Horde 32 Kreleindor Skystrider



IconSmall BloodElf2 Male Blood Elf


IconSmall RogueAssassin, Rogue/Scout


Farstrider, Mercenary


Elven Ranger Corps, Farstriders, Independent

Place of birth

Silvermoon City


Kaleb Fairwind


Daegon Farchant(father), Varen'thas Sunraiser(cousin)



Kreleindor Skystrider, widely known under the pseudonym Kaleb Fairwind, is a notorious Blood Elven contract killer operating in a wide array of neutral grounds cross-continentally. In Quel'thalas, he is an esteemed Ranger and one of the Farstriders' top scouts, carrying much reputation in Eversong Woods in contrast to the infamy outside his homeland.


Born in an influential Magister's noble house, Kreleindor was discarded to Silvermoon's Nursery due to a rare birth defect disabling him from the racial benefits of High Elves, rendered useless to a family of spellcasters. He was raised poorly by infant caretakers, given food, drink and shelter until his age permitted him to grow up by himself. Most unwilling to adopt him, he's lived the majority of his youth in the orphanage along with a controversial circle of others. His magical deficiency took him away from any possibility to take up an Arcanist's path within Quel'thalas, thus his focus was laid onto physical prowess from early ages. Despite his decent living standard, he was always a rascal. Stealing food from trade stands, pickpocketing and child extortion was what had him live in much higher quality compared to the others amongst himself.

His charismatic behavior trumped his need of manipulation in social interaction, quickly gaining respect, loyalty or tolerance throughout the social cliques he interacted with in his days at the orphanage. Ones whom would beat others to vent out their stress on others would find themselves defeated by the very people they bullied beforehand. Kreleindor was driven by his own sense of justice and orderly conduct within social groups founded, yet never directly led by himself. Much like an organized crime mob, he sent groups of children his own age or lower to steal or run different errands in exchange for simple appreciation and a family-like environment. Even at small ages, barely behind adolescence, he's shown sociopathic behavior towards his teachers and caregivers.

His popularity and influence however was quick to fade as he began playing with his own image towards the other children. He began bonding with kids that were considered outright freaks nobody would interract with at all. At his age, his true nature wouldn't have been much easy to guard, thus he preferred a less superficial friendship over thousands of feign alliances. Seen as an outcast, the single clique that he still belonged to was by far the worse. Seth, Evan and Rafik(we don't know how we met this guy), the three proud social rejects. Their bond lasts even now, more than an entire century later.

Development and MentalityEdit

Growing in to his mid teens, Kreleindor began going under the nickname, or even pseudonym Kaleb as decided by his clique. Short, informal. At this point he began looking up to his career and future, beginning wild study and further physical exercise under the banner of the Farstriders. Planning to become a scout, he enrolled within the academy in which most elves are taken in young as to fully dedicate themselves to protecting Eversong and its vicinities. During his both physical and psyhical growth, the signs of his initial personality began fading out along with the changes, though of course not exactly disappearing as much as it was either being sealed away, or outshined by the new features and social techniques he'd acquired. He grew into a more friendly and charismatic person, having gone from a transition from this, to concealment, and being pulled back out.

While the contact with his brothers began loosening as each of them saught their own paths and futures, Kaleb formed his own outside friendships and acquaintances. Despite superficial, he was seen as one of the more popular students at the Academy, along with his exceedingly good physical performance he was quite much considered the time's equivalent of a jock. Lacking on the wild aspect of being a ranger, the young elf had a hard time beginning to rip apart from his daily social routine to begin study and practice in the forest. Then again, to a mystical race such as that, their tenage years are enough to fulfil a Human's entire lifetime. Some years lost in study and forced out bookworming, Kaleb found himself back and about as the apprentice of a decent yet not all so special Elven Ranger, despite his exceptional display of talent and potential.

Later on in his life, mostly occupied with lesser missions and errands, the elf hadn't much time for social encounters or much rest at all. He was bussy with a specific elven woman. With this in mind, he began slacking and sneaking off tasks to either further his increasing sex drive or spend time in mischef with the notorious quartet he was part of. Far from war's side, Kaleb had very little to worry about other than his training, keeping a laid back view upon his life and daily routine. Only precedent to his first true encounter as a Ranger did he realize the world he's around.


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