Harold Black Profile Pic

A representation of Harold's face with his shorter beard

Harold Black is a Human living in Stormwind City as a Neutral For-Hire Private Investigator/ Thief.

Who is Harold Black?Edit

Well, the most honest answer to this question is that no one, even himself, knows who he truly is. It all started when Harold awoke in Ironforge naked, surrounded by beautiful sleeping women with a dagger in his side and a terrible pain from his head. He had complete identity amnesia. He knew everything about the world except for who he was and why he was here. When he arose, he looked around, and then down, to see a Gnome warrior in full battle gear screaming at him to draw his weapon and prepare for his death. Harold at this point decided it was probably a good idea to leave and scooted the little Gnome to the side and dashed out the door. Onto the streets of Ironforge, he looked around in utter confusion. Who was he? Where did he live? Who was his family? And most importantly: Did I actually sleep with all those women? Surrounded by question he could not hope to answer, Harold fled to the large gates of Ironforge and out into the cold air of Khaz Modan. He stumbled around blind for a few moments before gathering hi

Front of Ironforge

The Gates of Ironforge, where Harold first got his wits together

s wits and deciding to head back inside the safe walls of the giant metal city.

The heat from the forges and the rhymic banging on the anvils seemed to calm Harold's nerves. He wandered aimlessly around the city until he ended up at the Tram. Right before the entrance Harold almost overlooked the Gnome, the very same who attempted to have his head earlier that morning. It looked like the Gnome was searching for him in the crowd and without thinking Harold naturally faded into the flow of people and became seemingly invisible to the normal person. Harold reached for his belt where the blood dagger that once decorated his rigcage now lay. He pulled it out, so casually that it went completely unnoticed by the passing citizens. Just as he was in a good position to strike down the Gnome a feeling of dread hit him like Orc's club. In his bones he could sense that this would never work, he was not a skilled warrior, just by looking at the way he held the dagger he could see a million ways for him to fail. He instead used it to slit the Gnome's coinpurse and melded back into the crowd a little richer, but not by much. Once he was far away from the Tram Harold examined his new found treasure. 2 silver peices and 11 copper. He was overjoyed, with this much money he could rent a room and fill his belly. But as fate would have it Harold would not be subject to such luck. Just as he had finished daydreaming about a cold pint and a hot meal three humans dressed as if they had just gotten off the boat from hell approached him. One was tall and lean, the other ugly beyond recognition and the third, the apparent leader, strode in confident steps toward the spot that Harold stood.

"What do we have 'ere boys?"

Harold looked up at the leader of the small pack with a feeling of dread "Hello there fellas, how can I help you?"

"Well" The big one snorted "I could go for those silver peices I seen you gots there"

Desperate not to loose his new-found treasure Harold reacted. "I guess I could give you some if you were to point me in the right way to a good tavern" He said through a nervous smile.

"I'd like me a good tavern too" Said the leader again "Say, my boys here could also go for a good hooker and some fresh meat"   

"Fresh Meat?"  Harold repeated, the smile quickly fading from his lips.

And almost on que the pack seemed to meld until Harold was face-to-face with 3 strong Worgens.

Worgen Transformation

The transformation that Harold saw.

"So how about that meats then" The Ugly One said while licking his bloated, disgusting lips.

Harold saw his few hours of life flash before his eyes "Well then gentlemen I guess that you truly need a meal, and out of the kindness of my heart, do donate my funds to you"

Harold fumbled with the coins and he thrust them into the paw of the foremost Worgen then quickly slid back out of their reach.

The Tall One chuckled "Looks like you find yourself a smart one here boss" never breaking his stare on Harold

The Ugly One couldn't take his eyes off of the money "I bet we could hire Denise every night for a week with that kind of coin"

The Leader swung around a hit The Ugly One across the maw, cutting his nose as he went. The dog wimpered and stumbled backwards giving a look of fear and apoligy.

"Well then I guess we best get going then" The Leader said as all three Worgen turned back to their Human selves, and walked off into the night. 

Harold caught his breath by its tail and had to sit down to calm all of the adrenaline in his body. He looked around this time before checking his remaining funds. 11 copper. He had just gone from Rags to Riches to Rags. Harold sighed and found what looked like the cleanest corner in the street, he would sleep there tonight, and many nights in the future, as he tried to recover and sort out the life that he never had.

Backstory/ Business OriginationEdit

Weeks passed in that quiet corner of Ironforge, then months. Harold couldn't bring himself to beg, so he would either find work or starve the night. He got some part time jobs around the city shoveling shit or carrying packages. Ever so often he would find himself near the building he awoke in, but never did he see any who reconized him or vice-versa, so Harold decided that he would leave the building alone. Once he even got close to the Tram again out of curiosity and found that the same Gnome was there either on the street corner, or in a window on what Harold could only assume was a comfy stool, staring at the entrance to the tram, looking for something, or someone. Harold had a pretty good feeling that it was he that was being searched for, so he avoided the area as long as much as he could, unless it was the only way, in that case he used his newfound abilities in steal to sneak in throughout the crowd and pass through unnoticed by his little stalker.

Harold caught his first real break since not being eaten by Worgen when a elderly man who owned a small shop near Harold's corner approached him with a curious question.

"Hello young man, do you need a job?" he asked with a shaky but calming voice.

Harold perked up "Yes sir, Indeed I do."

"Well" The old man said "I've seen how you do such a good job of going unnoticed, I myself wouldn't have known you were here if it wasn't for my old age causing me to see more in the small range of areas I can go, I need you to shadow a troublesome looking young man who has been 'casing' my business for a few days now. If you could just figure out what he is doing and if it involves me in any way I really need to know, my old bones can barely handle my dwindling weight, yet alone the weight of such a stress."

"Of course Sir I accept, but I must tell you that I really have no experience in this kind of procedure" Harold wanted the coin very badly, but he couldn't lie to such an honest man as this.

"Lad, I believe in you. In all my years living in this part of town your the only street dweller I have ever had the nerve to speak to. I am desperate son, and I need help. I take you for an honest young man who will do his best not to let some useless dying old man down"

"You judge yourself to strongly old man, I wish I have done as much as you. I'll be back by the end of the night to tell you what I find out. Keep safe Sir, and lock your door. If i'm not back by dawn I think you'll have your answer."

The old man gave a tearfull nod of gratitude then scurried off into his home, Harold heard the distinct click of a door locking and then felt very dizzy. 

CLICK CLICK CLICK He felt himself with two objects in his hand, one larger the other thinner, pushing them into a small hole and feeling the weight of a half dozen small plates slide agains't tools.

"Oh hurry up Brother, we need to get out of here!" A female voice called

"I'm going as fast as I can Kate!" He heard his own voice reply.
Lock Picking

The tools Harold was using to pick the lock.

CLICK and then it was clear, he could see his lock picking tools get shoved back into the pocket of his vest while him and the mystery girl grabbed hands and ran through the door. Harold's vision stayed at that door frame, wishing desperately he could run with them, back to his life, back to his home.

And just like that it was over, he looked around the street, but it looked nothing like the place he had just been. Now that the old man had cleared the street he was alone, so alone. He fastened the dagger to his mangy belt and waited in the shadows for his target but he could only think about one thing: I have a sister named Kate.. but if she had only said my name!

Harold had almost drifted off to sleep when he awoke to see a man with long thicke black side burns and a leather vest stop infront of the shop. Harold shook himself fully awake and adjusted himself to fit into the darker shadows. The man was just standing there for awhile, looking bored, but Harold could tell that he was waiting to see if anyone would come by. Once the man was assured the coast was clear, he began studying the building like it were an difficult puzzle. After a few minutes of what seemed like a pointless search, the man became very excited and pull out a small pencil and peice of partchment that he then used to a few short note. Then the man was off, deciding that he must move fast or loose the target, Harold waited for the man to be just out of sighted and then darted shadow-to-shadow until he could see the man again. Every few seconds the man would give a short look back to see if he was being followed and he quickly became very predictable, so everytime he would look behind him, Harold would be a step ahead.

Eventually the man led Harold to a dark alley. Taking no chances, Harold readied his dagger and waited outside

An Image of Ironforge showing the shadow patterns.

the alley, as it only had 1 exit. Once it sounded like the man had settled down, he made his move. Harold walked into the alley with such stealth that the man didn't notice him until his dagger met the man's throat.

"Why are you looking into that old man's house?" Harold whispered into the man's ear, the man shivered in fear, but not enough to brush his skin agains't the dagger's inviting edge.

"Look man I'm just doing my job... I mean the guy no harm. I swear. Look, my name is Jac'Quin.. Just let me live" Jac'Quin's voice cracked in fear as he repeated the line again. 

"Just let me live..."

Harold didn't want to have to harm Jac'Quin, but he needed more than that to tell the old man.

"Look Jac'Quin, I'm gonna need more than that if you want me to let you go unharmed, who hired you?" 

"I can't tell you, if I did worse things than death would happen to me" Jac'Quin responded quickly.

At this point Harold began to circle around to the front of the man, dagger still pressed to his throat, trying to get a better view of the man in case he got no further in the interrogation.

Just as Harold reached the front of the man he saw his expression change from worry and fear to pure shock.

"Wha-- What are you doing here?!? I though we were friends.. You just vanished! Why are you working for THEM"

Harold then became equally as shocked "You know who I am?"

Jac'Quin gave Harold an odd look "Of course I do.. why would I not know who you were. I mean comon man."

Harold then got a sickening feeling and knew he had to get his answer fast. 

"What my name?! What the HELL IS MY NAME"

Jac'Quin seemed more shocked than before, his mouth slightly agape.

"I don't know why you're asking me, but if this is some sort of game then your name is obviously ---"

Just as Jac'Quins lips were about to open to answer the question Harold so desperately wanted to know, a crossbow bolt burst through his neck, sending blood, bone and quite a bit of Jac'Quin all over the walls. Harold spun around in a frenzy, dagger at the ready. He ran out of the alley and onto the street. It was deserted. Not a soul had set foot in this area since he and Jac'Quin entered the alley, he was sure of it. Then just as he was thinking he should run back to see if Jac'Quin had any form of information on his body the alley erupted into

Fel Flames so hot that the hair on Harold's face began to burn. Then, just as quickly as it had came, the fire dissapeared and it, or Jac'Quin, had ever 

been there. Harold was in a state. His brain couldn't decide to be scared or confused, frenzied or calm, so he did the only thing that he could think of doing.. HE RAN.

Fel fire

The Green fire that cleansed the Alley of Evidence

Down the back streets, through the alleys, past guard, bums, hooker and shop keeps. The further he ran the more he wanted to run, run away from it all just dissapear and make a new life because obviously his previous life was not what he had hoped. Whatever he was he was no longer that man, while that man could have escaped unharmed and bravely fought whatever attacker set upon him, the new man was scared witless. After running for what seemed like eternity, Harold found himself back at the place where he had originally awoke. He stared at it not knowing how to feel. It was beckoning him, he could almost hear.. no FEEL it calling for him.

"Come inside, know you're true fate. Discover the man you were." But where the previous man could have walked in full of zeal and confidence, all Harold wanted to do was run, run far far away, so far that nobody could find him. He wanted something other than this.. he wanted a good life. He wanted to be the new man. So as he ran the opposite direction of the voice, he could feel it getting more upset, angrier at him for not wanting to find out. But Harold ran and ran until he was only a hundred yards from the Tram. 

Stormwind, he thought, that would be a good place to go. I can be around fellow humans, I won't have to see the building or the old man or the alley of fire. I can go away and be safe for ever in Stormwind. But the only problem was the Gnome. Harold crept towards the Tram, with no crowds to hide him he relied on the shadows. He thought he was home free when something moved, Harold flinched and moved into the deepest, darkest shadow he could but it was only a small bag that drifted forth. Harold was so relieved that he almost didn't give it a second glance, but then he noticed one off detail about the bag, It had been cut open. It couldn't be the Gnome's bag, he told himself. But curiosity got the best of him as it often did and he found himself creeping closer and closer to it. He was now out in the light, to curious to take any precautions. He bent over and picked up the bag, it was oddly warm. He turned around to put it into the light to investigate further, when he saw it. The bag had been slightly burn, a third of it black and crisp from recent flames, but that was all irrelevant to what he saw next. As he turned the bag back into partial blackness he saw a tiny ember twinkling back at him that previously had been facing downwards. He focused his eyes on it, why it was so intriguing he couldn't tell... there was something odd about the ember... It was glowing green.

Three days later and Harold had finally calmed himself down. He was level-headed and thinking practically. He knew now that he had to get out of the city, but after seeing more Fel fire on the Gnome's coin bag he decided that he should probably lay low for a few days. That time was over now. With a healthy addtion of 70 copper from the old man, who Harold had told that he had worked it out and will no longer be bothered, he now set out to take the Tram to Stormwind, his new hope for a good life. It was mid-day and a few more adventersome drinkers were already drunk, and already thrown out on the streets. Harold enjoyed watch the men stumble around in the streets, it took his mind off of previous events. Just as he was within site of the Tram, he heard a call from across the street.

"Hey.. You th-there with the -BURP- silly beard!" Harold turned and looked to see a quite drunk dwarf with his pants partially down and a curious looking bottle in his hand. Feeling like a distraction would be nice before the long Tram ride, Harold walked over to the dwarf.
Drunken dwarf

A representation of the dwarf Harold saw on the street

"Alright you sober fucking disgrace" the dwarf mumbled in between drinks "I got something to tell you"

"Oh yeah? What's that" Harold replied, more sarcastically than he mean't to.

Suddenly the Dwarf got a very serious look on his face.

"I need to talk to your sister again" The Dwarf said.

Harold was shocked, in all the hysteria he had put his apparent sister out of his mind. Now that he was willing to give up his old life and move to Stormwind, he might have a chance to find his sister?

"Do you know her sir? Do you know my name sir? I'm her brother, please I beg of you tell me where she is"

The Dwarf gave him a curious look and then stifled a laugh.

"Alrighty then mate, let me show you to my BEDCHAMBERS" The Dwarf then burst out in a fit of laughter so intense that he fell over and began rolling back and forth on his ass.

Realizing how he had just been played by a drunk dwarf in the middle of the day, Harold chuckled, turned his head and began to walk away.

"EYE! I'm not done with you come back here." The Dwarf bellowed. Harold then turned back around to look at the Dwarf, but did not move.

"I got a name for you mate" the dwarf said between wheezes.

"HARVEY! No wait that isn't quite you.." the Dwarf then looked across the street to another drunk "HEY MICHAEL, WHAT DO YOU THINK THIS BUM'S NAME IS?"

The man named Michael then responded "AYE THAT THERE IS A HAL IF I EVER SEEN ONE."

The Dwarf then turned to Harold "Hrmm I think that Hal is a bit to short for a tall man like you, how about Harold then you tall sober fuck?"

As much as Harold wanted to ignore the Dwarf, he did like the name.

"Alright" Harold responded, "I'll be Harold from now on."

"We'll Harold" the Dwarf bellowed "You ain't gonna be walking around with a handcrafted name by your's truly with just that little baby fuzz on your cheeks, here have a swig of this, it'll put some hair on your chest, and face, and everything."

Harold took the bottle from the Dwarf and swallowed hard.

"WOW!" Harold exclaimed, the firey drink tasted how the lava around Ironforge looked. "What kind of drink is that?"

"Whiskey!" the drunked Dwarf replied "It will turn you into a hairy and handsome man like myself! Soon you will have some much of that dark hair that people will call you Harold Black, the man with the hairy back!"

Harold pondered the name over another swig of the whiskey.

"I like it" Harold said.

"Of course you do." the Dwarf stated rather plainly.

"Goodbye Harold Black" the Dwarf said quite dismissively.

Harold smiled. He now had a name. A real name. Not "young man" or "you there" he was Harold Black. A new man with a new name... and a new favorite drink.

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