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Cavendish Music "Mighty Wings" New

Background HistoryEdit


Lyra Jones
A more OP version of Lyra during practice


IconSmall Human FemaleCustomSunny Human/Female


Water Elemental Lyra Hydromancer/Elementalist




Sophia Jones, Mother.

Dimitrios Jones, Father.

Daniel Jones, Brother.


Darnassian(Fluent), Common.


Former: IconSmall Stormwind Alliance. Current: Freelander


Alive and well

Growing up in a small farm off the coast of South Shore was a great life for Lyra. Never having to feel the pressure of being better than those of her peers, never having to worry about that feeling of being disliked. In a way, it was a pro and con for young Lyra. Whilst it left her being a strong and proud child, it also left her to be socially awkward around those her own age- The only other person anywhere near her age was her older brother who did not like Lyra that much, and tended to pick on her often, but she never took it to heart. Growing up with her older brother, her dog 'Sparky' and parents, Lyra didn't realize there was a world outside of her, something bigger then the small farm she called home. Most of her days spent was the normal child days, climbing trees and building small fortresses, gathering water from the nearby river and collecting fruits and other berries. Lyra was very unaware of the change of the weather on a single- most awful day.

Paradise no moreEdit

The wind was cold and blowing harshly against the roof of the Jone's barn. The animals would scattered around in a frantic bunch as the family tried their best to calm them while they waited out the storm- but this was no ordinary storm. Lyra's parents, Sophia and Dimitrious, knew there was something strange going on in the strange lands, and they decided to lock the barn and take the children to the house. Whilst crossing the farm to their house, the family notices a long stampede of undead on horses racing towards the town of Southshore not that far away. That's when the family noticed something else.. The town was engulfed in flame.

Sophia screamed in horror as Lyra and her brother, Daniel, stared at the flames, unsure of their meanings. Dimitrious quickly gathered a small bundle of things as Sophie went to the barn and gathered three horses from within. The Family quickly gathered their things as an unseen rogue undead made its way to the barn, before quickly setting a flame and locking Sophia inside. As Sophia screamed in horror, Lyra and Daniel were thrown into a nearby hiding spot created by Daniel himself. Dimtrios quickly found his sword from within his sheath and effortlessly fought the undead. Miraculously defeating the undead, Dimitrios ran to the Barn, threw open the doors, and ran to find Sophia.

It was too late. Sophia was gone. Dimitrios came out with a single surviving horse, gather his children, and rode. For several days and nights, the trio went through many lands, fighting many things, as they tried their hardest to make it to a safe place to wait out the war. And they did. It wasn't until the wars were over did Dimitrious and his children make it to Stormwind, where they are all started a new life.

The City: A new lifeEdit

The HydromancerEdit

One day, whilst walking along the park of Stormwind, Lyra noticed a strange human actually moving water. Confused and shocked as the what he was doing, Lyra came close to him, and after a small act, Lyra spoke to the man. His name was Jem, and he spoke to Lyra about the art of Hydromancy- literally the act of moving water. Fascinated at this, Lyra was instantly interested in the act of Hydromancy and asked Jem how he learned to do this. That's when she obtained her favorite, most used, and written over, dog-eared book titled 'The Hydromancer's Encyclopedia.'. Very grateful towards the man named Jem, Lyra practiced Hydromancy several times a day, but it wasn't until she was the near the age of seventeen, that she finally grasps the will of Hydromancy, the ability to move with the water.

Lyra never got over the death of her mother. Her brother and father refuse to speak of what happened that tragic day, but Lyra will never forget that day. Even whilst in her happiest form- Water-bending, she still can never get over what happened that day, still, she moves on each day, and with each new adventure, things get better.



For the first time in years, Lyra was ready to leave the city of Stormwind. Having grown used to the pale brick walls and streets, she decided to venture down the long road to Lakeshire- determined to find her way. Whilst walking down the long and never-ending road to Redridge, Lyra saw the change in the scenery. The green grass of Elwynn turn a brownish-red, looking rather dead, and the population of trees dwindle significantly.


Coming across a fork in the road, with no signs to point which direction Lakeshire was in, Lyra was lost. She frowned greatly, trying to see which way the roads went. She was just about to take the path left when a group of travelers came up behind her. The group was all male, most dumb-looking with bored expressions gracing their faces. One man asked her which way she was going, and she replied she was heading to Lakeshire. The men grumbled in agreement and they set walking- taking the right path. Lyra frowned at her poor sense of direction, before following the men, making small idle chit-chat was they went. Finally, the group made it to Lakeshire where they all entered the inn to rent rooms, order food, and simply chat the night away.


A few days passed while Lyra remained within the town of Lakeshire. Most of her time spent near the lake, reading or trading with others. Deciding to get some last minute practice into her day before heading back to Stormwind, Lyra trotted down towards the Lake, unaware of another person following her. Once she was near its shoreline, she slipped off her satchel and shoes before stepping into the water. That's when the voice spoke. It was one of the men who showed her the way to Lakeshire and took an interest in the fact that she knew bits and pieces of Hydromancy. As he approached, he spoke of how he wished to watch Lyra train. Sheepishly, she agreed and was about to begin her well-known and practiced daily routine until she came up with a better idea. Deciding to include Henry into the training, Lyra showed him the first basic steps of Hydromancy, slowly at first, before progressing until he was able to levitate a globe of water and pass it along to Lyra. The two made this a routine: passing the water in a circular motion back and forth to each other whilst trying to keep the water from dropping and falling to the ground. The two were successful at this for a long bit of time, until Lyra accidentally dropped the water while trying to pass it to Henry. Calling it quits, the two dried off before going inside the tavern, where they ate a small meal before going their separate ways: Lyra leaving Lakeshire whilst Henry stayed with a friend. All was going well that day, until she was in Elwynn, on the road back to her home. All was well until the men with the clubs stepped out from the shadows.

The Attack and RescueEdit

Lyra noticed the rustle of bushes, the sudden shadows growing near hers, and even the loud puff's of breaths- but she did nothing. A simple increase of her pace. She tried her hardest to assume the best in people, but most of the time her view is wrong. Deadly wrong. Suddenly, Lyra felt a strong grip on her shoulder and a manly voice told her to hand over her money or else he'll have his friends attack her. Lyra tightened her hands into fists and shook his hand off her shoulder before quickly turning and trying to walk away quickly. That's when the first club hit her back and she crumpled to the floor.

Two of the men began to repeatedly attack Lyra, smacking her arms and stomach with the clubs. Out of the blue, a man with a strong posture and dirty clothing tackled one of the attackers, before viciously killing him. Doing the same to the two attackers near Lyra, who would then crawl off to the side of the road and politely barf her brains out. After what seemed like five minutes of Lyra trying to sit up or stand, during this time the mysterious rescuer was disposing of the mutilated bodies, she was finally able to stand up on shaky legs and walked. Very. Very, slow. Much to the disappointment of her rescuer.

The two walked quietly together, making small talk as they exchanged names. The talking then stopped for a good while as Lyra tried to concentrate on moving and not collapsing to the ground. They finally made it to Goldshire before the turn towards to the inn, where Lyra promptly passed out on a rented bed.

The Butterfly and the WhirlpoolEdit

It was a beautiful day within the walls of Stormwind, Lyra was in a rare and cheery mood. She decided to take a small trip to the Garden behind the Cathedral and smiled as she noticed it was- for once- deserted. Walking over to the grand Water fountain, Lyra lightly dipped her hand into the cold waters, smiling at the effect it had on her skin. Making the water move to her will, Lyra managed to make the water crawl up her arm, wrap around it like a snake. She moved the water snake along her arm until she found out she was not alone.

A sudden gasp behind her made Lyra freeze, the water snake collapsed as she turned to face the person who emitted the gasp. It was a young man, perhaps five or six years older than her in age. He had brown hair and a scruffy beard. Lyra quickly backed away, afraid that the man make think her some sort of which- knowing there weren't very many Hydromancers within Stormwind. To her surprise though, he was fasinated with the trick she did, and asked her to try something else. To which Lyra agreed to most profoundly, happy she was able to express her talents with another being.

Slowly, Lyra calmed her breathing, focusing all her energy on the water within the fountain. She studied the crystal water, smiling down at her reflection before lightly moving her hand over the water, graceful like a dancer. Slowly, she manipulated a small blob of water to rise up towards her palm, shedding water as it went, forming it

into a strange shape. Slowly, she turned her wrist and palm up, as the water came to her above her dark finger

Lyra's butterfly, in all it's glory.

tips, not touching the shape as it formed before her and the man's eyes. It was a butterfly. With intricate patterns designed into its wings. Lyra smiled softly, and carefully to not break her concentration. She quickly flicked her wrist up, as the Butterfly swooped into the air.

She began to move her two fingers, middle and pointer, in a reverse pattern that mimicked the wings of the Butterfly, making to dive and glide around the perimeter of the Fountain, moving in and out of the separate waterfalls with great ease. After some time of this Lyra decided to stop- it was time for the grand finale. She managed to get the butterfly to swoop up the fountain, to the maximum height where the fountain spewed water at the top. The Butterfly raced towards that section, before swooping through it and bursting into rain drops that covered Lyra and the man.

Lyra finally looked over at the man, who seemed to be grinning despite the water droplets hitting him. She felt confident enough to show him another trick, something she was developing on- and wasn't too good at it. A small whirlpool. The water fountain was a great target, the water was already in the circular shape, all she had to do was make sure she doesn't let the water splash.

And so she began. In quick and timid movements, she began to circle her hands- which it turn caused the water to chun within the walls of the fountain. Faster and faster it went, increasing speed over time. Lyra was able to keep the water within the fountain, and grinned at herself in triumphant. Which in turn, caused her failure.

Lyra took her focus away for a simple second, and managed to drench both herself and the man in water: from head to toe. She frowned at herself, but the man simply chuckled. After managing to direct most of the water back into the Fountain, Lyra and the man shook hands and introduced themselves. She found that the man was actually the one and only John Forsight. After a brief conversation, they both went their separate ways.


  • Lyra was strolling through Stormwind when she stumbled upon a girl named Viola. They had been wandering through from Stormwind to the Harbour when an illusion was cast over them both: they saw gory murders all around them, piles of corpses, and eventually a man came to try and take their lives. After a long battle he was repelled and revealed to just be under the control of another - the illusion fading at that point. Lyra fancied herself a good investigator, and sent Viola off to find a map and note down any irregularities around the Harbour entrance. She borrowed a map from an Elf named Faye and then thoroughly examined the Harbour entrance. After scaling the mighty construction she took notes on anything of interest, and reported back to Lyra, allowing both of them to come up with a plan on how to deal with it. Viola would lure the attacker out again, whilst Lyra would occupy the hiding spot they found atop the Harbour entrance, in order to catch the one behind the illusion. It worked perfectly, and the man was in chains by the end of the day.
  • Later that week, Viola was framed for murdering a merchant. Lyra had found the merchant's corpse that morning, with letters from three different people on his person. Viola had been proven to be there, and so Lyra set out around the City to investigate different leads on the other senders. She arrested Viola and then interrogated, but Viola was unable to say anything about it. When she was about to be sent to the Stockades, though, Lyra had later returned with the true criminal - who had sent both of the other letters, murdered the merchant, framed Viola and also mind controlled her with a pendulum. Viola desired the pendulum, but Lyra shattered it, but the thought of having an ability to control people remained in the back of her mind for a long time.
  • Soon after, both Lyra and Viola went to Westfall to help a few friends. They had to retrieve two heirlooms for a farmer: a sword from a Murloc island and a pocketwatch from a bandit-controlled farm. The first was retrieved using a swift hit-and-run attack, whilst the second was done so using a distraction and a disguise.
  • The next 'adventure' would involve two underground Stormwind organizations. The first were known as 'Freedom Fighters', whom Viola originally suspected to be terrorists, but in fact turned out to be a group fighting against the Horde. The second was known as 'Mystiko', a group who used the Light to further their own ambition - fighting in opposition to the Freedom Fighters, whom they determined to be peace-breakers. Viola and Lyra split up, with Viola trying to infiltrate the Freedom Fighters and Lyra aiming to infiltrate Mystiko. The two groups would collide in a part of the City and, despite their best efforts, they could not stop the Mystiko slaughtering the Freedom Fighters' leader. With this done, Mystiko supposedly disbanded.
  • Lyra visited Ripley/Viola's house one day to find the latter unconscious on a sofa with a note attached to her. Lyra read the note, which told her to surrender or 'face consequences', and two mercenaries emerged after she dropped her staff. They quickly captured the Hydromancer and took both of them to a farm outside Stormwind, where a group of bandits had been planning a heist. They wanted Lyra as a hostage so that her brother, a Stormwind Investigator, would not reveal their scheme to the Guards. She tried to escape to prevent this, but was simply beaten down by her captors and into unconsciousness. They would both awaken, tied and crammed inside a barrel on a ship, where Viola used her Familiar to release them and Lyra was tasked with clearing the boat of the bandits - sneaking through it and disabling them group by group. Eventually, despite the leader not being found, the boat was taken over by the two and they could hap-hazardly navigate it in Theramore's direction
  • After they landed in Theramore, Lyra was reunited with a Hydromancer she once met named Aedan. Along with meeting him, she met a young woman named Jale who Viola said was hosting an Expedition to Wetlands. Always seeking an adventure, Lyra quickly joined the group as they made their way to the boat. The captain of the ship was not in the right state of mind, and after enduring the boat ride for two weeks something went amiss.
  • Suddenly, the ship was sinking. Everyone alive was scattered around the boat as water poured in through a gaping hole within the bottom of the ship. They tried to escape, but it appeared as though the water was already surrounding the boat- they were only alive because the doors were sealed shut. Yet, as the Naga began to attack they decided to open the doors. Water came sloshing down, knocking everyone out.
  • When they awoke once more, the boat was upside down. A small air bubble helped keep them alive. As they members of the expedition balanced on various crates, Naga began to attack once more. Some how, the top of the boat gave-way and wooden logs fell ontop of the adventurers- once more they were knocked out.
  • The final time they awoke, it was under the sea. A Stormwind Seal was there, along with a mysterious Draenei. They were sent out to do various tasks; Collect crab meat, scavage any useful materials, and find the Seals lost items. Once they left, they were told not to talk- yet that did not stop the group for chatting away. Their noise caused the Naga to locate them. They knew the fighting was a lost cause and after a small battle they all regrouped in the ship. Yet, a large Naga was attacking the inside of the boat. Lyra and many others tried their best to fend off the Naga but he still managed to cause them all to fall unconcious.
  • ( Will finish once I remember what happened next. )