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Magus, Loremaster





Character SummaryEdit


Erakka is one of the few Arakkoa to have made their way into the world of Azeroth, attracted to the planet by the fact that it wasn't blown up and called 'Outlands'.

She is Loremaster and philosopher, excelling within the fields of history, folklore and other tales of yore from the various races of Azeroth. She is also a practitioner and abecedary of Arcanic magic and rituals, and a devout follower of the Light, noted by the Draenic pendant hung from her staff.

She is a wary individual, not yet fully trusting the many races of Azeroth. Yet, she is full of knowledge, teachings of which she yearns to convey to those willing to listen.

The rest can be left to IC interactions.


Erakka would stand tall and wide, especially amongst the more common denizens of Azeroth.

Her feathers carry a gradient of a slight dull brown nearest the start, flaring out into a vivid orange before transitioning into a burnt orange as they neared the tips. Her eyes would be a very dull but light blue, reminiscent of the very Arcane of which she controlled.

Her beak, while bearing a number of knicks and scratches from the wars that overtook her race in past centuries, is overall smooth in texture and straight, gently hooking down at the front. It would have also carry a gradient to it, starting from a golden tone into a dulled black at the hook.

Her robes would be long and layered, giving her the bulky look common with the rest of her kind. They are a washed out greyish-brown with markings in black spread across the entirety, resembling tribalistic patterns.

From the layers of cloth on her shoulder would emerge a simple yet sturdy stick, of which would carry a small metal lantern swinging freely on the end by a simple chain. It would be small, and dimly lit with arcane, but it would do the job.

Her staff would be of a crooked cane, a thick and sturdy branch that could have been found nearly anywhere. However, on the top would be a small, translucent blue gemstone, which is as jagged as the staff but while retaining its spherical shape. It would be held in place atop the staff as the wood the top would give off the appearance of 'roots' which had clasped onto the blue gemstone to keep it in place.

In addition to the gemstone, there would be a pendant wrapped around the head of her staff, bearing several Draenic inscriptions of the Holy Light.