Alliance_32.png Ironforge


Capital, metropolis


IconSmall_Dwarf_Male.gif IconSmall_Dwarf_Female.gif Ironforge dwarf

IconSmall_Wildhammer_Male.gif IconSmall_Wildhammer_Female.gif Wildhammer dwarf

IconSmall_DarkIron_Male.gif IconSmall_DarkIron_Female.gif Dark Iron dwarf

IconSmall_Gnome_Male.gif IconSmall_Gnome_Female.gif Gnome

IconSmall_Human_Male.gif IconSmall_Human_Female.gif Human


Senate of Ironforge


17px-IconSmall_Muradin.gif Muradin of The Bronzebeard

17px-IconSmall_Moira.gif Moira of The Dark Iron

17px-IconSmall_Falstad.gif Falstad of The Wildhammer


Dwarven, Gnomish, Common, Low Common


Holy Light, Mystery of the Makers, Shamanism, Demonology


Armor, gold, iron, metalwork, phlogiston, silver, technology, timber, weapons


The Alliance


Northern Dun Morogh

Ironforge is the capital city of the dwarves, a member of the Alliance. It is the ancestral home of the Bronzebeard dwarves. The Council of Three Hammers rules the kingdom of Khaz Modan from the throne room within the city.

The city is perhaps the most intricate of the Alliance cities, boasting many small passageways, shops built into the rock walls, and cavernous rooms. The feel of the city is a bustling, rowdy, and somewhat industrial one, however, it is predominantly safe-feeling and cozy; fires roar in the hearths of the inns and shops, and much dwarven laughing and frivolity is to be heard. Also, unlike Stormwind and Darnassus, the city is actually a massive cavern carved into the earth by the dwarves; the ceiling and floor are both hard stone. This gives the place a sanctuary-like feel.

Mainly because of the Deeprun Tram, linking Ironforge and Stormwind City, and the district of Tinker Town, Ironforge is one of the most racially diverse cities in the Alliance world. Dwarves predominate, of course, but you will find plenty of gnomes even outside of Tinker Town, and probably as many humans. This is true for player characters as well as non-player characters, since Ironforge is in the heart of the Alliance world. You will find almost no night elves, however, as they have long since set themselves apart from the other races.

The collective frivolity of the place, the bustling and gruff manner of the dwarves, and the proximity to many quest and raid areas have historically made Ironforge, along with Stormwind City, a popular place to idle.


Ironforge is the ancient home of the dwarves. It was once ruled by the High King Modimus Anvilmar, who left no heir upon his death, eventually leading to the War of the Three Hammers. Before the war, when the Dark Iron clan was banished from the city, Ironforge was the commercial and social center of all the dwarven clans. It is was previously home only to the Bronzebeard Clan.

Many dwarven strongholds fell during the Second War between the Horde and the Alliance of Lordaeron, but the mighty city of Ironforge, nestled in the wintry peaks of Dun Morogh and protected by its great gates, was never breached by the invading Horde.
Gates of Ironforge

The Front Gates

A marvel to the dwarves' skill at shaping rock and stone, Ironforge was constructed in the very heart of the mountains, an expansive underground city home to explorers, miners, and warriors. Massive doors of rock protect the city in times of war, and lava from the mountain itself is redirected and distributed for heat, energy and smithing purposes.

Following the civil unrest amongst the Dwarves, the Bronzebeard clan emerged victorious. For the following years after the war King Magni Bronzebeard could be found in the High Seat, as the Dwarven leader of Ironforge. However, in recent times King Magni Bronzebeard had fallen ill to a Titanic curse. This left Ironforge in a state of unrest, but soon the paticipants of the War of the Three Hammers returned to Ironforge, to establish the Council of Three Hammers, with representatives from each of the clans. Consisting of Moira Thaurissan, Falstad Wildhammer and Muradin Bronzebeard. Together, they have set aside their differences in order to rule the Dwarven city of Ironforge.


Ironforge is structurally a giant circle of sections, it also contains several "depth" levels (at least eight, though they are not accessible in game). The accessible portions of Ironforge appear to be located on the 5th level, the "fifth depth" of the city.
Iron Forge

Ironforge exterior

  • The main depth
    • The Commons (just beyond the gates)
      • Gates of Ironforge (the entrance to the city)
      • Vault of Ironforge (the Ironforge bank)
    • The Great Forge (in the very molten heart of the city)
      • The High Seat (the throne room)
    • The Mystic Ward (north from the Commons)
      • Hall of Mysteries (Mage/Paladin/Priest guild)
    • The Military Ward (east from the Commons)
      • Hall of Arms (Hunter/Warrior guild)
    • The Forlorn Cavern (between the Mystic Ward and the Hall of Explorers)
    • Hall of Explorers (beyond the Great Forge)
      • The Library (quest base within the Hall of Explorers)
    • Tinker Town (between the Military Ward and the Hall of Explorers)
      • Deeprun Tram (accessible from Tinker Town)
  • Hall of Thanes (Old Ironforge) (left door by throne room entrance)
  • The sixth depth - The sixth level of city of Ironforge, just above the hotel and market districts. (Not accessible in-game.)

    Ironforge map (in-game)

  • The seventh depth
    • The Market - The market is located in the seventh level of Ironforge. (Not accessible in game.)
    • Hotel District - It is the district apparently in the seventh level of Ironforge, containing lodging for visitors to Ironforge. (Not accessible in game.)
  • The eighth depth - The eighth level of the city of Ironforge, just below the hotel and market districts. (Not accessible in-game.)
  • It can be assumed that the fourth through first depths lie above the fifth depth, and lead to the surface of Ironforge mountain and likely lead to the exit leading to Ironforge Airfield.

Notable charactersEdit

The Council of Three Hammers rules Ironforge from the High Seat at the heart of the city, with the support of their two highest-ranking advisers, Royal Historian Archesonus and Senator Barin Redstone. High Tinker Mekkatorque, the leader of the gnomish exiles from Gnomeregan, plays a role in the gnome starting experiance. High Explorer Magellas, the leader of the Explorers' League, leads the dwarves' effort to uncover the mysteries of their past from the Hall of Explorers.

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