Alliance_32.png Naz'rahm Shadowsoul
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"I once believed in the holy as well. Then a new path greeded me welcome. Its name was -death-."


IconSmall_HumanDeathKnight_Male.gif Human, IconSmall_DeathKnight.gif Undead


IconSmall_Darion.gif Death Knight, APB_Warlock_Demonology.png Necromancer


Adventurer, Leader


Council of Oblivion, Independent


Common, Eredun


Lord Shadowsoul





"You speak as if you have experienced death mortal. Let me kill you, and you shall feel what death is really like."

Naz'rahm Shadowsoul, former known as Mehnas Lightsoul, is currently working within the walls of the Council of Oblivion as an additional leader. Naz'rahm is a third generation Death Knight, seeking the dark and frosty corners for new information on death, and necromancy. Naz'rahm still remembers his glory days as a paladin, and is now seeking vengeance upon the mortals of Azeroth. Naz'rahms goal is to transform every possible light into darkness, just like he once were transformed.


Naz'rahm is a simple human, yet he has been touched by powerful magic. His hair is blue, as well as his glowing furious eyes. A scar is placed on his chest, from the day he was killed. Naz'rahm is rather muscular due to the transformation, and that is also why he wears heavy plate armor. Naz'rahm wears his old Ebon Hold sword that he was granted, as well as a round shield with a skull in the middle, that symbolizes the death.His full body tire is icy blue, and black plate armor (seen in the picture besides). Naz'rahm also always wear his tabard with his full body tier, to symbolize the might of the Council of Oblivion.
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Naz'rahm in his old armor, thinking back at the horrible memories of his past.

Naz'rahm is a decent human although his mind is cluttered by dark thoughts. Naz'rahm feels vengeance upon the Lich King, and is now seeking out mortals to transform them into something undead. Naz'rahm keeps to himself, and do not speak with anybody he does not see fitting. Naz'rahm is also very mysterious, and can be sitting in an Inn staring at people behind his hood. Even though Naz'rahm remembers his glory and lightful days as a paladin, he still is too surrounded by the darkness in his mind. This is what makes him so angry. Naz'rahm does not trust easily, and one wrong move will send him into a frenzy of untrust.


Before the Lich King started to shake Azeroth, the mighty paladin Mehnas Lightsoul wandered upon the lands of Eastern Kingdom. Under the War for Outland, Mehnas was in another place fighting for the Silver Hand. Mehnas was holding the restless plague that was consuming Eastern Plaguelands back. Fighting off the scourge that was terrorising the lands. As Illidan and the legion was falling before the feets of Azeroths Heroes, Mehnas and the Silver Hand was moving strong into the lands of Eastern Plaguelands.

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Naz'rahm in his full new body tire.

As the War for Northrend broke out, the Scourge was suddenly counting up in numbers. The Silver hand and the Argent Dawn merged together, to form the Argent Crusade but with no success at holding the horrors of Eastern Plaguelands back. The first Ebon Hold Deathknights had already placed themself in the Eastern Plaguelands, and it was just a matter of time before the Lich King grew strong enough, to attack Light's Hope Chapel. When the attack happened, Mehnas fell to the restless scourge and was taken to the Archerus: Ebon Hold, so he could be transformed into a warrior of death.

Mehnas Lightsoul was after his death reborn in the way of the same Death Knights that had killed him. He was no longer Mehnas Lightsoul, but was renamed to Naz'rahm Shadowsoul. His job was to fully help the Scourges of Eastern Plaguelands to push forward into Eastern Kingdom. Naz'rahm had heard about the revolution going on, and that some Death Knights had become free from the tyranny of the Lich King. Naz'rahm wanted his revenge and hereby as well became free of the tyranny of the Lich King. He travelled far away from the Eastern Plaguelands, leaving the Ebon Hold behind him. His vengeance to the Lich King grew strong in the time he travelled, and it didn't last long before Naz'rahm decided to go to Northrend. In the time he spend in Northrend, Naz'rahm trained himself in his new talent of unholy magic. His current powers were the same as when he had been a paladin, and it suddenly became easy for him.

As the Lich King was falling in the end of the War of Northrend, Naz'rahm had moved closer to the Icecrown, seemingly trying to help the Horde and the Alliance. He tried to fight his way into the castle, but without luck. Naz'rahm eventually gave up upon the fight, and travelled into the lands of the Storm Peaks. Here he was made new battle armor, as well as a shield by doing a favor. He had placed himself in the forgotten mountains of the Storm Peaks. It was not until many more years later that Naz'rahm travelled back to Azeroth, because of the elemental war.

Under the start of the Elemental War, or what would later be The Shattering, Naz'rahm had travelled to Stormwind City, as Knights of the Ebon Hold was granted permission to enter. Here he occupied himself, and occasionally helped in the fights of the elementals that had went crazy upon the main cities of Azeroth. After the elementals had stopped their rage, the shattering happened and Deathwing had ripped Azeroth to its foundation, including Stormwind City when he placed himself on it. Most of the lands was shattered, although Stormwind was blooming with life afterwards from this event. The war between the Horde and the Alliance, had apparently shot the ressources into the air, and Stormwind was suddenly in the making of rebuilding itself.
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The Guild Tabard of the Council of Oblivion.

All the war, and battle had seemed to driven Naz'rahm sick of it, and he made his travel to the Ghostlands, to stay there for the current time. Naz'rahm had no buisness with Deathwing, yet he was still mad at him for making him move from Stormwind yet again. The vengeance at this point has grown strong, and Naz'rahm had eventually gone mad. Naz'rahm had the idea of turning all mortals into undeads, in simple vengeance of him being turned into a Death Knight. He later was sent out for a meeting in Goldshire Inn, by a shadowmage. They shared the same ideas, and Naz'rahm accepted to help the shadowmage to give his dreadlord a new body from a corpse. This was the start of the Council of Oblivion, which Naz'rahm should become the leader of, with the shadowmage and the dreadlord. Their ideal goal is to transform every mortal being they can find, and turn them into a part of the army.

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