Demonic Invasion of Duskwood
WoWScrnShot 112312 155408
The wreckage.


Burning Legion


Kingdom of Stormwind,

ARMS corp,


Belligerent Commanders

Rashalglyr, Pit Lord

Defense Commanders:


Marcus Miroci


Alliance Victory, Demons beat back


Alliance- Low

Burning Legion- Heavy. Total Annihilation of invasion force.


November 23, 2012 IRL. November 23, ~year 39, in-game.



Unknown- Rashlagyr infiltrates SI:7

Unknown- Shaw warns Tobias of infiltration.

10:45, November, 23: Celestia alerts Marcus Miroci to a Traitor in the SI:7. Forces of Squad 1 are gathered.

11:00, November 23: Celestia, Demon Hunter Illythiel, Argent Commander Wolf arrive at SI:7 base. After a small chase, the Dread Lord escapes.

?? - 12:00: The group pursues to Westfall, where Sergeant Marcus meets up with them. The Naztherim informs them of a planned invasion of Duskwood.

12:30 - 16:10: The battle rages in the Yorgen Farmstead, resulting in the casualties of multiple Night Watch members, and the annihalation of the Invading Forces.

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