Alliance 32 Kimmy 'L.' Shadowcore Alliance 32
In his formal clothing.


Unseen Frostbite, and Apprentice of Wade Van'rosen.


IconSmall Human Male Human. (Male)


26. (Twenty Six)

Place of Birth

Duskwood Forest.


IconSmall Alliance The Alliance, APB Skill Jewelcrafting and the Wizard's Sanctum.


IconSmall Mage Frost Magister.


IconSmall book Forbidden Studies.


IconSmall Putress Chaotic Neutral.


Rep revered icon 18x18 Alive.

* Character SummaryEdit

Crow Soundtrack

Crow Soundtrack

Kimmy Shadowcore, the man himself hopes that one day that name will be a melancholic bell, rung by history itself. And so it will catch everyone's attention. He's a very quiet individual, and would rather keep to his studies more than anything else.

He is not one w'
Kimmy 5

Roaming the forests of Elwynn.

ho will open up to just about anyone, and like stated above he'd rather keep to himself. But this doesn't mean he's not social, although he'd rather sin by acedia any day. If you are to ever strike conversation with the lad, nothi
Kimmy 3

Kimmy, by the age of nineteen. Here, he finally begins to understand magic - and the abilities of the frost.

ng will stop him from finding more information about the other, then details about himself to be presented.

When you first take note of his appearence, he'd appear at about the average height of any Human. Although he's skinny in figure, his body built very narrow. You would immediately notice two things - his pale white hair (although he's young in age), and the mask covering half of his face. And as any day goes, you will either find him in traditional robes - with armor, OR you'd find the man in a suit, or some very formal clothing.

* AppearanceEdit

  • There's always a mask covering half of his face, usually matching with the rest of his clothing.
  • He's never seen with a weapon, unless given the situation - he will summon a staff.
  • His eyes are colored ebony black, not really sparking any sorts of detail.
  • Kimmy has pale white hair, although it's not from aging - it's natural.
  • He's ambidextrous, not favoring his left or right hand at all.

* HistoryEdit

Birth & ChildhoodEdit

Upon June 5th, another member had been added to the Shadowcore family itself. Together now they were a four person family - mother, father, his brother Francis, and then there was Kimmy. It was during the Second War, as Eastern Kingdoms itself was being ravaged by the Horde offensive, but there in lower parts - the Shadowcore family hadn't really been affected at all. The family itself lived on a small house, right on the outskirts of Darkshire itself. His childhood was full of spoil, and he often spent time in Darkshire, under the supervision of his older brother Francis.

The secrets of the Worgen
Kimmy 4

Kimmy, around ten years old. Found playing with a bunny, in the random forest of Duskwood.

were never really revealed to Kimmy as a child, of course he'd maybe catch a glimpse - but the boy would never believe in such a dark creature. As a kid, Kimmy followed a very young artistic demeanor form of life - often drawing, or making flower boquets, despite the blight to the lands surrounding them.

Growing UpEdit

Kimmy didn't ever really look up to his parents in a way, sure respect and every aspect of being a gentleman was taught to the boy but nothing ever caught his attention. His father was a Watchman in Darkshire, his mother a hobbyis

Kimmy, by the age of twelve. Found playing his personal piano, in his home of Duskwood.

t with hunting animals, and then his brother was a fighter - taught under their father. Now Kimmy was never intrigued, until his parents decided to do something nice for him.

His parents began to notice his artistic lifestyle, and Kimmy always seemed to be a sucker for music - always dancing like a fool in the inn, when a local bard would be playing. So what his parents had done was they bought a piano, it wasn't fancy. . but it worked, and inside the main part of the household is where Kimmy would begin to spend most of his days.

Instead of doing the smart thing, Kimmy would rather' have taught himself how to play the piano then ever be taught by someone. But surprisingly? He was actually really good, perhaps even a naturalist. This instrument became his life in his years as a young adult.

Apprentice & MasterEdit

When he become of age, he was more than ready to leave the household to his mother and his father. Rewinding back in history three years ago, his brother Francis had been murdered. But of course, nobody actually had told Kimmy what happened - and instead, told him that Francis left to go fight the war against the Scourge in northern Eastern Kingdoms.

Stormwind City, the life of opportunity was absolutely presented before him. He had only one goal on his mind, and that was to find a master that he could call his own. He didn't know his way around, he wasn't a city boy - never was, anything 'kind of' close was Darkshire, which was a town. But after bugging Guards around for a bit, he was directed to the Mage Quarter.

The Mage Quarter was home to a guild of Wizard's, and some other magi, where they studied and lived in a tower known as the Wizard's Sanctum. Now of course a young boy, with odd white hair, couldn't just simply waltz around such a royal area - but surprisingly, Kimmy was taken right in.
Cosmo Staff by ByakuganAcolyte

"Rosencrat" - The staff that Kimmy will often summon, to use with his abilities.

Magister Wade Van'rosen, a man of decent age in his prime - about in the year of thirty three exact, but enough dedication to the young Kimmy to train him. He didn't see that the boy was experienced, because he really wasn't. But he enough with enough years of studying and practice in the arcane, something could come out of him. As silly as it is, Wade chose the boy - because of how intriguing he was to him, and his determination to get started to a bright future.

"You realize this won't be a walk in the park, boy. This'll takes years of dedication, and you will obey every command I spit out at thee'.", Wade had stated. Kimmy simply looked up at the tall figure, and nodded his head once in understanding. "I, will now be known as Apprentice to Master Van'rosen, as I dedicate my abilities to you."

Wade flashed a smile above his grey goatee, and nodded back to the boy. "I'm understanding you're without a home, although you may stay here - at the sanctum, I'm sure the others won't mind.", he said. Kimmy, returning the smile, replied with joy. "Ah! Thank you Master Van'rosen, that'll be very helpful - thank you!", and with a simple reply by Wade, everything began. "You may just refer to me as Wade, for now on."

The Best of FriendsEdit

W.I.P - ( Nebula & iHollow - Keoka & Kimmy )

The Unseen FrostbiteEdit

Nine years have passed since Wade Van'rosen had taken Kimmy Shadowcore as his apprentice. Wade had taught him everything that he knew, and especially showed Kimmy the ways of using frost magic. With such abilities and skills taught, with such long - unenjoyable practice, Kimmy had began to definitely specialize in what Wade had to offer to him.

The final trial of passing, was for Kimmy to be able to carry the title of a Magister himself. Unusual to most other relationships of the Master, and the Apprentice, but Wade was in control of this decision i
Spell Book; Conjuration

One of his few spells book, specifically for the art of Conjuration.

tself. And for him to gain the title of Magister? Was to either beat Wade in a battle, or to at least to' have him in submission.

And Kimmy really wasn't capable of over-powering his own mas'ter in abilities and skills, but he certainly did achieve the upper hand. Age was corruption to Wade himself, now being in his fourties - and it allowed Kimmy to get the upperhand. With his hand glowing a bright blue, he was able to bring ice - to the neck of his master, taking the ultimate opportunity.

Wade grinned wide, his cheeks curved as his eyes gazed upon the ice that appeared right under him. With his attention turned to Kimmy, he simply spoke. "You've passed. . you really should call yourself the Unseen Frostbite, it's begun to fit you . . as a Magister."