Villeneuve as Brigadier General of the King's Royal Guard.

Born with blue blood in his veins, traditions claimed Villeneuve to join the army at an early age. Already at the age of 14, he was began education at the Royal Military Academy of Stormwind City. A prestigeful academy, educating officers to join the King's Royal Guard upon ended course. Thus Jean-Pierre also went to the University of Stormwind City, studying Economy and Political Science, this meant his youth was very limited, as he spent most if his time studying, teaching the arts of which a nobleman was required to know, a neccesary requirement as Villeneuve would inherit his fathers land and title as Landlord upon the death of his father, when it was to come.

Knighthood and MarriageEdit

Already at the age of 16, Villeneuve was accepted into the army as a Lieutenant of the Royal Cavalry, an impressive title for such a young man, and he too performed well for his position, thus became promoted to Major. At this point, the very king Appointed Villeneuve

Sir Jean-Pierre Villeneuve


Brigadier General (Former) Landlord (Current)


Unknown, presumed Stormwind


Josephine Villeneuve (Wife) Gérard Villeneuve (Son) Henri Villeneuve (Son)





Blood status:

Noble, blue blood


Thalassian(Partly), Dwarven, Common, Old Alteracian

Knight of Stormwind, and VilleNeuve has since been called Sir.

However, Villeneuve continued to impress through military actions and heroic deeds when it came to save his countrymen, and he was soon appointed Brigadier General of the King's Royal Guard.

However, earlier, the same year as he was appointed Major, he met the Beautiful Lady Josephine, whom he married at age 27. Soon Josephine gave birth to two children, both boys, only one year apart from each other. Sadly 5 years after the birth of the first son, Villeneuve's Father, Jean-Claude Villeneuve, passed away, thus leaving the land and title for Villeneuve and his wife.

Current timeEdit

Villeneuve and his wife is currently known as very succesful businessmen, after the recovery of the Fargodeep mine on their ground, allowing them axes to iron and copper excavation, while the farms surrounding the mine run perfectly. Therefor it is also well-known that Villeneuve has hired his own security force, under the name "La Garde d'aigle " (The Eagles Guard), in order to maintain his interests and keep his property and workers safe.