Aure [Aw-ruh] and Aviur [Ah-vee-urr]

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==The Beginning==-24 years

"Push, breathe and push!", the words that escaped the young mans voice were hurried, and swollen with excitement. He was the first among his seven brothers to have a child, at least that he knew of. To him, it would be the singlemost important day of his life.

Kneeling back down before his wife, Samuel would brush back her hair and wipe the sweat from her forehead. "Even in childbirth, you are absolutely gorgeous-". His words would be cut short by a rather agitated "Shut up!", followed by shouts of agony as a babies head would be made visible. Within several more seconds, a baby girl had been born, and the chilled air now rang with the cry of a newborn.

"Its a girl, a girl!". Samuel hadn't a chance to bring the child to Grace before a look of anxiety fell upon her face. "Somethings wrong. No, no, something isn't right," she slurred, now grasping for her closest friends hand who sat at her side. The midwife exchanged alarmed looks with Samuel, before Grace once more began shouting out in pain. Contractions, or after-pains are all too common with childbirth, yet the severity of them queued the midwife to once more take his place.

Samuel peered at him with confusion, before it became all too clear.

There was another baby.

Within another minute and thirty-four seconds, the second baby had been born, a young boy. The night slowly settled down until only the couple and their midwife remained within the walls of their emberwood home. "What should we name them?" asked Samuel, as they cradled the newborns between them in bed. "Aure." she responded quietly, wanting not to disturb the angels which had fallen asleep. "And the boy?" Samuel smiled.

A moment of silence stood between them both, before her lips parted once more.



Being fraternal twins, the duo grew up much like a regular brother and sister would, save for the special bond of which they shared. But while having no distinct looks to set them as twins, they grew up very much the same.

They both shared an aptitude and love for arcane, and they both loved to travel.

While their parents were no more than travelling merchants, the rest of the family had become well known within the magic community, this love for the arcane arts boiling down to them during the countless visits.

Northdale Scenerey

At a young age, their parents were given the option to place them within a school for higher education, given they had the coin. They deserve more than this, Grace and Samuel said to themselves often, believing it unfair if they were to merely teach them to be travelling merchants.

From this point on, they spent much of their time either within the walls of Stratholme learning, or running across the vast fields and forests surrounding Northdale where their parents lived.

==The Scourge==-8 Years