World of Warcraft Soundtrack - Naxxramas Abomination Wing

World of Warcraft Soundtrack - Naxxramas Abomination Wing

Horde 32 Croid
Thaddius TCG


The Kingsbury Monstrosity




Unique undead (formerly Human)

Character class

Fighter, Barbarian


The Forsaken, Royal Apothecary Society


Experiment of the Forsaken


Tirisfal Glades, Ghostlands, Silverpine Forest, Plaguelands




Cain, Ross, Otis, Ivar and Doyle Kingsbury (bodyparts)

"Croid may be one of the most carefully prepared abomination ever to be made in The Apothecarium."

—Master Apothecary Faranell


Croid was created by apothecaries and necromancers in Undercity from the bodyparts of an entire family after a successful assault at the Kingsbury farmstead in Hillsbrad. The family living at the farm was a family of five consisting of a father and his four sons, they were all known in the area for being physically strong men. The name Croid is made from the first letter of the name of each member of the family. Cain, Ross, Otis, Ivar(the father) and Doyle. Croid was shocked into life with high voltage electricity and has a powersource built inside him that he needs to recharge once in a while by attaching cables to the bolts in his shoulder. He can also use that powersource as a weapon by picking up his enemies then overcharging the battery and sending shocks through his gauntlets.

The contructionEdit

The plaguebringers who personally dealt with the Kingsbury family were impressed by their ability to first resist the new plague for as long as they did, they also gave the deathstalkers attacking their farm a great amount of trouble as they fought valorously for their lives. After a grueling battle they collapsed on the ground outside their farm. The bodies of the five men were brought to the Apothecarium in Undercity after the forsaken had wiped out the whole town of Hillsbrad Fields. Their flawless genetics, their muscular farmerbodies and their great stature standing around 6'6 feet tall all five of them made the apothecaries very eager to start working on a new project. They separated all the bodyparts and sewed them back together making one huge man out of all their five bodies, for instance the right arm of Croid being contructed out of the right arm from all five of the Kingsbury's. A powersource was inserted into his chest connected to the nuts in his shoulder being a positive pole and a negative pole. His gauntlets are contructed with metal that is also connected to his battery which he can overload and sends shocks through. The brains of all five men were sewed together and drenched in the new plague, they now listen to the name Croid but sometimes getting individual flashbacks from their lives but it's hard to tell which one it is since they have all the same background and have lived together for so long.