Emma Colston






Dalaran City




Active; Alive


Georgina Hughes (Mother, alive), Alexander Colston (Father, deceased), Harper Flynn (Adoptive brother, status unknown)



"Look upon me with blinded eyes and you will be met with such. Look upon me with eyes unclouded by falsities and judgement, and I will greet you with a warmhearted smile."

Early Life & UpbringingEdit

Life began for Emma as one might suspect; carried and protected by her mother until the day in which she entered the World. She was only but a girl when the Lich Kel'Thuzad formed the Scourge. Time went on uneasily for the young Human. It seemed slow and tedious. Everything around her seemed still, and she herself was but the only thing fluxuating in an overbearing World. It was a World of puppets, and she was the only one without a puppeteer. As she herself began to grow, and those around her appeared to finally be making ripples in the still life she knew, the World appeared to be increasingly chaotic. This was only strengthened when the Eredar, Archimonde, lay waste to the city of her birth and the place she had for so long called home. Destruction reigned throughout the city as the very foundation of the Magicratic society felt as if it were crumbling. Emma was taken in to shelter along with her adoptive brother, Harper. A small study and a few Magi was all that stood between the other children and theirselves and an army of uncomprehensible size. Emma and Harper's mother, Georgina, and father, Alexander were apart of the cavalry of Magi who attempted to ward off the legions of invaders.

It felt like ages to the two. It was an eternity for them. Time had felt slow to Emma since she could remember, but now, it felt as though the very universe had froze -- Even she along with it. That was until the Magi left the children. Little did they speak of why, but they assured them the battle was nearing an end. The words held little room for solace, and small amounts of truth, it seemed. Could the time altering battle -- at least, that's how it felt -- finally be coming to a close? Would the city be safe once more? Plaguing herself with questions, Emma forced Harper to exit the small building with her. As they slowly drew from the deteriorating structure, the two stood in awe. A massive buildup of Arcane surrounded the city, and most of it's ruins which were visible over the low-lying homes and shops. The two slowly made way down an alleyway which lead to a 'back-exit', if you will, of the city. There they found hundreds of Magi lined up around the city's border; They were the source of the Arcanic buildup. The ground shook violently for a moment, breaking loose more of the collapsing buildings walls and foundations. Rubble and dust flew throughout the chalky air. Emma fell to her bottom and then onto her back, resulting in her biffing her head on the cobblestone, now beneath her form. She rubbed the back of her head for a moment before noticing the sky -- It was moving. No, she was moving. Harper stared at Emma, as she wore an expression unmatched by any other; filled with surprise, and awe.

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Emma dagger

Emma's trusty dagger.