Battle of the Eastmoon Ruins
Eastmoon Massacre small

Defender Belligerents:

Wastewander Bandits

Attacker Belligerents:

Mercenary Adventurers

Demonic Horde

Defender Leaders:

Caliph Scorpidsting

Attacker Leaders:

Djezal Cogsteal

Derick McBryant


Defender Strength:

All Wasterwander members present in the camp.

Attacker Strength:

Adventurers - 4

12 lesser, uncontrolled Demons - Voidwalkers and Felguards.

Casualties and losses:

Wastewander Bandits - High

Demonic Horde - total annihilation

Mercenary Adventurers - None, minor to major individual injuries.


Demonic Horde defeated; Eastmoon successfully defended; Caliph Scorpidsting's Treasure stolen during the fight.


Djezal Cogsteal, an influental and powerful warlock Goblin of Gadgetzan, recruited a small strikeforce of Adventurers to assault the Eastmoon Ruins in exchange of payment. As the mercenaries attacked the Bandit stronghold, he released a Demonic Horde of lesser demon which were out of his control, resulting in a massacre within the ruins. The demons came to clash with the Adventurers during the conflict, and forced the mercenaries to retreat, abandoning their mission.

However, as the fight was ceasing and the last remnants of the demonic horde were beaten back by the Wastewander Bandits, Sonja, an agent of Djezal and secretly a succubi managed to steal what the goblin was aiming for - Caliph Scorpidsting's treasure.