Lady Lyviel 'Datches' Naimo'herin


The Porcelain Doll, The Mute, 'Bunny' and Datches










Alliance, Neutral, Former Kirin tor




Thalassian, Common, Orcish



Lyviel is most commonly known as the mute and fragile female elf going with the name 'Datches'. The reason of this is that Lyviel suffers from amnesia. She got her lastname from her Grimoire kept from a very early age in her life as all spells and information is kept within it. She keeps belongings and notes within the Grimoire which serves as her Mana storement and life ensurement. She carries the book whereever she goes and does NEVER take it off.

Lyviel is also known as the 'magic magnet' which is a title achived due her intense and empowering arcane level which match up and further than the Archmages. Earlier in life she was a person who studied rather isolated but with the Dalaran people from before it was raised from the kingdom Lordaeron which where she was raised by her family and taught by a wise Archmage human.

She stands out due the fact of her mute casting - A skill which Archmages wield, sometimes with difficultly. But she have reached the level that she is able to cast with ease spells to survive the world due her weakened, extremely weakened body from the intense arcane level. As for Archmages they age quickly, for her it has weakened her body extremely sitting can bruise her, she can barely use the body at all and handling her is like handling a porcelain figure.





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Lyviel's knowledge.

  • Evocation - Damaging spells: Mainly focused within arcane attacks such as Arcane Missiles and Lightning.
  • Abjuration - Sheilding spells: Focused within her special spell, the Arcane Prison in shape of a cube which is a force field with an anti-magic zone effect within, the size controlled by her.
  • Conjuration - Summoning/creation spells: She is knowing of this as she summons blanket if she need that, along with conjuring items and food.
  • Transmutation - Altering a person or object spells: She is able to polymorph herself mainly in a fearful attempt to disguise herself from danger. She also uses a way to communicate as mindlinks with certain people who can stand the preassure.
  • Illusion - mindtricks/images spells: She is skilled with illusions and mindtricks, such as creating copies of certain beasts as shields or attacking movements, same as mindtricking illusion of fears, but mainly used for her own amusement such as making illusions of butterflies or to write things. Creating imagines to describe things to people.