Rogandun Scarhorn


Chief of the Scarhorn Tribe





Character Class



Co-leader of the Scarhorn Tribe alongside Attara






Attara Scarhorn (Wife) Rhuno Runetotem (Brother) Barles Ragetotem (Father) Saylena Ragetotem (Mother)

Once the former member of the Ragetotem tribe of Warriors, Rogandun was a wise and rather powerful man. He had partaken in many of the major wars that had involved the Soldiers of the horde. From the taking of the Sunwell, the demise of Illidan, and the fall of the Lich king, Rogandun has been in the background, providing his allies with his strength and endurance.

When he was but a child, he was born the larger of two brothers. His smaller, 'younger' brother Rhuno was smaller then a normal child when born, and as a result Rogandun recieved most of the tribe's attention when it came to training in the Warrior arts. However, his brother did not go without his own power. His brother showed signs of shamanistic blessing, being able to call upon the spirits at a young age. Because of this, the tribal elders took him in and trained him in the ways of a Battleshaman. The brothers began to grow a rivalry, seeking to show their tribe that they were the better one. Rhuno was winning, able to best Rogandun in many battles. Then, one day Rogandun had enough. He bull rushed his brother, but was quickly taken down. A fierce thunderbolt came across his face, forever leaving a scar from the top of his eye to the back of his skull. It was because of this, that Rogandun ventured off from Mulgore, and joined the majority of the Horde's forces.

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