"You are even more crazy than the one I see in the mirror"

Malkatia Treminna










Chaotic Neutral




Early life.

Malkatia was an apprentice in the city of Dalaran, since her early days. The both parents of her were both magicians, expecting exactly the same from their daughter. The girl did indeed fit into the expectations of her parents, as she did show great talent in the art of Arcane, and along with the talent, she also did show a great wish to study.

No more school for you!

The talent that she has shown did make the older mages smile, and also inspired distrust and envy from other students. And so, after eating in a feast of Midsummer Festival, she fell ill. Blackouts, halucinations, voices in her head and random ranting. Turns out, her so-called rivals poisoned her food with mind-altering potion... She was barely able to be controlled. She did not listen to any word, that others said. Her own parents didn't manage to get somesense into her, and before the alchemists managed to find out about her condition and brewed the antidote, she was already gone. The person that was guarding her claimed remembering nothing at all, while the whole room was a mess. Torn blankets and curtains, open and empty drawers, a cracked mirror on the wall... The girl herself was already on a ship, making her way to Stormwind from the port of Southshire, with an ache in her head.

Dealing with madness...

After week of sailing, without even letting out a word from her mouth, while sitting in one place, and blankly staring at a wall, she finally reached the Stormwind City. The girl was now conscious, while still being confused, of whatever happened, she also had no idea why is she there. The girl continued on her feet, only guided by the voices in her head. She walked to the market place, spent her stolen money on canvas, brushes, paint and a room in an inn. She started painting in public, as the people did notice her talent with the brush, even if her pictures were rather unusual. A lot of people started paying money for those pieces of art. And since then, she allways listens to what the voices in her head tell. That way she accepted herself, that she is not really sane, as other people also thought of that themselves due to her manner way of speech. A thing that she also noticed after a while, is that she can no longer cast the magic, that she was able before going out of her mind. However, a thing she did notice that she can do something else.. she can alter the minds of other people, at least for a short while. The same voices explained, that such is the thing, that helped her leave Dalaran.

And now....

Currently she's travelling through many places, impressing people with her artistic talent, and confusing them with her words. She is still practicing her new magical talent on some people, that she thinks they deserve it.

(This is still WIP.... I think)