Beautiful Telethia

Telethia Dawngrave, beautiful, but deadly. Now comes with a black eyepatch!


Once the living daughter of Rahu Dawngrave, a rich merchant and mad scientist, Telethia Dawngrave enjoyed life as a pampered child. For almost six hundred years, she has lived with her father and her younger siblings. However, her perfect life was just a guise, or rouse, for the masterplans Rahu had for his elder daughter and the variety of children. When the Lich King had made his presence known, Rahu Dawngrave siezed his chance to become immortal, and attempted to twist and turn Telethia into a Death Knight. This did not work out as well as he had planned, and instead, invoked feelings of resentment from her. Sure, he had turned her into a creature of undeath, but at the cost of her loyalty, admiration, and love. She was the only child he had that would remind him of his late wife, who died from illness.

When he had changed her, it was through painful, agonizing, psychologically tormenting experiements that transformed her into a living weapon of untamed power. The runes on her body are not common for a Death Knight, nor are the saronite teeth and sharp tongue. All of the mentioned things are side affects of Rahu's experimentation on Telethia. Despite all the lengthy abuse put on her by her own father, Telethia has proven to be a strong willed young blood elf, and a mighty smart one as well. When the opportunity arose for her, Telethia ran away from her home, turning her back on everyone and everything she has known for years, and had loved.

Terror haunted the lands of Azeroth as the dead rose from their graves. Villages and innocent villagers were being terrorized by the undead legions of the Lich King, and there were wars being raged by the Alliance and the Horde. Telethia found this to be a pain, but, seeing that she had no where else to go really, she hitched a ride to Northrend on a pirate ship. Storms and whirlpools threatened to tear up the vessel, but, after weeks at sea, both the mysterious passenger and the ragged crew arrived on the shores of Northrend. Something called to her here, and she wanted to know what--or who--was calling to her. Bidding the pirates aideu, she made a motion to leave. They stopped her before she could leave, and demanded payment. She had nothing on her except her blunt blades and ragged leather armor and torn up cloak. Seeing that they couldn't get much off of her, and assuming her to be an innocent girl simply wishing to escape the Eastern lands, they ganged up on her. However, Telethia was not your average blood elf. Far from it. She slaughtered them with those blunt blades, letting their blood pool beneath them like a spreading cloak of crimson as she walked away to explore.

Things here were far more dangerous, and far more severe than what she was expecting. Cold weather nipped at her ivory skin, worms, wolves, and ravens diving at the chance of tearing at her. She battled her way, pratically, through such obstacles, and she stumbled the encampments of the Scourge. Beaten, battered, bruised, and found bleeding, she was brought before their necromancers, and was turned into a true Death Knight. Given a runic blade, heavy saronite armor and a steed, she fought for the Scourge, and for the Lich King. She never wanted this, neither did she want to hurt the innocent, nor her own kin. At times of rest, she would violently retaliate, but again be brought under the iron thumb of that bastard the Lich King. Then, came that turn point. The Lich King had been weakened! Now was her chance to break free. And thus, she broke away from his ruling power, and fled quickly. She was pursued by both the San'Layn, and the undead hordes, but, somehow evading them, she quickly headed back to the shores of Northrend to find a ride home.

Finding no avaliable boat--or a airship for that matter--that would be willing to take her back, she went back to that one place where she last left the dead pirates, and the abonded pirateship. Oh dear... The ship was burning! And the corpses were stripped clean of flesh, muscle, and organs. The birds didn't touch these... The undead did! She drew her blades, but was ambushed by slobbering, blood thirsty ghouls. She screamed in rage, and fought valiantly with that runic blade that she had kept, and defeated the ghouls, but she had no way to return to her home. And so, she wandered Northrend's frozen wastelands for quite a while.

She wandered, and wandered, and wandered for until exhaustion took her, and she fell. The next time she opened her eyes, she was somewhere else entirely, and surrounded by warm, and curious gaunt faces. Confused, she sat up, looked around. She was at an infirmary! But where? Questioning, she found out that she was in one of the Horde encampments off to the side of Northrend, just a short distance away from where she was found. She was almost a frozen elf-cicle by the time the Forsaken found her. She allowed herself to be cared for, and when the time came, and when she was able to, she took the next boat ride back to the Eastern lands. Ever since then, she's avoided her old home, her family, and ever since then, she has been haunted by her nightmares.

Now, years have passed since then, and things changed. A big scary dragon was wrecking Azeroth, and she was called to duty. Hah! She was DONE with the Horde, and the Alliance! The only people that helped her out was the Forsaken, and they weren't really into helping the living out. Why was she made an exception? They found her to be a curious find, and she was undead, yet she could be affected by exhaustion. That made them even more curious, and thus, they wanted to take care of her to study her. But that's pretty much about it. But she saw the conflicts made between the Horde and the Alliance, and instead of joining the Horde, she went neutral, and went for mercenery jobs. She'll be hired to fight people, but for a price. And that's how she's been ever since.

While exploring Ulduar on one of her paid missions, she stumbled across the crumpled body of a poor, rather scrawny rust colored Proto-Drake. Feeling rather sad, she went to investigate, and found that this large creature had fallen to his wounds, and was close to death! She would have none of that, and thus, bled into him runes and strange, yet curious things, turning him into her chosen mount! She had a steed before, a large one, but she really had no luck with horses, and would rather find some other creature to ride to battle, and so, she chose the proto-drake as her deathly steed! So to speak. Transformed, and renewed, the Proto-drake found itself bowing to the untamed powers of Telethia, and found that it was fond of her. Its' tiny brain couldn't really comprehend why, for it was bigger than her, and thus, seemingly stronger, yet she was able to get it kneeling. The blood elf looked the proto-drake over, found nothing else wrong with it, and checked to see if it was a boy or girl. WOOP! She fell over at it--or should she say--his roar, and rolled over to avoid getting stomped on. A challenge? She accepts. And so... After long hours of wrestling with the proto-drake, she subdued him, named him Fluffy, and became dearest friends with him after explaining as best as she could, that she was the one who brought him back from the grips of death. And that is how she had obtained her companion, Fluffy.


She is seen as a lone elven-maiden of beautiful, long silver hair, mystical glowing ice-colored eyes, ivory skin, and shortened ears and eyebrows. A lithe form, ample breasts, and softly curving hips, this lovely creature is as breath-taking as she is lethal. What she hides beneath those plump, red curving lips, are sharp saronite teeth, and a sharp tongue. Under her usual garb of heavy armor are swirling, glowing runes etched painfully deep into both her skin and bones. A chain of black saronite hangs around her neck, keeping an obsidian ring of glowing blue runes close to her collar bone.

She has taken to wearing tight-fitting leather outfits, or full saronite armor.

Possible Sightings:

You may find her wandering the streets of Silvermoon in the evening times, or perhaps the forsaken ruins of Lordaeron. Or you may even notice a large shadow swiftly flying over head. Do not worry. That's just her riding upon the back of her proto-drake, Fluffy, patrolling the skies like a ghost.

Telethia is seen here, eyes closed, and listening carefully.

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