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Marcie Strong


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Trine 2 Music - 07 Boss Battle

Trine 2 Music - 07 Boss Battle

Character SummaryEdit

A proud Stromgardian, her name speaks much for her through her personality and loyalty. She holds close the morals and values taught to her during her life in Strom, and the martial traditions of combat handed down to her during her years alongside the Militia.

She rarely opens up to people she doesn't hold close, but is just as warm and friendly as anyone else. While she doesn't particularly enjoy telling just anyone about herself, it wont stop her from striving to learn all she can about whomever she is speaking with.

One a first appearance, she would come off as completely Human, carrying herself with pride and confidence. She would, of course, be wearing only a light layer of clothing and leather. Her figure would be quite fit with a very narrow build, giving the impression of someone who intends to be light on their feet, backed by the bow and dagger that she carries. Unlike other archers, she would carry her quiver at her side, running down the length of her leg.


  • Her quiver would be at her side, attached to her belt in the same manner a sword sheathe would be.
  • She would carry a small dagger on the opposite side, alongside a hook with rope wound around it.
  • She is left handed.
  • Her eyes would emanate an extremely faint blue glow, unnoticable in light but fairly prominent in darkness.
  • She looks completely Human. No pointed ears, nothin'.
  • Face @ Wiki picture.
  • She would wear a light layer of cloth, covered by a thicker layer of foresty coloured leathers.
  • On the end of her bow would hang a small wooden carved squirrel, dangling on the end of a thin leather strip.
  • Around her neck would be a white bandana.
  • She has a slightly faded, worn in cog tattoo on her right hand.


Birth (-47 Years)Edit

As the rest of the nation prepared for its annual Hallows End, the young couple who were known as the Strongs were rejoicing in the birth of their first child, a beautiful baby girl. Although her mother had been a High Elf, it was her father of whom she took after. There was no characteristics to label her as a Half-Elf, as the fathers dominant Human genes were all too prominent in their baby girl. They rejoiced in this fact, as it blessed Marcie with a childhood free from the taint of bias and distaste towards Half-Elves. From this point on, she grew up like any other a child within the walls of Strom.

Taking Up Arms (-29 Years)Edit

Marcie had always looked up to her parents, idolizing them in every aspect of her life. The stories passed down from the legacies of her parents ancestors sparked a fire in her heart, of which burns to this very day. Tales of courage, heroic deeds, battles won and lost, and of dark evils slain. Up to now, she had settled with games of pretend, running across the vast hills of Arathi Foothills and slaying pretend monsters who dared to look at her the wrong way, or making herself content by swinging her fathers sword about when he was nowhere to be seen.

However, when she came of age, it did not take long for her to sign up with an Archers Guild, hesitating to join the Army at the request of her parents. It was here that she turned away from the dream of becoming a Soldier or a Mage, finding the peaceful life living around the Hills in which she had spent so much of her childhood. It was here that she learnt how to wield a bow, as well as learning a number of survival skills and minor avarian handling/training skills.

The Second War (-27 Years)Edit

It was not long until the Orcish invaders who had taken Stormwind Keep just two years prior began looking northward once more. Strom was taken by surprise during the battle at Thandol Span, and the Dark Horde shortly after managed to place a number of footholds within the southern Arathi provinces. It was at this time that the guild in which Marcie was in allied itself alongside the Military of Strom, working alongside them to keep the Dark Horde at bay whilst the rest of the Alliance pulled together its armies once more.

Due to Strom's effort, the rest of the Alliance regathered its magnificant military and turned their defensive into an offensive, pushing the Dark Horde from their lands. It was then that Marcie first left her homeland as the guild traveled south with the Alliance, going as far as the Dark Portal, where the Dark Horde was defeated and Azeroth reclaimed.

The guilds, organizations and armies of the Alliance had returned battered and bruised, but luckily for the Strongs, Marcie alongside her two parents had survived the war, and were able to return to their homeland, and to a peaceful and prosperous time.

The Third War (-8 Years)Edit

She had just turned fourty-four when the Third War rolled around. While the Scourge laid waste to Lordaeron, the kingdom north of her own, she was forced to stand idly by alongside the rest of the military and her guild for a long duration of that invasion. It was only shortly after the capital of Lordaeron itself was taken that the guild had once more taken its side by the Military, and the week following she had already found herself stationed at the far north reaches of Hillsbrad to fight alongside the units keeping the Scourge threat from overtaking their nation.

While they were not there long, it felt like an eternity as wave after wave of what seemed to be countless undead attempted to break through the lines. But then as quickly as it had begun, it had stopped. The Scourge halted any advance on the stalwart nation of Strom. This was followed by a number of months of silence, during which she had returned back to the city.

Shortly following her time of peace and rehabilitation within Strom, she volunteered to serve in the fleet heading across the Great Sea to Kalimdor, led by none other than the reknowned sorceress Jaina Proudmoore. It was here that she once more was sent to battle with the Scourge and an enemy that she was unfamiliar with up to that point in time, the Burning Legion and its masses of Demons. It was a hard fought campaign and the Alliance came through victorious, but not without a cost. Once again, war had claimed the lives of many Stromgardians, leaving the force that was sent over severely weakened. She was one of few to make the return home, as many stayed with Jaina Proudmoore, to build Theramore.

She returned to the city of Strom, and to a nation falling to ruins. The Syndicate and Boulderfist Ogres had began an invasion on the nation during her time in Kalimdor, and had overtaken much of its land. Just two weeks following her return home, the capital city itself was besieged and partially occupied by the invading forces despite the efforts of the Strom Military.

She still had her parents, both of which once again survived bloody conflict, and she traveled to Refuge Point to live alongside her parents.

Defias (-6 Years)Edit

It would be two years before she would make her way out of the destroyed nation, as she found herself travelling to the rebuilt Stormwind to find herself once more, no longer finding comfort in her homeland. It was here that she first learnt of the Defias. Initially, she thought no differently of them than she did of the Syndicate, but as time progressed she grew a sympathy towards them, an understanding.

'Honest folk exiled from the city they slaved to rebuild, by selfish nobles.' - They began to sound more like her own people of whom forced out of their homes and city by the Syndicate.

She joined shortly after, dealing in espionage through one of the many groups in Elwynn.