A simple swordsman, or so it seems, yet allegedly the art of transmutation lurks within his - or possibly her - meager appearance.

Coming soon... supposedly.

"Bradley Strongarm"Edit

The warrior known as Bradley Strongarm is one of said appearences. Wielding a simple, two-handed blade and rather ordinary Stormwindian mail, he arrived at Port Menethil's inn and attracted the attention of another man named Connor. During idle conversation the stranger spoke of a group of Necromancers he had been tracking over the course of the week, and so 'Bradley' suggested they may be at the crypt below Thandol Span, and that he would enjoy the small adventure after 'so much inactivity'.

And thus, they went, travelling along the road and spewing the odd hearty lines of dialogue between them. On the way, they encountered a large Moss Dweller which followed them for a while along the way. They had initially perceived it as a threat, regarding it with suspicion, until it stalked back into the swamp and quietly went after them. They would then encounter a Dwarf, <Will write name when I remember>, and a crossbow-wielding horseman, Vaelren. Joining them on the trip, they would fight against a large group of Gnolls and succeed... with help from the Moss Dweller - who threw a crocolisk into the Gnolls, which proved to be rather devastating. Devastating not only to the Gnolls, though, for the crocolisk then turned on the group; engaging in a heated battle with Connor. 'Bradley' simply watched, waiting for the correct moment.

After the large brawl, they reached the Crypt. Connor didn't follow Bradley's advice to tread carefully, Bradley having suspected traps, and simply decided to trigger them whilst they were 'prepared'. As such, a large bulbous ooze was released and, after yet another epic confrontation, the ooze was slain by a combination of attacks. He took from the corpse a two-handed blade to replace his battered and broken one, before the group split to go seperate ways. Before he vanished into the Wetlands, though, he spoke that they would meet again.