Neutral 32Lady Natiel Saeunn Temeraire
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Deadshot, Rogue, Mage


Neutral, Alliance


Artist, Archelogist, Doctor and etc


Chamire S. Temeraire(mother,deceased) Lord Telin Temeraire(father, unknown) Javea S. Temeraire(sister, deceased) Kilam(half-brother, unknown)


Thalassian, Common, Orcish, Old Arathi, Darnassian, Gnomish,Zandali(Troll, minor Naz'ja and presumebly titan from the Ramkahen.



Natiel Saeunn Temeraire is considered a 'brilliant' but 'strange' woman who seem to put a lot of risk to help people. People have seen her roam different areas like a ghost watching them, or sitting having a drink. She seem to swift between her personalities more than once, or her mood simply changes quickly. Which is maybe one of the reasons she is known as strange. Former Argent Dawn, Shattared Sun and/or Argent Crusaders would know her as a brave hero who along with the legendary Akarian 'Wolf' participated in the Icecrown Citadel attacks, actions against scourge and present at the war against the Legion on Quel'Danas and battle in The Black Temple. A woman who fight for justice.

Odd person she is indeed, but unique. One of a kind, no doubt.      


Natiel is an average in height elf, slender female with delicate seeming flawless peach skin which, in its own way, accentuates the natural beauty of her race - Her head is crowned with long silver hair reminding of a gleaming full moon styled to hide her left eye and the hair flows elegantly down to her waist in light waves and curls. Her hair gives the scent of fresh and healthy air from the familiar smell of a forest and seasoned roses.

Her body shape is smoothly curved, a fact which enforces her sizeable bust (Not overlyomgwtfboobsF/D-cup people say). Judging by her body language, she also appears quite lithe, slender and agile. She has trained her body to be able to bend and twist in many forms and positions. She usually steps light on her feet oh so silently like she was floating above the ground, approaching like a mist. Her eyebrows are long and slender in the moonlight silvery colour as her hair.

Her stride is decisive and steady; pointing out this individual carries a certain amount of pride. Usually this woman tends to keep her features and weaponry hidden to the people around her, yet underneath she usually has a leather coating her with speed and silence, so she can bend as her limbs can properly. She never goes around unarmed and keeps multiply different weaponry in her different armours. Usually found is her two twin guns which are either sheathed in leather holsters by a belt around her waist – or by her thighs. They seem expensive and very high quality to them. A retractable sword which is slim and agile. Several attached pouches and bags of different kinds containing her health kit, a money pouch, an herb pouch, ammunition pouch, a pouch with needles, one with powder and a few more. Her belt usually also contains secured bombs in different sizes, colours and models. She got about three hidden daggers at different locations deepening on the armour. Her arm usually wears a strange metallic device which covers her forearm. It appears flat however but firmly locked with a security release under her forearm, which is a grappling hook she has designed. Her gloves got inbuilt subtle fist weaponry which is designed one hand got pinkie, ring finger, long finger and thumb blade. The index finger however got a long drill. At extension the blades and drill get coated in an automatic acid which eat its way swiftly throughout living tissue.

Natiel with her mechanical lens. Photoshopped by Enkas. <3

Her preened visage is decorated by a pair of mysterious, light blue and beautiful coloured eyes, reminding of a crystal clear lake or pieces of ice. As they say the eyes are the windows into the soul; Causes hers to be rather painful to look into, at least for a certain amount of time. They reflect worry, sorrow and torment, not a very pleasant thing to see if you can't look past that. She uses light make up as she frames her eyelashes with mascara to frame her soft eyes since her eyelashes are originally silver as her hair. Her appearance overall portraits a rather exotic charisma.

Her voice is quite a delightful thing to listen to since it is so delicate and kind, seeming to be Noble and soft - Not expected from such an appearance of the woman judged by her armour. If the armour goes off and she goes into ‘formal attire’ or ‘common clothing’ she can appear as a normal beauty of a Noble. Who usually are snobby and self loving. This voice can however, like all light sides have a dark, be a piercing noise to strike fear and shivers to run along the spine.

Upon her long, sleek and elegant ears several earrings appear, two in her left and one in her right ear – However when she is formally dressed she does either have two big silver earrings by her earlobes or a diamond pair. The usual ones appear to be silvery ones and rather simple ring-shaped ones. Her ears are delicate and seem to twitch, flicker and perk at all noises around her, constantly alert of an ambush or something strange. She rarely let her guard down and thus always seen aware of her surroundings. Natiel’s hands are delicate and elegantly shaped, slim and smooth with the nails lacking any ‘colour’ that is not natural, in other words they are unpainted. However they appear to be slightly long, not overly unnatural long but they are sturdy and could easily inflict a lot of damage if clawed by them.

Depending on what surroundings there is - She can be found in the colour of the surroundings. At night black, snow areas white, forests and jungles green and so on. Though her more 'common' armour is a brown and black shaded gear and a lens which can detect heat and zoom into far distances. And no one can see what she hides under at her belt since that gears cloak is like a warden. Hiding her figure up.



A very long story shortened. Natiel was born as a Noble in Quel’Thalas (Quel’Danas in her family mansion, her father had influence along with her mother; they shipped goods to the land since elves do not have orchards and do not grow their own food. They create but need the food. Along with diplomatic things and business in general.) However since they already had an older daughter, Natiel’s sister, the interest was lost of her father whom was cold to mostly everyone. That is why he sent her to a school where she would be raised properly as a lady until she was old enough to do any sort of good instead of having her around themselves. Eventually after being not too long in this other home, a shady male elf spots his opportunity to strike and kidnapped Natiel. This man took Natiel to an academy hidden in an unknown locations mountain where children, orphans and so on were collected and trained to become assassins, cheap tools for them. Natiel was not the best learner as it took time and a LOT of practice to even master a dagger. Her race gave her body advantages like hearing and reflexes, but her combat skills were worse.

Nyxity symbol by nyxity-d3kmvwy.png

The Temeraire seal. (Never made it. Don't know where I found it.)

By isolation from the outside world and who she really was, Natiel got raised and many got turned into an emotionless cold killer to earn money for the elder ones. Natiel went through a common test with these things, survival. You or him. Natiel fought those she had been raised with, considered friends as she learned even they were against you. She passed by perhaps luck. She lived onwards, each alive student got handed to a mentor to advance and educate highly. Natiel’s natural adjustment and skill to learn fast started to form as she learned. She carried out deeds to about seventy-six years of age. She was very young still. She had enough of killing after several times of slaughtering people and children and with luck escaped the firm hand of the academy. Since she was raised as a tool and had no one to steer her – She was lost and clueless what to do. But, she was an elf and figured Quel’Thalas was the place to look.

Coming back to Silvermoon when it was still a High Elven capital, about seventeen years before year 0 and peace was still in order. Natiel met her Noble sister by accident after bumping into her since her sister was in the diplomatic side of the city and stood having speeches and dealt with business. Natiel did not know who she was, where to start or what she was to do. She was scared that the people from the academy would track her down and drag her back to do their work as she was their property. She was worried. Anyhow, as her sister was talking to a crowd in public, Natiel who were in ragged clothes and having a cold, stopped to listen. Natiel recognized her sister to be familiar due the appearance and the similarities that was brought forth from an offspring of the same parents. Like height, bone structure, eyes and jawline. So on. Natiel talked to her sister, asking for names and information which the sister at first did not wish to give to a young girl with tattered clothing and blank expression as of a killer. But as she noticed Natiel was ill and actually did look familiar and alike herself, they figured out her real name and thus her sister brought her back to the family again.

She was older now and the father found use in that. Thus she was educated further and arranged marriages between other Noble families were made. So on and so on. However her mother was not fond of Natiel at all and if she had the chance she would snarl nasty comments and sometimes deliver a slap. Natiel did never tell where she had been, saying she did not remember it yet the past was eating her from the inside. She got married to Nobles about two times and divorced due the man dying or growing tired. Natiel got tired of this as she was both a Noble and other side a tool to kill. War broke loose and she was driven from her home – She fought but the Scourge took hold and she had to retreat. Her sister and father took the path of fel and mother died. She practiced more to once more keep her battle skills alive. She joined the Argent Dawn to combat the scourge to feed the pain from within of the need to be in combat, then as the issues at Outland broke lose she joined the Shattared Sun. She fought many battles in Outland and many on her own. She was a troublemaker for her enemies.  

After it was dealt with she wandered on. Lovers came and went. Scourge issue returned as a bigger threat, Northrend. She joined the Argent Crusade and fought there. Her mind growing more fragile and the line of sanity were getting thin. Mortals can only take a certain amount of madness and she was on the line already from the trauma and trouble in her life. Usually her lovers were slaughtered because of their relation to her, with the trouble she caused as an enemy of people within the Horde, Alliance, scourge or legion. She wished to do what was right. At one point she was engaged to a human who she loved. However he vanished and got assumed dead as revenge from the earlier academy that she had been raised in and been running from since the escape. She searched in hope he was still in life with no progress.

During her years she encountered battles on her own, meddling to make things right and help others and at many times created powerful enemies. She suffered to help others, since the enemies of the ones she helped usually found her and punished her by torture and near death experiences before slimly avoiding death due to her skills in combat. She had been drawing as a child and used it to relax as in due time she started to learn more. Instruments, she knew herbs and all body knowing information yet she did find out more and advanced her skills in everything she knew. Including engineering where she grew fond of guns and created her own to advance her weaponry. She mixed classical ranged weaponry like guns and crossbow since she had learned dhow to handle any weapon as younger. Advancing all her skills to pass the time and keep her mind alert and away from her painful past.  

At an encounter of a n

A scene of Sylvanas and Arthas which simulates troubles Natiel has been in.

ecromancer and a lich she was tormented and experimented on, claimed as the necromancers ‘pet’ and property (explaining the brand mark of the skull) and her already traumatized mind made her finally snap. As she escaped, her mind was twisted and her sanity has slipped through her fingers which she had feared for so long. She had been writing a journal of each day, documenting what was going on since she was taught how to write – At this point the journal started to describe that she heard and saw things. She saw people talking to her, shadows and twisted creatures and echoing voices in her head. She was not sure if it was another mind trick or not. Her sanity kept being unstable as she had moments, breakdowns; where her normal self simply snapped and revealed a dangerous psychopathic side of herself. Her knowledge in killing and many ways to torture, her intelligent mind and highly educated knowledge made her into dangerous person. She snapped out of these moments after harming herself, wrecking something, killing someone, ending up torturing animals, making mad blood paintings, singing random lullabies, talking to herself, imaginary tea parties. To prevent herself from losing control, she started making mind calming pills with her herb and alchemy knowledge which soothed her mind. She was afraid to harm people and herself – And her knowledge to live of her own fat, made her retract herself more than once in long periods in the wild, alone and away from society.

These days she remain trying to stay liked as a friend, but dislike to be seen as a lover. She cannot accept it due previous trauma in relations and love. She does not usually explain herself being sad or mad – And if she gets hurt she hides it with a light giggle or smile. Doing everything as she can to please people, protect people and help all she can. She does not wish to share her broken mind and thoughts with others, afraid as she is torn and damaged. To actually have her open up would be an achievement which few get. She does not lightly let her guard down for anyone.

During half a year Natiel had feelings grown to a Templar man, but his interest never bloomed. She had waited out three of his love relations and in hope when he did not want any more relations, self-proclaimed herself as his lover since they acted like a couple, except his knowledge of course. Sadly the drama with his best friend and his lover, The Templar got tricked into another womans arms and Natiel soon enough stole his pillow and vanished not to disturb the new love couple, once more in the bottom of the life and luck. She remained about a week in Duskwoods gloomy landscape, hidding in her glade within a dug little hole like her own grave, silently spending her time there hugging the pillow which belonged to The Templar once as the only source of company.

One day The Templar scryed for Natiel's lost presence and found her hugging his pillow in her hole by Beggar's Haunt, causing him to realise the importance. There life took a turn for Natiel - For once, finally, after nearly a years time, The Templar loved her back. She went back to people, overjoyed to be on top of the world with him. They planned soon enough to live with eachother until death did them apart, and continue in the afterlife, many children was also discussed which Natiel never had a fond thought of before.

But the higher you are, the harder you fall. The Templar soon enough felt regret, his happiness appearant a lie out of pity and guilt for her - As her world fell apart once more. She devoted everything in him and only him, to soon find herself back on rock bottom with nothing but herself as company and comfort. Heartbroken and lost, she is now back within the darker areas of Azeroth, trying to find a way to keep herself from falling apart in pieces, searching for some sign to carry on.

Due the time passing and her existance vanished from those former known of her she seem to have taken a fondness of the role of disguise - Using her talent to mimic and create voices to appear as a 'machine' or unknown race and gender by covering her body up and speaking in a clinging of metal ringing voice. Thus names as 'Shade' or 'Creeper' has been told as she moves at times on all four, like a silent geist at prowl. The lack of purpose strikes her and she remains depressed and gloomy than her old self while trying to cling to whatever little reason she can have left to have a reason to stay..

Strenghts and WeaknessesEdit

Known weaknesses: Affection: Natiel is extremely loyal and will protect those she has developed a bond with to any cost – Especially affection. If someone she cares for is at risk being harmed – Natiel will give herself in to do everything she can to keep this person safe and unharmed. Her devotion of protection usually leads to protecting even a stranger from harm, as her dislike to stand by as someone get's hurt.

Sensitivity: Natiel is highly sensitive in more than one way. Her sense of smell causes her nose to be extremely sensitive to powerful scents, stench, perfume, personal scent and so on. Her sene of hearing cause her ears to be most sensitive to such as loud noises, gunshots, explosions, shrieking and overall noises can harm her hearing which affects her concentration and navigation. Her sense of feeling also belongs in this topic, since to protecting her body cause her nerves to work, in other words, they are not deadened; They work like a fine example and her reaction time is fast, but when she feels pain it is overwhelming.

Instability: Natiel’s mind is broken, tattered and fragile. Her poor stability is not very much as she has mental issues with the past. Thus illusions of the past – Her weakness for fear to lose someone she love, mental attacks in general and paranoia is an issue.

Known strenghts:

Quel'dorei seal.

Quick senses: Natiel has had years of practice and her agile body gives her a great speed advantage. She dodges swiftly, moves quickly and has extremely fast reflexes. Her reactions are in harmony, both body and mind, which can cause an issue to be able to get near her, or able to hit her.

Experience: Natiel’s experience in many battles and fights has granted her knowledge how to take out her opponent silently and quickly. She can read peoples weaknesses with knowledge of the body. Her skills in stealth makes her hard to detect if she is hidden and her broad knowledge in weaponry is handy – She can handle almost any weapon she can carry and can be creative and pick an every day object to use as a weapon. To addition her knowledge is broad all in all, amongst many other things like medics, herbs, cooking, geography, history and so on can give her an advantage.

Photographic memory: Natiel is well educated and has a photographic memory which she use when she learns new things, also to memorizing a scene or memory, so she can recreate that memory on paper as she draw or paint it to perfection. Her active mind makes her able to put people into an organized list in her head within categorizes of all their kinds. She does not forget someone’s face, voice, posture and smell that easily. She categorizes this and memorizes weaknesses and strengths as her mind can find a person’s weak spot with ease.

Other: Natiel got more various weaknesses and strenghts. For example.

  • Guts: When Natiel's gut tells her something is wrong, it is!
  • One shot: Natiel's precision is mastered to perfection, she hardly miss.
  • Stamina: Natiel can stand up and fight even with broken bones if she put her mind to it.
  • Genius: Natiel is an active thinker and can create inventions, plans in her head and figure out peoples movements so she knows when to strike.
  • Toxid meltdown: Natiel's body is quite familiar with different kinds of immobilation and poisons so sometimes her body can fight it off.

  • Belly: Natiel's belly lack the protection of strong bones - Or hard armour. So it is a spot where she is vulnerable.
  • The right thing: Natiel do not wish to leave someone in pain, or die in vain if it is not absolutely necessary. Thus she could stop to save/help a person in need even though they may try to hurt her.
  • Absent minded: At times her mind drifts off at certain words or events to recall something traumatizing to her from the past which stirrs up her emotions and thought. So she can become absent, unresponding and frozen on the spot.
  • Paranoid: Natiel have created a rather paranoid personality during the years. Her personality being slightly odd to begin with, being childish to serious, kind to mean and so on. Her paranoid sense makes her suspecious against people around her and their intentions. As Sythrivum described her issue: "And she prefers dark, damp corners where she wont feel as paranoid and exposed."

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