Horde 32 Maur Pridetotem





Far seer, Shaman


Battle shaman


Horde, Dawnstrider tribe

Place of birth

The Barrens


Far seer



Maur Pridetotem is a Tauren Shaman holding the title of Far seer which he earned through many decades of practicing the art of communicating with the spirits and bolstering the power of the elements. He is closely related to the Dawnstrider tribe, though due to recent events he deems it necessary to go out on an adventure to settle minor disputes all over Azeroth and wherever fate brings him.


In the barren waste of The Barrens Maur was born in a nomadic society of tauren struggling to fight the brute centaur that continuously proved to be a difficulty to reclaiming their homeland. Maur was as much as other tauren a hunter, and with other tauren of his age as he grew up he learned survivalist skills, skinning, leatherworking and hunting and the rituals that were followed during the great hunt of the mighty Kodo.

He had seen how Thrall had driven the centaur out of Mulgore, and settled down with their tribe finally in order to establish the shamanistic culture of the Tauren. His parents were both shamans, and as their bloodline went Maur was taught the art of communicating with the elements. He was furthermore educated by an orc shaman of the Horde after the construction of Orgrimmar in Durotar. The orc was studying the mighty nomadic race of the tauren, nevertheless. Maur prove to be a powerful and skilled shaman, and was taken under the wing of this very orc whom was furthermore holding the title of Far Seer. It took Maur many years facing the brutalities of Azeroth. At one point he went to Durotar to abandon his tribe, only intending to return after gaining the knowledge of the old shaman.

The orc decided to join the Warsong Offensive in an expedition to Northrend at one point, and he took the tauren Maur under him whom had come of age. They would lead forwards in the assault on the Lich King. After Maur’s training to become a Far Seer he had finally earned the title, and yet was faced with the horrific actions of Garrosh Hellscream himself. He did not stay close to him in general. Yet Hellscream set his focus upon warring with the Alliance whom had also set foot to Northrend.

At that his mentor in shamanism died in a struggle versus an assault of Nerubians during a patrol. Maur was torn apart over the death of his mentor. He had learned much of him, and was noted as a father-figure to him in his book. He was traumatized over the event at one point, and ended up discharging of the Warsong Offensive over Hellscream’s false acts.

Maur had promised to return to the Dawnstrider tribe full of knowledge. So he did, and reunited with his family for a moment. He lived prosperously in peace with the elements to the point where he was bothered by the elements in itself. He predicted the Cataclysm. His clan braced themselves.

“I felt the restless spirits boiling beneath the very soil, anger raging through the skies, tidal waves sweeping against the vast rocks and forcing ebb on the beaches and shorelines of Kalimdor. The earthen spirits themselves felt inflitrated and aroused. At this very moment it was as though the universe was completely out of balance; a trembling fear and worry I had never felt before. It was only seers and shamans that predicted a soon to come apocalypse. Our forces had finally retreated from the snowy thundras, and my kin was still in sorrow over the death of our great leader. To this day I curse myself I had not brought focus to future threats that were to destabilize all life and obliterate it as we know it.
I slept restlessly, waiting for the one very day to come the spirits had warned me for, because they foresaw, and knew. In a flash of red it came. The ground trembled. The spirits inhabiting their own element retreated, for their home was crumbling away. Fire bursted from the skies. Our barren waste sweeped, like titans moving around pieces of a puzzle. The infertile plains split in north and south. The earth was bleeding. Its boiling blood blew a heat wave in the air. I felt the pain and sorrow of the spirits of the winds as a lush river of anger tore open the soil. It caved deeper and deeper, to depths I had not ever witnessed with my own eyes. The once calm lands holding an imperfect blue sky near the horizon cried out an agonizing scream.
A terrifying silhouette covered the world in a shadowy garment, a horrifying entity erupting from the midst of the ocean as it sweeped aside tsunamis with its wide, gigantic wings. Its eyes eternally burning fiercely, incinerated the souls of the innocent with its vile stare. Nor undead, nor living, this tormentor declared war to all mortal beings that walked, creeped, grazed and flew over peninsulas topping the great ocean we, as its righteous inhabitants, entitled Azeroth. A deep, black wormhole appeared, clearing a path to the very heart of the planet we lived on.
It did not go without devestation and corruption that this entity cleared its path and considered nothing an obstacle on its way to its debute. The many lives that were taken that day scarred each and every soul that walked the planet before the colossal beast returned to its hole, only to leave us waiting for it to return...”

Maur’s connection to the spirits forced him to settle the matter. He could not sit back and do nothing, and was continuously disturbed by the spirits leaving their sorrow with him. He decided to depart from Mulgore, leave his family behind, in order to find a cure to this overthrowing madness and lend aid to wherever he could. He ventured forth.