Neutral 32 Derick McBryant










205cm / 6’9’’


150kg / 331 lbs

Body type:

Very muscular

Eye color:


Hair color:


Description Edit

Derick McBryant appears a tall and muscular man. His size can easily strike fear in his opponents, especially when it’s combined with the hulking man’s ferocious fighting style.

Upon first look it would seem that the man is specially created to be a war machine. A stern and rough look on his face all the times, a missing left eye with a nasty scar running across it, covered by an eyepatch, a couple of more scars could be seen on his cheek, eyebrow and lip. His expression and outlook can easily be compared to the one of a rather aggressive and ruthless man.

Nonetheless the man is everything but a brute. His hair is usually well kempt, in a tight ponytail. His beard is neatly trimmed and his teeth – white and clean.

While moving down with his description the scar across his neck cannot be left out. A burn scar that circles his neck area, as if the man was choked with something rather hot. Various tattoos can be seen on his neck. Some of them show images of various skulls, symbols and a single eagle’s head.

The man’s shoulders seem rather broad, although he walks with a straight, proud stance, instead of being hunched over. His torso is also rather muscular and wide. It also bears different tattoos and scars. On his back a large area of scar tissue can be seen, turning the man’s skin into a mess. What seems to be the result of many lashes covers his back, as well as an area of skin that’s burned, just below his liver level. His back is covered by another large tattoo. The picture represents a lion, raised on his back legs with it’s front claws out, roaring and as if it’s attacking it’s prey. On his left, just below the armpit and over the ribs is a tattoo that says “ May the light have mercy upon my enemies, because I won’t. “ Derick’s chest also bears a rather rich collection of scars. Some of those scars actually looking like the result of close-call wounds. It would seem that the man had a few near-death experiences. His frontal torso area is also covered by tattoos. The head of a bull on his left chest and another tattoo that seems to be ruined by another scar. Parts of a hammer crushing a skull can be seen under the scar tissue. The rest of his torso seems clear of tattoos, except for a symbol on his upper abdomen, that represents what looks to be a rune, in a sun.

Moving onto his massive arms and the tribal sleeve tattoos, that represent different tribal lines and snakes that twirl around his arms. The tattoo reach all the way to his knuckles, although the ones on the back of his hands ruined by a circular scar on each hand. As if the man had them nailed to something. On his right shoulder lies another odd tattoo. The origins of it seem goblin, as if the man had something to do with their culture for some time.

Derick’s legs are also proportional to the body. He seems to walk with the slightest of limp that would most likely remain unnoticed.

The towering man speaks with a deep, booming voice. The tone is usually commanding and a growl can be heard as a background as the man speaks.

He would also be famous for his blood-freezing bestial roars and war cries.

Usual Garments Edit

The man can be usually seen in his dark blue composite armor. Made out of chain and scale mail, as well as steel plating it seems rather heavy, but the curious thing is that the man seems to carry it with ease, as if it’s a leather tunic.

The armor is shaped and created in such a way, that makes Derick even more bulky than he is, but on the other hand it’s nothing disproportional that could cause disturbance in his balance or make him look like something else than a human. The helmet and shoulderpads are shaped to strike fear and also be practical in defense. The helm has two horns on the sides, pointing forward and a blade between them. Such a helmet can prove deadly in a close fistfight. An attacker wouldn’t want to be rammed with a shoulder by Derick. The pads have four medium spikes, pointing out in all directions. They seem around 15 centimeters long, each.

His arms are covered in tight chainmail, with leather around his elbow joint, to allow better movement. His gauntlets are basicly a leather glove with a plate fore-arm guard and another one on his right back-hand that ends with 2 centimeter claw-shaped spikes. His left fore-arm guard is the same, with the small difference that it ends with two 15 centimeter blades that seem jagged, worthy of dealing a serious amount of damage. They are solidly attached to the wristguard and have a leather strap around the palm for better control. The strap does not make the hand useless. Derick can wield two-handed weapons easily, without the claw-blades hindering the usage of his left hand.

There is a breastplate protecting his chest and back, with chainmail underneath it, that covers the rest, giving him protection of his heart and lungs, but also maneuverability around his abdomen and waistline. ( Pretty much as a football player’s padding )

His legs are also protected. His crotch area has a plate cup over it to protect his private parts and also plating on the front of his thighs that can only protect him from frontal attacks. As usual the rest is mail. From the bottom of the knee and down the leggings turn in a tight leather, but the calves are protected by plate greaves that have an extended knee-guard that is also designed for attack. It’s sharp and has a spike on it, pointing up in a 45 degrees angle. His foot also has a spike on it, that can deliver another deadly kick, or at least one that can deal quite the damage.

When not wearing his armor, he can be seen in tight, dark leather pants and a sleeveless tunic in the same color. Simple leather boots and gloves.

Two silver rings with runes on them can be seen on each hand, as well as an amulet on a thin, but strong chain on his neck. They are rarely taken off, and will surely be there when Derick is in combat.

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