Captain Mauthoric Brigands is a knight captain in the Alliance army.During the Third War Mauthoric served Arthas Menethil as a noble footman.He and Arthas faught to protect Lordaeron from the blackrock orcs and the Vile undead.His teacher was Uther the Lightbringer he taught him how to fight and be a warrior of the light.During the third war his father Archmage Landazar died during the scourge attack on Dalaran.His Mother however had a different fate..She got turned into a scourge Banshee.During the expedition in Northrend Arthas picked up the cursed runeblade Frostmourne and slaying all his men but Mauthoric is one of the survivors of the Prince's fleet.He found a boat and sailed back to the eastern Kingdoms warning the people of Arthas that they must flee.Nobody believed him and thus leaving to his new home Stormwind...After he fell into deep depression and guilt.The priests of Stormwind said to him to have Faith in the Light and then he remembered the words of Uther "Have faith in Light lad...The Light will grant you holy power thus destroying your Enemies".After he became a captain in the Alliance army who fights for Honor and Justice.