Raid of the Island Temple
Temple by Mic KillaH
The Hakkari Aegis

Defender Belligerents:

Hakkari temple guardians

Attacker Belligerents:


Defender Leaders:

Hakkari High Priest

Attacker Leaders:

High Priest Aye'zan


Defender Strength:

Over 50 temple warriors and priests

undead minions

Attacker Strength:

6 Adventurers

Group of mercenaries

undead minion

Casualties and losses:

Temple guardians - full annihilation

Adventurers - 0, major injuries.


Temple taken over by invading forces and looted; Temple's leader killed; Put under watch by Zandalari squad called by Aye'zan


News spread across the Steamwheedle settlement of Booty Bay about an island troll temple close to the coast of Stranglethorn, rumoured by adventurers to be full of riches. However, the said temple was protected by a powerful magical shield. Profit-hungry neutral travellers set up a camp within the temple's borders and waited patiently for the shield to fall. 

Gathering enough numbers, the adventurers launch an assault against the temple's inhabitants, which appear to be working on some form of a black magic - corrupting and enslaving water elementals to their bidding. After a fearsome battle they make their way to the roof of the temple, where, after a long duel, Aye'zan defeats the iron-fisted ruller and High Priest of the Temple, proclaiming that he will make sure the Temple is kept in-check. After the adventurers loot the temple, Aye'zan calls upon the Zandalari to put personnel in the temple.

It is assumed that the temple is now under Zandalarian control.

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