Horde_32.png Fargus Blightmoore
"In shadows we hide"




Shadow Ascendant (Initiate)


Undead (35 at the time of death)


Keira Blackmoore (deceased)

Anthon Blackmoore (deceased)


IconSmall_Undead_Male.gif The Forsaken



"A lone Forsaken walks the streets of Undercity. The air seems to become slightly colder as the man approaches. It seems like the Forsaken is partly melted into the shadows... like everytime he steps to the darkness, his physical body would momentarily dissapear, leaving only the ghastly glow from the Forsakens empty eyesockets floating in the air..."


Fargus is rarely seen without his deathstalker outfit. It covers his rotten body almost fully, only under his mask,hollow eyesockets stare into the dephts of the shadows. His long and slimy blondish hair also cover his putrid face and the overall look of the deathstalker speaks the word death. As his weapon of choice he usually has a single dagger, coated with poison.

Like all Shadow Ascendants, Fargus dedicates his life as a Forsaken not only serving the Queen, but understanding the Shadow, the opposite force of the Light, a deity to the Forsaken. His knowledge of the Shadow, and the virtues of the Forsaken have made his physical form shady and blurry. Where a full ascending to the Shadow means one leaving the physical world, a partial ascending enables the Ascendant to slip to the shadows, making Shadow Ascendants perfect spies or infiltrators. They trade force to stealth, and thus are not very capable of fighting many foes at once.


Being a Forsaken, Fargus has little sense for "emotions of the living" His ascending is also carving away the remnants of feelings he has left. Mainly, Fargus feels a strong hatred towards everyone having anything to do with the Light, no matter the race.


Fargus Blackmoore, born in Hillsbrad to a wealthy family, growing up with his two brothers and a sister. His parents, who owned a couple of big farms, wanted their boy to become a proud warrior, fighting alongside the Alliance soldiers. Fargus´ father had also served his time in the army, but the young Fargus had plans of his own. From the early beginning of his life, he wanted to break the laws and be different. "Such and ignorant brat" They used to call him in the village. While all of his friends, and both of his elder brothers trained to be warriors of the Alliance, Fargus left Hillsbrad and travelled to the great city of Lordearon where he wanted to make his living as a bandit and a bandit he became

Fargus earned his living by robbing caravans and stealing from nobles of the city. Eventually, his talents were noticed by the Ravenholdt, and they confronted the young thief to recruit him. Eager to learn more, Fargus accepted the offer and thus, became a member of the Ravenholdt rogues. Training and fighing alongside his fellow rogues and assassins taught Fargus to be a cunning fighter, skilled with a sword and a dagger. Alas, not did all go so well for the young rogue. He was betrayed by one of his own, framed by his trusted fellow. Fargus was just clever enought to find out about the frame minutes before the leader of the Ravenholdt himself ordered the man to be executed, and the stolen documents to be brought back.


Fargus fleed back to Lordearon, where he sought to find the one who betrayed him. Not knowing what the stolen documents were about, it was hard to track down any leaks about the Ravenholdt. Trapped in crossfire of his former guild and the city guard, his life in the city was becoming more and more dangerous by the minute. Finally, luck stepped in to the life of this poor man, and after a furious bar fight, a young woman found the beaten up Fargus laying in the streets.

The woman, Keira Gavin, the daughter of the commander of the city guard, was a dashing young lady. She took the wounded man to her home, and nurtured his wounds. So mysterious was the woman, that Fargus couldn`t find out why a total stranger would just take someone like him in. Everytime he asked about it, the question was eather dodged with flirting or answered more than mysteriously. "I have use for you, don´t you fear" For Fargus, there was no safer place to be than in the house of the commander’s daughter. Nobody could´ve even guessed where he was. And to repay the woman for saving his life, he accepted to help with her mission, whatever it was.

The MissionEdit

After a while, Keira finally revealed her mission. For Fargus´ great surprise, she had also been a Ravenholdt assassin, and betrayed by one of her own. She had fled the guild just days before they recruited Fargus. The situation was more than a mere coincidence. Keira also told that she had been following Fargus after he fled, and was planning on finding the one responsible together. Whoever the betrayer was, the two had a strong feeling he or she was about to bring the whole guild down, putting the blame on the heads of the recruits.

Together, Keira and Fargus launched a search for the betrayer, and the tracks lead them to the Syndicate, a rival rogue guild of the Ravenholdt. The two gathered a small group consisting of their friends who were also determined that they`ve been set up. Finally, a rumour lead them to Tarren Mill, a small village in the Hillsbrad Foothills. The man behind it all was the right hand of Lord Aliden Perenolde, the noble leading the Syndicate. The group assaulted his hideout and interrogated him. Their suspicions were proved right by the man; the Syndicate was trying to bring the Ravenholdt down from the inside. With the stolen documents they returned to Ravenholdt, and cleared their names.

Throughout the adventures, Fargus and Keira had become very close, and eventually engaged in a relationship. Both of them decided to leave the lives they had behind, and with the blessings of the guild, they moved to Brill, a town in the Tirisfal Glades, where they started their new life as normal, law-obeying citizens. Years passed in peace and on a beautiful summers morning, gave Keira birth to their firstborn, Anthon Blackmoore.

The End TimesEdit

More years passed, and soon, the winds started to bring rumours of an impending doom. Not soon after that, the paladins were ordered to fight a mysterious blight that was spreading across the lands. Villagers around the kingdom of Lordearon could only speculate what was to happen. The kingdom was in chaos, the king was dead, the prince had lost his soul to the Blight, and the paladins were unable to hold the spreading of the illness in control. Unfortunately the grain brought from Andorhal was one of the sources for the blight, and soon it started to turn the citizens into mindless undead.

Part of that grain was also brought to Brill. Without knowing what was causing the deaths of the other villagers, many still used it to bake their bread, including Fargus´ family. And when Brill started to fall to the plague, it was too late for anyone to escape. In the final moments of his life, Fargus was forced to watch his beloved wife, and his only son turned into mindless undead in front of him. Knowing that the plague would soon get him too, he couldn´t watch his loved ones to live the terrible afterlife. And only after the blood of his wife, and his child had dried from his hands, Fargus Blackmoore took the last breath as a living creature.

A New LifeEdit

When the Banshee Queen broke free from the grasp of Lich King and freed the newly-found Forsaken, Fargus Blackmoore was amongst the ones to be raised to serve the Dark Lady. Unable to bring his family back, he kept his name to remind him of his terrible past. After a while, the broken man returned to Brill only to get the remains of his family buried. The unlife he was living had carved his feelings empty, but the grief and sorrow were still there. Fargus returned to his life as a bandit, but now obeying the laws of the Dark Lady, laws of the Forsaken. Feeling nothing more than hatred and longing for his family, his future seemed dark and without salvation.

After a while of wandering around, Fargus was offered a

job as a Deathstalker of the Queen. Despite his current suspicious attitude towards the most fanatical Forsaken, he accepted. Fargus quickly began to realise his place in the cold world, it had been there all the time... lurking in the shadows. The battles at the Pyrewood village have only made the feeling stronger and a new Forsaken had been born. Fargus left his past behind, including his former name, now only to serve the Shadow, as Deathstalker Fargus Blightmoore.. 'and eventually become one with it.

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