Rudolph Abraham Redmantle


Rudy and his trusty Gilnean hound, Saul.


Rudy, Mr. Redmantle, "Abe." (By his mother.)




Human, afflicted by Worgen curse.




Archaeologist in the employ of the Explorers' League, leader of the Redmantle Expedition


Parents: Delilah and Abraham Redmantle - A

Grandparents (Father's Side): Rudolph and Agatha Redmantle - D

Grandparents (Mother's Side): William and Germaine Knack - D

Great Uncle (Mother's Side): Adolphus Jedidiah Knack - D


Gilneas City, Gilneas


The Kingdom of Gilneas, The Alliance



Physical DescriptionEdit

Standing at a deceptively large 6'4" in height, the Gilnean ginger is held aloft by a gangly, awkwardly elongated frame. His muscles are wiry and lack any distinct definition, and his skin's typical Gilnean pallor has been deeply affected by the sun and heat of the desert, toasting only lightly before burning and freckling heavily. His hair and mustache are both neatly kept and meticulously groomed, both carrying a healthy sheen. Also healthy are his teeth, which while not entirely stunning in their whiteness, are carefully maintained on a daily basis.

Clothes hang loosely on his lanky frame, typically an expensive suit bought for him on his twenty-third birthday by his mother, a pair of clean but clearly aged hunting boots, and a pair of dented, circle-lensed spectacles that make their home above the crook in his once-broken nose.

Because of how he maintains himself, Rudolph has been described as quite handsome and approachable by many people, something that has unfortunately attributed to his sour demeanor, due to the various people making efforts to get close to him despite his wishes to be a much more private person.

While under the affliction of the Worgen curse, Rudolph's posture slumps and his chest expands broadly, red hair darkening into a shaggy, wild mane of midnight black. Because of this transformation, the soles of his boots are often in disrepair, and have to be mended when he finally comes down from the turmoil of the change.

Psychological DescriptionEdit

Rudy is a Gilnean patriot who feels nothing but shame and irritation about the fact that his nation was absorbed into what he calls "Varian's Alliance." His life of isolation behind the walls of Gilneas has led him to be a very private person who does not discuss his personal dilemmas, which are surprisingly few. He is extremely bitter about the Worgen curse, outright refusing to call himself "Worgen" and disparaging those who choose to "shamelessly walk around in the fur like savages," as he describes it.

The aforementioned life of cultural isolation has instilled in him the longstanding hatreds and prejudices from wars past, leading to a stern and unwavering distrust of all Elves, and an outright hatred for all races allying with the Horde, most acutely Orcs and Trolls. Having never met a Draenei, Rudy has no feelings on them, but would consider them cloven-hooved monsters. Indeed, outside of humanity, Rudy extends racial trust only to Dwarves and Gnomes, who he respects as much as any Gilnean ever has.

The only departure from Rudy's otherwise very severe, very black-and-white mindset comes with his beloved dog, a black Gilnean Mastiff named Saul. The two have been together for ten years, during wich Rudy trained Saul to be a resilient, effective hunter, responding to commands perfectly. When around Saul, Rudy seems at peace, able to think more clearly and relax himself.

Character HistoryEdit

Rudolph Redmantle was born in the year 588, or -4 depending on whose calendar you choose to use, to Delilah and Abraham Redmantle in Gilneas City. Abraham was a city guard stationed near the Light's Dawn Cathedral, and Delilah was a follower of the Old Way and pumpkin farmer under her mother, a harvest witch named Germaine Knack. The two were wed in Light's Dawn three years before little Rudolph was born, and Delilah moved into Abraham's home in the city, where they began a happy life raising their little boy.

Rudolph, or "Little Abe," as his mother liked to call him, took to schooling with ease, showing a great interest in his nation's own history and its place in the world. His patriotism was reinforced by his father, who often took him on patrols during summer nights, and his grandmother, who instilled in him an appreciation for the hard work his countrymen do while he helped her tend her pumpkin farm in the late fall and winter.

Like the other men in his family, Rudolph grew rapidly throughout his life, reaching his full height by the age of fifteen, quite used to being almost a head in height above most of his friends. This height would eventually become a much-enjoyed asset while hunting, giving him natural vantage while out in the walds of Gilneas, hunting small game for meat, fur, and skins.

Life for Rudolph in Gilneas was fairly easy for a time, simply earning his keep and stopping in to have dinner with his parents once a week, enjoying the company of friends in the tavern, and helping his withered grandmother to continue participating in the harvest festival every year until her death. When the Worgen curse began to severely afflict his countrymen, he was the last to know, coming back to the city after selling his wares in nearby Duskhaven. During the chaos, he was bitten while trying to run away and ultimately captured by a group of his friends who recognized him by his ruined clothes. It was not long after that when Rudy found himself once again in control of himself, relieved to have been at least partially cured.

Unfortunately, his ordeal was far from over. He found himself gritting his teeth and fighting hard to reign in the curse when confronted with raging Forsaken, as well as the Kal'dorei that he perceived as entirely unwelcome in his homeland. Swallowing disgust throughout the entire ordeal, he was ultimately given full control over himself deep in the Blackwald, and as soon as he was able, reunited with his beloved dog. The two of them made quick work of assuring that his parents remained alive before leaving as fast as their feet would carry them, taking the first evacuation ship out of the city, and after that, the first charter ship to the southern Eastern Kingdoms, chasing rumors of "civilized folk" who still lived as he thought they should.

Much to his dismay, Elwynn and Westfall proved to be full of people who, while entirely innocent, for some reason left Rudolph feeling disgusted and irritable. His homeland was overrun, his friends and family saw fit to make themselves comfortable with elves, and other than the company of Saul, he found himself more alone than he had ever been. Until...

Great Uncle Knack's MissionEdit

"Damn, boy. You sure aren't easy to track down! Good thing you look so funny or else I'd never have found you! Look, I need you to do me a favor. When the elf ship took us across to their big tree, I thought I was having my time wasted, but I found one of these goblin newspapers, talking about some kind of big set of doors, blown open in the desert! Call it inspiration, but for some reason I just had to go see! So I rented a horse and took off, and let me tell you, this whole blasted continent is a heap of bloody danger. Lizards, plant creatures, screeching vultures and all sorts of awful pig people, not to mention the blackbloods and their damnable monster friends! I'm sure that's a hell of a pill to swallow, but I need you to, because you're a packrat, and I know you've got a trunk full of supplies somewhere. School things, paint brushes, rulers, maybe a compass- I'm sure you know what I'm getting at. I fancy myself an archaeologist now, and I need your help! I've attached a ticket and some pocket money to help you make your way across. Head down to "Booty Bay" and look for the Celestina, she'll take you across. From there, follow the map on the back of this letter! You can do it, I believe in you!

Best regards,

A.J. Knack.

P.S. Don't tell your mother."

Upon reading his uncle's letter, Rudolph found himself relieved at the thought of once again having a bearing in life. He immediately made his way down from Westfall, braving harsh jungle and intense heat with Saul to make the dangerous trek down to the Bay. After a few days waiting on the right ship, he secured passage in the company of the first friend he'd made in years, spending his uncle's money to help the man afford some appropriate attire for the desert to come. Together they made their way down the continent, braving raging fauna and the forces of the Horde, barely stopping for fear of death or capture until finally taking a well-deserved break in sunny Gadgetzan.

After a hard night's sleep in the new climate, Rudy forged out early, evading desert creatures and following his uncle's map on the back of a rented camel. After two hours of slogging over dunes on a disgruntled beast of burden, he came upon a horrifying sight: Adolphus Knack, splayed out atop a dune with a look of panic frozen on his face, roasted by the sunlight and picked apart by carrion birds. Choking back vomit, Rudy did his best to recover his uncle's belongings, and burned the remains on a makeshift pyre.

Now stranded and penniless, a doom-seeking Rudolph made his way toward the nearby ruins, seeing with his own eyes the "blown open doors" described in his uncle's letter. It was there he did his best to make camp in the shade, and immersed himself in study of Adolphus' journal. When his friend and his friend's two associates caught up with him at the ruin, having followed the footprints, they found a Rudolph inspired by the departed man's words. After regaling them with a much less vomit-inducing story of his uncle's demise, he made it known that he intended to continue the dead man's work, shaping the Knack Expedition into the Redmantle Expedition and asking them all to join in and help.

Over the next few days, Rudy established communication with the nearby Explorers' League camp, offering his expedition's efforts and loyalty in exchange for their help. Tents and tables were set up outside the ruin with their help, dubbed Redmantle Base Camp and placed under Alliance protection.

Even now he wanders the ruins, dwelling on what killed his Great Uncle and obsessing over the curious magical machinery within, consulting with fellow archaeologists and working hard to create a cipher for the heiroglyphics within.


While a voice reference is hard to tack down, Rudolph's voice is best described as robust, stern, and exceedingly English. John Cleese in a particularly foul mood is the most reliable descriptor.

Rudolph still finds use for his leatherworking expertise out in the desert, re-tacking and treating the soles of his boots every time an unfortunate transformation ruins them.

While he is intensely racist toward elves of all kinds, as well as the bulk of the Horde, Rudolph is not willfully ignorant, as evidenced by the fact that he will tolerate the presence of a Mag'har orc, provided he always has his rifle within arm's reach. If a laying down of arms can be justified, he will not hesitate to give something new a chance.

His favorite flavor of ice cream is strawberry, and his favorite way to hold it is via waffle cone.

When he was fifteen years old, he sought to win the affections of a local boy his age. Unfortunately, the only advice on relationships he had came from his father, and he was laughed at rather harshly for showing up with a fistful of colorful flowers.