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The Blood Knights, Quel'Thalas, the Sunveil Covenant


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Lady Ernera T'Qualle Sunmeadow (Mother, Deceased), Champion Sandor Sunmeadow (Father, Alive), Ranger Denila Sunmeadow (Sister, Unknown), Magistrix Sayathala Shara'ria Bloodblade (Cousin, Alive) Dark Ranger Nillina Bloodblade (Cousin, Undead)


Thalassian, Common, Orcish




Lawful Good

Elina Sunmeadow is a Knight-Ranked Blood Knight of Quel'Thalas currently serving the Sunveil Covenant as one of their Military Units. An esteemed artist and dancer, Elina was one of the first Blood Knights in the Order since the former Quel'Dorei Priestess and now Matriach Liadrin founded it. Her family, the Sunmeadows, were mostly composed of Arcanists, with her aunt, and her cousin, Sayathala focused on different schools of magic. The Line of the Sunmeadow family goes back from Dreana Silvanmist, one of the first Highborne to arrive in the Eastern Kingdoms of Azeroth along with Dath'remar Sunstrider. Dreana cast off her Night-elven name and embraced her new ancestry as a High Elf, taking the name Dre'ana Sunmeadow.


Elina was born to Lady Ernera T'Qualle Sunmeadow and the then-Paladin Sandor Sunmeadow in the vicinity of Fairbreeze Village. Most of her childhood revolved around a small sibling rivalry between her sister Denila and herself. Elina was close friends with Magistrix Sayathala for much of her Adolescence, but over time the two friends drifted apart as Elina sought to study as a Priestess of the Light, while Sayathala chose to augment her natural affinity for the Arcane and became a Mage.

Denila and her sister Elina never got along for much of their lives. Where Delina was arrogant and brash, Elina was compassionate and revered the Light. Ironically, Denila would become a part of the Farstriders in her later years out of a reverence for Nature and a lack of interest in the Arcane arts. Elina became a priestess, and was shown to have a lot of artistic talent, often painting or drawing in her spare time and dancing when there was music.

The ScourgeEdit

Elina was present during the attack of the Scourge in the Third War. Much of her time was spent seeing to the sick and healing the hurt, and Elina was astonished at the atrocities committed on Quel'Thalas. However, it came that once she came to tend to her Mother, sick, frail, and suffering from a Curse, she became filled with guilt and rage as she realized her mother's cure was far beyond her and nothing could be done to save her. However, instead of blaming the Light for her mother's demise, like so many of today's Blood Elves would have done in her place, she set forth to slay in the name of the Light.

Conversion to a Blood ElfEdit

Kael'thas, the last Prince of Silvermoon, rallied the remaining High Elves under his banner and renamed them the Blood Elves in honour of their fallen kin. Elina initially delayed her choice to convert to a Blood Elf, hesitant due to their loss of faith in the Light at that time. However, facing the choice between exile and staying to Rebuild, Elina reluctantly chose to convert to a Blood Elf, not wanting to lose her family like she had lost her mother. Denila, however, rebelled and remained Quel'Dorei, eventually culminating in her own Exile, too proud of her High Elven heritage to discard it.

Elina was one of the first Blood Knights after their creation. She remained a neutral standpoint to M'uru's magic draining, but she actively drained his powers to stay in favour of her Father's insistences, who had also become a Blood Knight in the wake of Quel'Thalas' destruction. Her cousin Sayathala joined Kael'thas in Outland. Unbeknownst to Elina, Sayathala had begun dabbling in the darker arts of the Arcane, eventually turning to Warlockery. Around this time Elina's eyes began to lose their blue hue and were turned to a vivid Sea-green tint as a result of minimal exposure to fel-magic. Once Elina realized she was feeding on Demonic Energy however, she grew horrified and ceased draining this magic, resorting to the smaller mana wyrms.

M'uru's abductionEdit

During this time Elina often suffered painful withdrawals, and thanks to her radical methods (albeit used unwillingly), Elina was unable to channel light-based powers through prayer. Resorting to sapping holy residue left behind by the Magisters, she felt it was rather uncouth.

The Sunwell is restoredEdit

Eventually, thanks to the Prophet Velen, the Blood Knights regained their powers without having to resort to questionable means. Elina, now relieved to finally be able to worship the light openly again and feeling hope for the Blood Elves' glory, openly decided to embrace her status as a Blood Elf after many years of acting the observer as she watched her people struggle. She was then deployed to many missions in the Ghostlands, driving back the remaining Scourge. It was at this time that her cousin returned from Outland after seeing Kael'thas' betrayal.

Wrath of the Lich KingEdit

Elina mostly remained in Quel'Thalas tending to her Blood Knight duties. After the Lich King's fall she celebrated with her family.


As of the Cataclysm Elina serves the Sunveil Covenant under Varen'thas Sunraiser. She has recently discovered a curious assortment of fel-tainted Night Elf objects and corrupted Quel'Dorei items after a recent skirmish in the Ghostlands.


Being one who was forced into Blood Elf society to avoid losing family members to separation, Elina is often quiet. However, as of the Sunwell's reignition Elina has openly embraced her status as a Blood Elf and considerably lightened up.

Elina takes her job as a Blood Knight very seriously and can often be bemused or perplexed by jokes uttered by fellow Blood Knights while on-duty. This stems from a fierce need to protect her people and her homeland following the destruction of Quel'Thalas, as well as a desire to uphold the Blood Knight's reputation. However, despite frowning down on jokes made On-Duty Elina herself is quite willing to be light-hearted when not seen in Blood Knight raiments and she can be very funny at times.

Elina is an artist at heart and is very passionate about the subject, often getting carried away talking over the various ways to express beauty visually. Painting and Artistry are a hobby for her, and to hear of these from a fellow Blood Elf often delights her.
Sunveil Covenant Guild Crest

Elina designed a Coat-of-Arms for the Sunveil Covenant, showing her artistic prowess. She has yet to show the concept to Varen'thas Sunraiser, the Leader, however.

Standard of all Blood Elves, Elina has begun to treasure the idea of might and power. She seeks to better herself always, On-Duty and when painting, desiring a higher position in the Order and in the Sunveil Covenant. Despite being open-minded sometimes however, Elina herself can often be very racisstic, believing that the Sin'dorei are stronger than all else due to the horrors they have survived and emerged from "victoriously". Night Elves are looked down upon with disdain, and High Elves in particular have come to be hated by Elina, thanks to what she sees as her sister's betrayal of her family back when the Blood Elves first came to being.

Thanks to her faith in the Light, however, Elina is capable of great loyalty to friends, allies, and is often compassionate and Paragon, following the laws of Silvermoon loyally and upholding her vows as a Blood Knight. Some Blood Elves may choose to look down upon this with disdain, however.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a Blood Knight, Elina has a wide arsenal of Holy spells and divine power at her disposal. Her faith in the Light has been rekindled strong enough for her to be able to channel the Light without drawing upon the Sunwell's Power in Quel'Thalas. Arguably her holy power can be seen as her greatest advantage in battle, although she has proven herself to be a skilled Melee and hand-to-hand combatant if rendered unable to invoke her Holy power in some way. She also has skill in Divine healing magics and is able to utilize it to help the sick or injured.

Elina is also a talented artist and dancer. She has utilized her swift graceful movements in battle to great extent and has been seen developing her own combat style which intergrates of her dancing skills into her agility. Elina is the one who designed the Sunveil Covenant's guild crest, though she specializes in head-shot portraits of people. She is proficient at sketching and painting and has often drawn concept art of various buildings or armour designs simply for her own entertainment.

Elina has also been shown to demonstrate a keen level of perception, such as when she immediately recognized Night Elven and High Elven artifacts that have been tainted by Fel-Magic, and instantly being able to distinguish a vile curse that was placed on a Necromantic Book about Kel'Thuzad, though she could not guess what the curse would do on unsuspecting victims who perused the book too long.


"I will not lose my family again!" - Elina before deciding to convert to a Blood Elf.
"Light be praised, the Sunwell is back to it's glory!" - Elina looking at the restored Sunwell for the very first time.
"Sayathala, you've strayed too far from the path of good...." - Elina to Sayathala after finding that the latter still dabbles in demonic energy.
"Hmmm... a book over Necromancy.... a broken yet corrupted Quel'Dorei staff... fel-tainted Night Elven vase shards.... papers on the Highborne and High Elves... what could this mean?" - Elina pondering with Varen'thas on a recent find.


  • In skirmishes against the Undead, Elina often tends to be the target of a necromancer's spells.
  • Oddly enough, Elina's behaviour in her first days as a Blood Elf are more reminiscent of a High Elf than a Sin'dorei. Ironically, Denila's behaviour is more comparable to standard Blood Elf traits.
  • Elina hates and reviles Fel-magic. This may be one of the reasons her relationship with her former friend and cousin Sayathala took a more professional façade, being that they both work for the Sunveil Covenant.
  • Elina's line, the Sunmeadows, trace their roots back to the Highborne, specifically, the Silvanmist line. The Silvanmist line, before it's exile, branched into another seperate, line known as the Moonsilver Line, which still survives today and has recently rejoined the Kal'dorei civilization from Shen'dralar. This would mean that though naturally unaware of this revelation, Elina has some Night Elf relatives, distant they may be.