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A big warm welcome to the Paragon WoW Wiki, a private roleplay server. Here, you may express your creative mind to write about a variety of different things related to the server!

Why not write about your favourite character/guild and its interesting (or non interesting) backstory, so that players, readers, and other wiki users can view it? It's a great way for people to know about your character in an OOC (Out-of-character) perspective as well as seeing your achievements, skills ingame, and other things you've been up to ingame.

The final result is always pretty rewarding, and with practice it can be quite satisfying. Writing can be a great time to pass time and these pages will stay here forever! Share your pages on our forums, and be sure to check back every now and again to edit your pages once you've done more ingame!

The forum mods and GMs will be moderating the pages on a daily basis. If somebody has screwed up your page, contact a staff member and they will sort it out.

Featured Article of the Week

Varen'thas Sunraiser (alternatively just Varen) is a Sin'dorei warrior, belonging to the racially iconic order of the Spellbreakers. Once part of the wardens that guarded the sacred Sunwell, in the wake of the destruction Arthas and his Scourge left upon the lands of Quel'thalas, he joined Kael'thas Sunstrider and his followers to Outland in search for potent alternatives to sate the magical addiction of his people, thus sealing his fate as one of the first Spellbreakers known to the Sin'dorei, as well as one of Kael's most zealous followers in his ventures to Outland. He later seceded from Kael's forces, due to learning about the dangerous practices he embarked upon and joined the order of the Scryers.

Ever since assuming the mantle of a Blood Elf, he has traveled Azeroth and even beyond to study and learn to contort magical energies of all varieties, making him a formidable foe both to the spellcasters he lives to disrupt and any other foe that dare cross his path.

Varen'thas stands tall and proud, an exemplar of Blood Elf society. A man who bares his colors with nothing short of the utmost pride. Despite being veiled in the standard Spellbreaker attire, ever since the assault of Kael's forces on the isle of Quel'danas, he has discarded the phoenix mask and the title of a Spellbreaker, remaining one simply by class means. Though he prefers not to be called by his rightful title, instead calling himself a "mere warrior of Quel'thalas".

His demeanor is regal and intimidating in appearance. He is taller than most Sin'dorei and thus appears far more intimidating. His body was muscular from his training as a Farstrider, despite touched by the graceful accent typical for all of Elfkind. His features, always clear and always collected, seemed unmovable by any factor. His facade portrayed no emotion whatsoever and he always seems to have his thinking face on. Often, small bags would find their place under his eyes, giving off signs of sleep deprivation. His hair, long and auburn, covered his shoulders, back and chest, often well groomed and kept, the fringe slid to the side to prevent stray locks from obscuring his visage.

Main article: Varen'thas Sunraiser
Server Update 4/26/12 - Click here for more info

Wow! We haven't had one of these in a long time!

1. There is now a "Paragon Rules" NPC in the Mall. If you see any bugs in his text, then simply close your WoW, delete your cache, reopen your WoW and try again. Known issues: Article 3 does not work because it exceeds the character limit. It will be fixed upon the next server restart (which will be tonight, I will edit this out once it is fixed).

What to expect in the future:

I've been mainly doing this to experiment with our database. It will be possible soon for me to create a morality system for certain events or areas. Based on the dialogue paths you choose within an NPC, you will be given reputation to a custom faction. These "factions" can be anything. An example would be a Good Vs. Evil system, where you can gain rep for either a faction called "Good" or a faction called "Evil" which will ultimately decide how your character will play within a certain event or RP area.

The possibilities for the factions don't need to necessarily be as black and white - you can maybe try to gain reputation with a blacksmith to try to impress him and become his apprentice, or bribe a guard to the point where he will OOCly tell you the teleport name to get past a mansion gate so you can thieve from the rich.

The possibilities are limited to imagination, and we hope players will like what is to come and will provide some fun and creative ideas on how to use the system to make RP more fun.

What else to expect in the future:

Another NPC in the Mall that provides useful information, such as our website, forums, and important information that is usually only stored on the forums.

We may even make an NPC for announcements and one NPC to act as an event calendar.

Stay tuned!

Thinking about Herbalism?
Thinking about introducing your character to Herbalism, but stuggle with knowing which herb is which? This guide written by Sunny and tweaked by Lizzie may help you out!

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Did you know..?
  • Sendir Telethil's first combat experience was fighting the Amani Trolls in Quel'Thalas, yet his father was overly protective and he rarely got included in the battles?
  • Marcie Strong is a Battle-Mage from Stromgarde, who fought in Outland against Illidan with the Alliance. She refused to fight in the Northrend war afterwards, due to her grudge against the legion being sedated.
  • Maur Pridetotem is closely related to the Dawnstrider tribe, though due to recent events he deems it necessary to go out on an adventure to settle minor disputes all over Azeroth.
  • Rowan B. Jenkins is a Mercenary and Dragonslayer, who prefers to be neutral rather then take sides in the Horde and Alliance wars.
  • We really need more pages on this wiki, y'know.
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