Neutral_32.png Mandral Soulkeeper
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"Death to the living. I understand it now."

Former self:

Amathas Arcanite


IconSmall_Undead_Male.gif Forsaken, IconSmall_Nathanos.gif Undead


APB_Warlock_Demonology.png Necromancer, IconSmall_Warlock.gif Warlock


Necromancer, Wanderer, Plagueworker




Common, Forsaken, Eredun


The Dark, The Mysterious






Mandral Soulkeeper is a necromancer/warlock who seeks to become a very powerful plagueworker. He wishes to turn every mortal being into an undead, and get more people interrested in the plagueworks of Azeroth. He is under the influence that everyone could be a potential spy, or someone against him. That is why he is utterly cautious about anything. You most likely find Mandral in Duskwood, trying to perform necromantic magic, and experiment with ways that he can summon the undead. He strives toward becoming a fel-sworn, and strives to become darker and darker. He has a certain lust for killing, so anything that is up for a fight he greatly takes on.


Mandral is a average height forsaken. He is always wearing his robe which is purple, black and gold. This robe also has a demonic skull symbol in the middle, to show that he is a necromancer. He always have his staff with him, and do normally halt a bit on his right leg. To support his leg, he uses the staff to keep himself up. He do not normally stand tall, due to the halting of his leg. It is only when he stands still, that he most likely will stand tall. To protect his face from irritating sunlight, and to hide himself from being known, Mandral uses a black cowl to shade him off from the world around him. His staff is a simple black staff with a narrow ending, and then a skull from a demon on top. It also has some spikes incase of melee fighting, which Mandral restrains from doing. Mandral also wear some simple black boots, which does not go all the way around his feet. It has a hole for the half of his feet.

From top to bottom, Mandral's body is covered in rotten flesh. There is only a few places which have bones sticking out (fingers, toes and such). His rotten flesh is a mixture of green and blue, and it smells badly. Many people who describes the smell for the first time, will either say dry blood, or simple the smell of death/rotten corpse. Not even his robe can isolate the smell that radiates from him. Mandral can't smell his own smell, and therefore do not care about it. Most of the time, Mandral is unable to talk to normal people even under his cowl, because people get so sick of his smell, or even vomit. That is why he allies with people who has the same experience as he has (by that meaning that he only allies with people who do dark magic, because he believes they already are familiar with that smell).

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Mandral's staff with the demonic skull on top.

When Mandral show his face, it is not a pretty sighting. He is bald, and is missing both his eyes. In the eyesockets, dark tick black essence of something is glowing. It is a cursed sight, and is something Mandral has done to himself. It adds up to his senses. Although he might have this glowing essence of necromantic magic, he is still rather blind. Most of his cursed view is pure shadow and darkness. Mandral's teeth is easily seen as well, since no flesh is before his mouth. His teeth is right open into someones view, and it makes him even more creepy in appereance. His bottomjaw is simply bone, that is there. No flesh is protecting the bone. Mandral's nose is also pure bone that is sticking out, and little to no flesh is protecting it.

Mandral is a very mystical and dark type. He do not talk about his past, and do not think about the future. Only if it involve some plans about necromancy. Most of his mind is filled with new ways to do necromancy, and that is also what he do, if there is no job to do. Mandral is the type of person who do not live at a certain place, unless it is the only option. He likes to travel, and stay in dark woods. Mandral would easily betray friends, and family - although, he is the most loyal person to his leaders. Mandral's voice is deep, and evil. If he can avoid any form of talking, he does so. Not that he do not like to talk, but he see no reason for it. He most of the time tells himself that less talking means more working, and that is what drives him forward in his necromantic deeds. Mandral has already been driven mad by the whispers from the Nether, and his life has become more about summoning and
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Mandral in his full body tier.

pain, that it has become of free will. Normally, Mandral tries to communicate with these whispers, and people can often be talking with him while he talks to some voice in his head. Mandral's age is unknown, since he remembers nothing from his past. That is also why he most of the time do not talk about it. Mandral strives towards everything evil, and creates friends from the dark than the light. If someone do not share the same view points as him, he will most likely leave them for good. Mandral is somewhat of a lone wolf.


Under the War of Outland, the great mage Amathas Arcanite was practising and reading upon arcane magic in the city of Dalaran. He were determined to become an Archmage, and learn everything he could. He would instead of fighting, use these arcane skills to better understand the powers that were bound with in Azeroth. He were deeply interrested in how arcane magic was working, and how same spells could me made in different ways. Amathas were also obsessed with the idea of creating arcane spectral people. He wanted to find some way to make a substitude for people who had fallen in war. Instead of the evil path of Necromancy, and raising a corpse to battle - he instead wanted to raise spectral/arcane people that had died in battle. He believed it was a great idea, yet he was far from being able to make his idea become a reality. Amathas lacked support from the start of his research, and was soon unable to even study anymore. The Archmages of Kirin Tor had other plans for their research, and had no time to help Amathas in his research. Amathas eventually stopped his research, and instead travelled to Stormwind City, to study there. In the time that he was studying arcane magic in Stormwind City, the great people of the Alliance and Horde were on the brink of defeating Illidan Stormrage. Amathas saw no great deal in studying anymore, and instead found comfort in using the knowledge he had, to battle.

Amathas decided to travel to help out in the war. He were sent by a portal to the Outlands, and were quickly introduced to the area. His job was to be working as a summoner in Shattrath City for the Aldor's. Over these few years, Amathas studied ways of how to use his arcane knowledge, to long range battle. After the defeating of Illidan Stormrage, Amathas had been working for not more than some years. He had found some friendship in quite a few people, and he had also fallen in love with another mage from Shattrath City. Her name was Lola, yet
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Mandral doing necromancy on a graveyard.

he had never been able to tell her about his feelings. From one day to the other, she was gone with no trace. Amathas was heartbroken, and he sought grief by going back to Stormwind City. There he spend alot of time as the world felt free of tyranny. When the Lich King announced that he had returned, Amathas felt like taking up the fight. He signed up for becoming a soldier in the army, and was doing small side-operations in Howling Fjord. As he progressed through his operations, he became more and more able to control and perfect his long range skills. The battalion that Amathas was signed into, were moved up into the Grizzly Hills and later moved to Dragonblight. Here he were working with the Wyrmrest Temple, on some side-operations as well. He were far away from fighting on the frontline. As the frontline pushed more and more into the areas of the Icecrown, and past the Icecrown gates, Athamas and some of his fellow soldiers were called upon to take up the fight in the frontline with the rest of the Alliance. Under a fight for the hold of the gates to Icecrown, Athamas came into near contact with a Frostwyrm. Nobody was to his rescue, and it killed him with its claws.

Amathas' corpse were taking with the Alliance, and were buried in a graveyard, in Elwynn Forest. It was not until later, that the corpse was taking by some forsakens, and placed into the dungeons of the Tirisfal Glades until further notice. It was not until the defeat of the Lich King, that Athamas were revived as a corpse by the scourge that was captured by the Forsaken. He were renamed to Mandral Soulkeeper, in the nearby church. He were later trained by a high-skilled Necromancer, to become a necromancer and help out the forsaken army. He were trained for some years, before finally becoming a necromancer and a warlock himself. He were given proper robes, and a fitting cowl. He were also given a staff with a demon skull on. It was to all represent what he was in
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The hideous face of Mandral, when he is not wearing his cowl.

the Forsaken society. Mandral were doing fine and contributed well, until the breaking came. The breaking ripped the contact between Mandral and the Forsaken society apart. Many of his friends were gone, and he had no job to do at that moment. Instead, Mandral decided to venture to far corners of Azeroth, to start his own research in necromancy. One of the places he visited alot were Duskwood, in which he set up camps and trained necromancy for days straight. From here he started a new life, far away from anything battle related, or socializing related. His mind became dark, and his will weak. The Nether consumed his thoughts and ideas, and drove him mad. Now he seeks to wander, and gather followers that share the same ideology as he do.

Progression FeedEdit

  • 06/08-2012: The Roleplaying of Mandral starts.

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