Two Steps From Hell - Heart of Courage (Extended Version)

Two Steps From Hell - Heart of Courage (Extended Version)

Alliance 32 Celefos Bearheart


Commander, Druid of the Claw




Night elf (Humanoid)

Character class

Fighter, Druid of the Claw


Darnassus, Cenarion Circle, Alliance, Eventide Resistance


Commander of Eventide Resistance, Druid of the Cenarion Circle






Lanariel Shadeleaf (wife, deceased), Haldran Bearheart (son)


Fandral Staghelm, Orsonn and Kodian


Celefos was born in Ashenvale about 500 years before the exile of the high elves (making him 7,829 years old to be precise). When he reached the proper age he was sent to Moonglade for training, his mentor was Fandral Staghelm. In time Celefos suppressed the memory of his own father whom he saw as weak for not being a druid, instead he adopted Staghelm as father figure. Celefos turned out to be heavily influenced by his mentor in both politics and abilities and he was taught everything by Staghelm. With that he developed a reluctance towards Malfurion Stormrage and saw Staghelm as his supreme leader. Many years later he traveled to Grizzly Hills to seek out Orsonn and Kodian, the children of Ursoc to deepen his connection with the bears so he lived there for many years and then came back to his homeland to serve his people.

Celefos is taller than the average night elf male and his large size combined with his intimidating facial appearance can sometimes frighten those who meet him for the first time. His fel-green hair covers most of his muscular upper body, his set of armor consists of a large belt combined with a druidic kilt and shoulderpads. On his chest there is a scarification that resembles a bearpaw, he only wears a chest armor when he is in battle. He is very despiteful against undead and demons and users of demonic, arcane and fel magic aswell as necromancy. Celefos is a fierce follower of Fandral Staghelm and agrees that the night elves needs more expansionism and military planning, he is also an expert miltary strategist himself. Intelligence is one of his strongest traits and that reflects in much of the things he's good at such as history and architecture, close to the nature as he is he uses the surroundings to his advantage when he plans his various assaults. Pride is the word that would best describe Celefos, he loves his people and he sees the night elves as the strongest race on Azeroth and he doesn't care much for the other races. Because of that pride he never lets himself get affected by any hardships, he is a night elf and whatever happens he has to keep his head up high.


In his youth Celefos met his mate for life, the sentinel Lanariel Shadeleaf with whom he had his son Haldran with shortly before the War of the Shifting Sands. Unfortunately Lanariel was slain during the war and since Celefos was sleeping in the Emerald Dream Haldran was raised in Feralas by friends of his mother from the sentinel army. At the age of 85 they took him to Moonglade for training and meditation but after 200 years he still hadn't shown any potential of becoming a druid and was therefore sent back to Feralas. Once back in Feralas the sentinels who raised him began training him in their own ways but they kept it a secret knowing that he would never be allowed into the sentinel army. Celefos always had a hard time respecting Haldran because he never recieved the Gift of Nature. Although he still loves his son more than anything he hopes that Haldran will achieve greatness somehow because he is the heir of his legacy.

Service to the homelandEdit

Celefos has spent the majority of his adult life slumbering inside the Stormrage Barrow Dens, only to wake up in times of need. During his time awake he has fought and prevailed in two major wars, the War of the Shifting Sands and the Battle at Mount Hyjal. The War of the Shifting Sands was lead by his mentor Fandral Staghelm which came to be Celefos' first encounter with the Silithid, an intelligent insectoid race and the Qiraji, a humanoid insectoid race created by the old god C'thun. They had built a vast empire in Silithus and only the night elves who once lived there were able to stop them. The war lasted for months and many night elves fell in battle against the mighty Qiraji and the Silithid as they were greatly outnumbered, among the slain was Celefos' wife Lanariel who was a part of Valstann Staghelm's detachment that was slaughtered at Southwind Village. After having lost countless druids, sentinels and priestesses, Fandral Staghelm went to Tanaris and asked the Bronze Dragonflight for assistance, they accepted and also called for the other dragonflights . The dragons along with the remaining night elves pushed back the Qiraji and the Silithid to their city and trapped it in a magical barrier. Celefos survived the war and traveled back to Moonglade where he went back to slumber.

Most recently he was awoken by Malfurion Stormrage in the Third War when the World Tree was in danger, Celefos along with his fellow Druids of the Claw heeded the call and went up to Mount Hyjal to battle the Burning Legion. At the end of the war Malfurion had to sacrifice the night elves immortality to save Nordrassil and therefore Celefos has stayed awake ever since.


After the Lich King had been defeated Fandral Staghelm summoned many druids to Teldrassil to unfold a plan to heal the tree. It was later revealed that Staghelm was responsible for corrupting the tree in the first place after being approached by an image of his deceased son Valstann who was infact the Nightmare Lord Xavius. Staghelm had used Morrowgrain to keep Malfurion Stormrage from waking up from his slumber and forcing him to fight Xavius in the Emerald Nightmare while Staghelm corrupted Teldrassil, believing what he did was for the sake of his son. Eventually Malfurion defeated Xavius and Fandral’s delusion was shattered as the image of his son was destroyed which caused Staghelm to experience the death of his son once again. Malfurion managed to wake up from the dream but Fandral’s mind was broken by the trauma and many thought he would never recover. The druids imprisoned the broken Staghelm in Illidan Stormrage’s former prison in Hyjal.


  • Celefos hasn't met his parents since he started his training and he has forgotten who they were.
  • Celefos can speak Darnassian, Ursine and Common fluently. He also has some basic skills in speaking and understanding Orcish, Taur-ahe and Draconic.
  • Celefos is very limber and athletic but gives the impression that he is old and stiff.
  • The death of his wife haunts him in many ways, sometimes he gets flashbacks when seeing someone who reminds him of Lanariel.
  • Celefos is sensitive to arcane and fel magic, if he's in an area where the energyfields are too powerful such as Netherstorm he gets a head ache.