James Retchford


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Greymane Loyalists / Gilneas






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Wooden crossbow

Assorted crossbow bolts

2x Truesilver blades

Skinning knife

James is a Hunter born and bred in Gilneas, like his father and his father before him. After serving in the Second War under the Alliance and witnessing the attrocities committed by the monstrous Orcs against his kinsmen, he was supportive of King Greymane's decision to become independant. He took up the call to arms once more against the Northgate Rebellion, helping the King's Army to imprison them.


James' childhood was nothing particularly special - the son of a hunter and a leatherworker. He was taught the ways of hunting - a family tradition passed down through the Retchfords for countless generations and educated in one of the many schools Gilneas had to offer. He learned all he had to, before leaving the life of the schoolboy and entering into the life of a hunter with his father.

Years came and went, before the trumpets of war were sounded and both James and his father signed up for the war effort against 'monstrous green skins'; wanting to add the head of a new beast to their mantlepiece. However, the Orcs were soon found out to be not just simple beasts... and the savage creatures took their toll on the Gilneans enlisted. James lost his father in the war, along with many other friends and relatives, and so these garnered him a hate for both the Horde and the Alliance who he believed brung the Horde from the southern marshlands.

At last Blackrock Spire had been destroyed; the Orcs vanquished to internment camps; yet the war had been long and costly for Gilneas - and King Greymane had clearly had enough of it. He gave a final speech to Terenas of Lordaeron, before sealing Gilneas for what he hoped was for good behind the mighty Greymane Wall. The Retchfords supported this decision fully, and James even signed up once more to help the Gilnean Loyalists beat the Northgate Rebels back and into prison.

Appearence / EquipmentEdit

His dark brown hair is messy yet tame, remaining defiant, and deep hazel eyes would focus long and hard on those who met his gaze; as if trying to sum them up in a single lengthy stare.

He wears a mixture of cloth and leather, always in dark shades of colour to help him remain unseen when stalking prey. Strapped horizontally to the small of his back is a multi-sectioned quiver filled with different types of crossbow bolt. Above that would be the weapon itself - an ornate wooden crossbow decorated with simple etchings. A brown fur cape would hang over these tools, though, obscuring them from most people's attention.

From each hip hangs a sword of truesilver, carrying with it several scratches from previous battles. Only the hilts are visible from within the shadow of the cloak.

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