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Brief HistoryEdit

The Beginning of the MadcapsEdit

In his past, Ross was a soldier of Stromguard, one of the fabled Stromguardian Knights of yore, striking fearlessly and without mercy into whomever dared threaten the once mighty Kingdom. However, those years have become a thing of the past, as he makes a new life for himself alongside his most trustworthy of companions.

It had begun with a single day at the bar. During that time, he had been down on his luck and was drowning another depressing night in a mug of ale. However, that was when it had all begun. He met a lad who went by the name Banquo Terres, who had been a soldier much like himself. As the two described their situations, they found a way to turn it all around, beginning by heading to Ironforge. They began their own fellowship, merely the two of them, and at that moment, the Madcaps were born.

However, hard times were ahead..

Gilda the GryphonEdit

It was a hard journey to Ironforge, as the duo decided the most lively way to travel would be on foot. Not through the tram, but through dangerous mountains and passes, crawling with an array of creatures and beasts. Encountering Defias, Orcs, and Golems, they tread forwards, never looking behind them. It was during this journey that they acquired Gilda the Gryphon, albiet through questionable means on Banquo's behalf..

"I'm not eating that, it just shit everywhere.."Edit

They were not in the city long, before they had set out once more, now on a quest for a Dwarf, of whom decided it would be best not to go himself. After a night of gambling and dares, Ross had acquired enough coin for the two to give them both a warm bed the night before, and more than enough rations to last them the trip.

During their pass through Loch Modan, they stopped within Thelsamar, where they picked up another companion. Schuyler, or as Ross had dubbed her, Shoelaces. Even while she was an ccentric Half Elf, she had proved to fit in perfectly to the group, more or less contributing to the fellowships survival. After they had become familiar with one another, they continued on, encountering venom spitting spiders, bloodthirsty Orcs, and an Alligator.

The RaptorsEdit

Wasting no time, they travelled to the excavation site, retrieving the stone tablet of which they were tasked to retrieve. While bloodied and wounded, they made it out alive, after Schuyler had found them in the knick of time.

Wanting to spend no more time in the damp, humid, mosquito-laden Wetlands, the trio found themselves quickly returning to Ironforge.

An Untimely EndEdit

After they had retrieved their harn earned reward, the trio decided to return to Stormwind, either to drink or gamble away their claims. However, this time they took the tram, which proved to be far more convenient than their previous choice of travel. In the following days, he became acquainted with a rather alcoholic Dwarf, Grum, but however, this friendship was shortlived.

Unfortunately, in an encounter within the very walls of Stormwind, Ross was struck down, entering a 2 (Real time) coma. As a result, the trio split up, Shoelaces continuing on in her own adventures, and Banquo becoming a terrorist.

He's Awake!Edit

Ross awoke to a split up group, finding only Grum and a folded letter at his side when he came to. It had seemed that the coma had not put out his lust for adventure. He soon set out to find Schuyler, following the directions in the letter and landing himself in the Outlands, where he learnt he had been trailed by Banquo, and ultimately ended up reuniting the trio. Also, as it would seem, it was his birthday, where Ross had the unlucky experience of having a drunk naked man jump out of a giant cake.

Grum, The Mage, the Ship and the Fabulously Flamboyant BardEdit

As the title suggests, the Madcaps took on many members in the following days after they had returned to Stormwind, and even managed to get their hands on a ship and crew. While it wasn't a very nice one, it was seaworthy, and it did the job. As a result, the group took to the seas, travelling to Grizzly Hills. During this journey across the sea, they were raided by pirates.

The buccaneers who had been expecting nothing more than a merchant ship were surprised when they found it harboured a group of rather crazy individuals, who in turn decided to board the pirate ship, before the pirates could board theirs. As they did this, their display of courage igniting a spark of moral in the crewmembers, who soon followed suit. As such, they took over the pirate ship, and the booty within, of which they promptly took for their own.

As they reached the outpost in Grizzly Hills, they took it upon themselves to spend this money on making the ship once more a beautiful vessel, returning it to its original quality.

Stories yet to be had...Edit

Returning to Stormwind, they found themselves docked back into port with little else to do. Unfortunately, they were unable to set off, as a number of the Madcaps had disappeared, save for Rayne, the flamboyant bard, Grum, the alcoholic Dwarf, and the crew.

As such, the Madcaps entered a rut, until a certain Goblin planned to give the Madcaps an adventure of a lifetime..

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