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"All men are made out of water -- poke them with the pointy end and you'll see" - Lyanna Flint

Lyanna Flint, or also known as The Tickler, is a lowborn but spirited human in her late teen years, hailing from the infamous town Moonbrook in Westfall, Eastern Kingdoms.


The Defias BrotherhoodEdit

Lyanna shows great interested in fighting and exploration, unlike many others of her age and gender. Instead Lyanna wants to learn how to fight with a sword and proves to be a very prominent apprentice who excels in knife-throwing. During her teenage years she was apart of the infamous Defias Brotherhood and used to prowl Elwynn Forest for travelling merchants and the likes. Her brothers and sisters in the group was the ones who pushed her and encouraged her martial pursuits.


The Lady of House AshburryEdit

In very recent days she was forced to distance herself from the group. She attempted to rob Lady Terra Ashburry off her coin purse and horse. Lyanna always proved to show great resourcefulness, cunning and an unflinching ability to accept hard necessities. She feigned her death, which led Lady Ashburry to approach without drawing her sword. Lyanna took her by surprise. Nevertheless the knight overpowered young, slim and weak Lyanna. She pummeled Lyanna when cutting her coin purse. She was taken captive and escorted to Stormwind city. Where she was left with the option to either distance herself from the brotherhood and become her squire or face the penalty of her crimes and serve her time in the stockades. Lyanna took a conscious decision to not be a victim any longer; she became her squire.

The night she was dubbed squire to Lady Terra Ashburry of House Ashburry she was commanded to share a bed with her. The old perverted had her way with Lyanna, it was either to endure or get sent off to the stockades; where she'd be surely raped and murdered.

The day after they begun Lyanna's training in swordmanship. The young bandit proved to be an excellent swashbuckler and defeated Lady Ashburry in unfair combat. She vaulted Terra over her side when trying to kick her after landing a blow. During their second session Lyanna almost left Terra with a raked eyebrow, she missed only because of a vicious backhand blow to her arm. Lyanna was hospitalized in the Stormwind Chapels. She respited after a reputed paladin had her blessed with holy light, on inquiries from her worried Lady.

Description and personalityEdit

Lyanna is described by all who knew her as beautiful, with the dark hair, grey eyes and a long face that characterizes the men and women of Westfall. She is skinny and athletic. Her features are calm and composed with mocking grey eyes. She is headstrong, willful, courageous and hot-tempered. Despite her temperament she is very loyal and obedient to her Lady Terra Ashburry. She is noted to be an extremely skilled knife-thrower with surgical accuracy and guile.

Lyanna is a spirited girl interested in fighting and exploration. She aspires to master the art of fighting with a sword. Her first sword was a gift from one of the Lieutenants with the infamous Defias Brotherhood, she named her sword The Needle. Not long after she was given the nickname The Tickler. Throughout her travels with Lady Ashburry, Lyanna displays great resourcefulness, cunning, and an unflinching ability to accept hard necessity. She is said to take after the fiery temperament common in the people of Westfall.

She is left-handed, quick and dexterous. She learned basic swordplay with the Defias Brotherhood and later learned how to handle knives, especially how to throw them. She is not educated and is believed to be very bad with mathematics. Despite her lack of a nobles education she has a quick and curious mind and a pragmatic outlook.

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