

Sayathala adores the idea of power, believing it to be something to be taken, and holds no qualms about killing another to take it for herself. To her, Fel-Magic is the ultimate sign of dominance, and she will do anything to gain a Demon's Blood, even if it means buying it off via Illegal means.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a Warlock by trade, Sayathala is proficient in the art of Shadow and Fel-Magics. As a regular mage, she specializes in Evocation, and as most of her Mage-counterparts, favours Fire magic over the once-abundant frost.

Sayathala also has skill in Demon summoning rituals, always shown knowing what components might lure the right demon into her portal, and can fight of demons such as the Succubus Kalnys off, though it should be noted that she was on the brink of collapsing before she actually succeeded in Enslaving the fiery Succubus.

Also being a practitioner of Illusion and Divination, Sayathala is also quite skilled in conjuring Illusions of the Mind and Scrying in a scryer's orb. This is how she often tends to get information of the current happenings in Silvermoon.

Sayathala can be quite flattering when the need for calls, and she has been shown to be very polite and curteous, often faking sincerity, and her actions always seem to be planned beforehand to help the situation turn in her favour. She can often also be very persuasive, though the success rate of this varies.


"Power is something to be taken, not earned." - Sayathala on the subject of power.
"Kael'thas was a bold prince, but I would not see myself fall down the same level of insanity as him. - Sayathala explaining her return to Silvermoon to Elina.
"Disgusting. The true Sin'dorei would never perform such despicable actions. We are the supreme race." - Lecturing a drunk Warlock apprentice before releasing him from his apprenticeship.
"Yes, I dabble in Demonic magics. So?" - Slyly to her cousin after she finds out Sayathala is still a practitioner of Fel magic.
"My sister... an undead? And a follower of that... MONSTER?! Leave and never come back! You are no longer my sister, and I shall no longer associate with the unliving!" - Yelled to her Undead Sister, Dark Ranger Nillana.


  • Sayathala is Haphephobic (Afraid of being touched), and will never let anyone touch her.
  • Sayathala's overall behaviour regarding outside races and her own race is reminiscent of the Racism in Nazi Germany during World War II.
  • Sayathala's secret dream is to become a Demon Hunter.
  • For one who is in a Horde affliated organization herself, Sayathala doesn't appear to be interested in the Horde at all, rather, regarding them as pests.

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