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High Priest Aye'zan




Foresttroll Icon Forest Troll


High Priest, Voodoo Master, Prophet, Champion of Jan'Alai

Character class:

High Divinist, Warrior


Revantusk Tribe, Horde, Amani tribe(former)


Temple Master


Temple of Voodoo, Hinterlands.


Zandali, Common, Orcish(partly), Old Arathi(lacking)


Shashi (older sister, alive) Makhazul (father, presumably deceased) Jokmeya (mother, unknown)


Alive, Active

High Priest Aye'zan is a skinny Forest Troll High Divinist, member of the Revantusk Tribe and holding a loosely alleagence to the Horde . He is a champion of the Forest Troll Loa Jan'alai and a powerful voodoo user.

Aye'zan was born in the Amani Tribe capital of Zul'Aman and fought in the Second_War against the High-Elven Kingdom of Quel'Thalas . After the defeat in the war he fled from Zul'Aman and eventually settled in the Revantusk Village in the Hinterlands . There he aided the struggle of the Revantusk with the hostile Vilebranch Tribe . As he passed through harsh voodoo training and various trials by the Loa, he was granted a link to the Dragonhawk Loa's power, thus becoming a High Priest.

Shortly before the Cataclysm's eruption, he was granted visions of it by Jan'Alai. He was commanded to destroy the servants of the Old Gods in any way possible, thus making him a powerful and well-known enemy of the Twilight Hammer. 


Aye’zan has a regular features for a forest troll – long, massive tusks, thick hair and well-shaped muscles, however being extremely skinny compared to others of his kind. His hair is red, with a few forelocks painted in orange and yellow, he ties his long-to-the-shoulders head in a six hairtails, which he decorates with various small trinkets made of bone or wood. His face, even having slightly blue-ish skin color that is rare among the forest trolls, is crude and painted with yellow and orange dye, often drawing a dragonhawk or flames on his face with it. But as permanent mark he has a tattoo in form of an inscription saying “Burning for you” in Zandali on his left cheek. Around his neck he wears a bone necklace with a red crystal on it. His green eyes have a steady and calm look, his gaze of a wise person who has seen a lot during his life striking underneath his thick painted eyebrows. 

Aye’zan covers his body with his “Robe of the Servant” – a simple, but of very high quality chestpiece of thick leather, a light tribal kilt and a simple belt between them. On his shoulders he places his heavy shoulderpads, made of thick leather covered with animal skins, which are painted and inscribed with the name of the Loa he serves – Jan’Alai.

His general posture is well-mannered, especially when he is required to be amongst other people and represent his tribe properly - standing tall and not as crooked as other trolls, he gives off a feel of a hidden power lying underneath his robe and flesh.

His voice is deep, yet suprisingly low, as he speaks with a calm, yet stern tone.

But under all the leathery armor he wears something uncommon of a troll - a shirt. If he takes off that shirt, it reveals a large spot in the middle of his chest of burned flesh, a scar for life unable to be regenerated.


Aye’zan grew up in a place, where you’re always under a threat of being attacked, killed or taken prisoner. In the harsh and “primitive” society of the Forest trolls two feats are valued above all else – physical strength and Voodoo abilities. But as Aye’zan proved to be skinny, weak and sickly child, the first option was forever closed for him. So even as young boy he dug deep into the old religious teachings and with time, learned to follow them, obey them and even twist them for the sake of the faith. 

But besides the religious commitment, Aye’zan’s own personality is of a calm, well-balanced and thinking troll, surpassing by intelligence and education many of his kind. He prefers to fight with words than with weapons, but the service of the Loa has made him more cruel and violent with time, than he used to be. Still, as long as he can, he would avoid battle. But if it happens that a fight is necessary, he’ll do what needs to be done without further doubt.

Troll s love by Beuxy

Aye'zan with his unknown Zandalari lover.

Like all Amani trolls, he bears an never-ending hatred against the Quel’dorei/Sin’dorei, and elves in general. Being able to get access to very ancient historical tablets in Zul’Aman, and after reading them a couple of times, he was convinced that the elves bring only sorrow to the world. Another, more recent racial hatred he directs to the dwarves of Aerie Peak, due to their assaults on Revantusk trolls and settlements.

He never drinks alcohol or use any substances that would cloud his vision and twist or decrease his way of thinking, or put him in hopeless situation. While he never puts to doubts that Jan’Alai is protecting him from harm, he sees his body as “A vessel for the Dragonhawk God”, and so he thinks he must take care of the body properly, as his soul would one day, when he die, belong to the Loa.

It is also known that he had at least one mate, a woman of the Zandalari Tribe. It is unknown what has happened to her, but it is known that Aye'zan had feelings for her - that would imply she was a priestess herself, to be able to earn an equal treatment towards her by the Forest troll, and respect due to her tribe's all-known wisdom.

Early Life [Background]Edit

Troll baby by loveherdead-d3k7oxm

Aye'zan as a newborn.

Aye’zan was born a few years before the beginning of the First War in an Amani tribal family behind the walls of Zul’Aman. His father was a hunter of the Amani, skilled axethrower, while his mother was a novice priestess. He also had one year older sister, Shashi. With his father gone away on hunting or pillaging raids and his mother busy with writing down tablets (she was an educated woman to troll standards), Aye’zan grew up mostly with his sister and his so-called “friends” – Aye’zan was weak physically and was often insulted, humiliated or beaten up by the stronger and more violent children in Zul’Aman. At the age of nine or ten years he conclusively closed in his family hut, compensating his physical weakness by reading historical and religious tablets. In time, he gained much knowledge about certain events in the Amani history, he learned about the Loa and their names (the known ones). Yet his sister didn’t share his “passion” for reading – she was always outside, playing with the other children and having fun. 
Forest troll 2009 by barn swallow-d27xedk

Aye'zan's sister, Shashi, as a young woman.

So, time passed by like that, and the children were on the border of teenage years. That is the age that young trolls must pass their “trial” and prove themselves worthy – and Aye’zan started to go out on a hunting parties with other young trolls and a veteran warrior – sometimes even his father. After a few successful hunts and a few small scars upon his body, he felt more “manly” and “worthy”, and with the entering in the teenage years, his self-confidence grew.

The Second War [Background]Edit

The peace and harmony drastically changed with the incoming of the Second War. In the first days of the Orcish invasion rumors swept across all Zul’Aman and it’s holdings – What would be the position of Zul’Aman, if the Orcs manage to reach the Sacred Forests ( Today’s “ghostlands + quel’thalas peninsula)? How would the damned Elves react? This could be a chance for the lost Amani Empire to gain back what it is rightfully theirs. As the Orcish army ravaged through the Azeroth Kingdom, Ironforge and crushed the Arathi, messengers of the Orcish Horde
New horde wallie by paintevil-d3ao7h3

Zul'Aman allies with the Orcish Horde.

arrived in Zul’Aman. Yet the Amani already felt the chance to gain vengeance and have already started to raid elven villages and pillage, and soon after an Alliance with the Orcish Horde was formed. Zul’Aman was celebrating – every troll already was thinking how he will chop elven heads, how he will impale elven bodies on spikes or take out their livers. The time for revenge has come, and even Aye’zan, being with a relatively peaceful personality, was excited about the incoming War. In the Horde he was the saviors of the Forest trolls as a whole, and the chance of restoring the great Amani Empire. 

The Amani warbands poured out of Zul’Aman’s gates, rushing to north and slaughtering any elf they saw, hardly meeting any real resistance – Aye’zan was amongst them. Wearing just a simple loincloth and holding an axe with his two hands, and with his face painted in the symbols of War, Aye’zan slaughtered many elves, both soldiers and civilians, during the course of war. Yet, that excitement and bloodlust from the success came to an end with the Orc’s decision to abandon the Siege of Quel’Thalas and head to west and deal with the remaining kingdoms of the Alliance. Zul’jin, the Warlord of the Amani, was pissed off. The veteran warriors of the various Warbands were missed off. Even the tribesmen left inside the walls of Zul’Aman felt that the victory is sweeping away from the Amani’s grasp.

Nevertheless, the Amani kept fighting furiously against the elves, retaking their land up to the walls of Quel’thalas, but they lacked the forces to put a siege on it. And then everything went to ruins. Words from the west said that the Orcish Horde was defeated, and that Alliance army is marching towards the Sacred Forest. Aye’zan and his warband, dispite their commitment to fight to the very end for the victory of the Horde and the Amani Empire, were ordered to retreat, and all warbands sprinting entered the safety of Zul’aman. Those who were slower were slaughtered by the elven and human armies that marched in the Sacred Forest. And then, in Zul’Aman, everyone had to realize, that the “Amani Empire” is defeated, and the Second War is lost. 

That was a serious blow to Aye’zan’s Pro-Hordish views. But Aye’zan was not the weak whiny boy before the war /even still being quite weak physically/ - the war left numerous scars on his body and more importantly, his mind. So, when Zul’Aman was assaulted and Zul’jin was captured, Aye’zan has already left the Amani capital using the secret mountain passages. Through he was not the only one who did it – many hid in the mountain hideouts, waiting for the elves to leave their land, and then returned to Zul’Aman.

Example of that would be Aye’zan’s family, with which he has already said goodbye. But Aye’zan never returned. He went into exile, living in the wild and hunting like a beast. He was too ashamed to return back to Zul’Aman. He, who ran away when he was the Alliance army infront of Zul’Aman’s gate, to return there?

First Mark of the Loa [Background]Edit

After a year of wandering in the forests of now-known Plaguelands, one day he stumbled upon an old, troll figurine while hunting for meat. The figurine was solid, heavy and covered his entire palm. It represented a Dragonhawk spitting flames – an animal very familiar in the Sacred Forest. On the figurine was also attached some sort of a crystal that looked too polished and clean compared to the rest of the item. Aye’zan picked up the figurine, and then he felt up some strange and scary feeling – his entire body chilled, as he felt some sort of a blessing or a curse about the figurine. He quickly dropped it on the ground and then picked it up again, this time with his glove, before heading towards the hills, searching for rabbits or anything else that has flesh on it’s bones.

And suddenly, as he was walking between the old and cold rocks on one of the hills, he heard a terrifying screech coming from his back. With reflexes of hardened hunter and Warrior, he instantly turned on his heels, just to face an extremely large, bloodthirsty dragonhawk jumping on him. Aye’zan’s surprise of seeing that type of animal in this area was so great that he started to fight back the creature only when his right hand was bitten several times and his flesh started to fall on pieces on the ground. He grabbed his axe, which was on his belt, and attempted to pull it out, but the Dragonhawk, being a predatory animal, noticed his movement and opening it’s mouth, spit a breath of fire directly into Aye’zan’s chest, leaving him a mark for his entire life. Crazed by his blood loss and the sudden flame attack, Aye’zan kicked the beast off him, and crawling on the ground, attempted to stand up and attack the Dragonhawk. But apparently the creature lost it’s motivation of eating Aye’zan, and turning backwards, hovering on it’s wings begun to run away. The troll, completely maddened by the situation, quickly grabbed a stone and threw it towards the fleeing Dragonhawk, before picking up his axe and rushing to chase it. But as he was seriously wounded, he quickly lost the animal’s tracks, and when he looked around him, he noticed that he went too much to south, into unknown lands.

Joining the Revantusk Tribe [Background]Edit

It was a hilly region with a lot of trees and full of life, a lot like the Sacred Forest. Bandaging himself with some peace of cloth, he washed his face in some sort of a lake before heading into a random direction, trying to find a place to camp, as the night would soon fall. Walking for hours from one hill to another, he noticed the amount of troll ruins on that land. Browsing through his memory, searching for what he have red on the tablets in Zul’Aman, the troll supposed that region would be the Hinterlands – long ago part of the Amani Empire, now with unknown status. Who knows on who’s land he is walking so carelessly. Aye’zan quickly covered behind the nearby tree, walking from cover to cover extremely quietly – yet, the trouble was already after him. After going out from the cover of a giant rock, he literally crashed in a muscular forest troll holding an axe. The troll pushed Aye’zan back, raising his axe quite threateningly before asking him in Zandali:

- Who are you and what are you doing here?

- I’m just passing by – Aye’zan responded – I mean no har-

- Look how skinny you’re…you look like those Revantusk …which tribe are you from?

- I am from the Amani…

The muscular troll stared blankly at Aye’zan for a moment, before bursting in loud laughter.

- Amani? Ahahah…that’s the dumbest lie I’ve ever heard, Revantusk!- he charged towards Aye’zan, swinging his axe at him. Looks like the conversation was over. Aye’zan dodged two extremely close swings of the muscular warrior, desperately looking around to find something as a weapon. And he found. After another swing of the warrior and the dodge of Aye’zan, the warrior’s axe stuck into one of the nearby rocks. Using the time provided, Aye’zan kicked his opponent away, disarming him from his weapon, before grabbing a wooden stick from the ground, piercing through the enemy’s left eye and stucking it into his brain. After the dead body fell on the ground, Aye’zan searched it for some tribal signets or items, and after some time he concluded that that troll was from the Vilebranch tribe. Looks like they are not very friendly to Amani… screw them. Aye’zan quickly covered the corpse in the nearby bush, washing off the blood from the rocks and leaving the place as quickly as he can, fearing that this warrior was not alone. He continued his travel to the east, finally reaching the shore. There he saw a small troll village, and proceeding towards it with caution, he was caught. Again. Aye’zan told what happened a few hours ago to the guards and after they questioned him a few hours more, they allowed him to spent the night in their village, seeing as Revantusk and Vilebranch tribe’s relations are very hostile. 

As he had nowhere else to go, he found the Revantusk village as a place where he can start over. He started going out on hunting parties and raids with the Revantusk, slowly earning their trust. He was also very helpful in the village itself, offering help to anyone with anything, and with that getting friendly with the forest troll tribe. But what Aye’zan really liked about the Revantusk is their commitment to the Horde, as later they would rejoin the Horde, and Aye’zan.             
Troll by quere-d33a07d

Aye'zan in his early adulthood.

But again, another tribe where Aye’zan resided was struck by troubles and danger – the Vilebranch and other hostile to Revantusk Hinterland forest troll tribes decided that the small Revantusk tribe would be a perfect source for sacrifices and pleasing their Loa. Bloody raids and battles emerged in the Hinterlands, taking many young Revantusk lives with them. Aye’zan again grabbed the weapon and joined the Revantusk Warband, trying to protect the small village from the bloodthirsty enemies. After countless skirmishes between Vilebranch and Revantusk, Aye’zan completely won his name as trustful and loyal ally of the Revantusk, and was later proclaimed as “equal tribesman”, dispite being from another tribe – the Amani. 

After a few successful raids he returned to the village, where a local Voodoo invoker placed a divine seal on his neck – seal, that would connect him with the “spirit world” and allow the Loa to judge him and his actions.From that day on, he was rightful member of the Revantusk, and only his few enemies within the village speaking about his blood origin.  The Divine Council of the Revantusk [Background]

As years passed and he grew into adult age, being a male on his prime strength, he remained deeply religious and started to learn about the Revantusk Tribe's own loa, but he never truly managed to call himself "A Revantusk" because of his Amani blood. As he was worried about his origin, wondering if he was the right to stay in this village and read about their own Loa, probably offending the Amani ones, he finally decided to find a "professional" help from the local Witch Doctor. Sharing his problem with him, the Doctor said that the only certain way of finding the true religious path of Aye'zan would be the direct try of invoking the Loa and seek connection with them. Then, the Doctor gave Aye'zan some extremely alchoholic beverage (the Witch Doctor was known as being a drunkard) so he can calm down, and wrote a letter, which he gave to Aye'zan, and told him go to seek the "Divine council". Aye’zan raised his brows – he has already heard about that so-called “Divine council” from the locals, but he never really knew what was that. But he knew a person that would know about it. Leaving the small, shadowy hut of the Witch Doctor, he passed through the village, reaching the largest hut, the hut of the Elder. There, at the entrance of the two-floor building there was Gu’zakan, one of the veteran warriors from the Warband the Revantusk formed to combat the Vilebranch tribe’s raids. They shook their hands, having a great respect to each-other, and Aye’zan told him about the “Divine council”. Gu’zakan explained him that it is some sort of gathering of all Loa servants in Revantusk, that deal with religious matters and take important decisions about the tribe’s culture and religion, with a head of that council Elder Torntusk, the leader of the Revantusk. He also said that tomorrow night there will be another gathering of the Loa servants, and looking at the letter of the Witch Doctor, he said that Aye’zan should visit it. Then, the two battle comrades smoke some seaweed together and after hours of laughter, they calmed down and said goodbye to each-other, each of them going home to sleep.

The next day passed as usual – Aye’zan woke up, placing his leathery armor on him and grabbing the axe, he went out on hunting. He returned with a dead boar on his back and a Vilebranch head in his hand. After skinning the boar and butchering it, he cooked the meat and fed himself and the local children. He then placed the meat to hang from the roof of the hut, covering each piece of meat with salt. After he was done with the “housework”, he red his favorite part of the “Aqir War” history tablet, before starting to practice his pathetic knowledge on Orcish, spending hours on it. He looked up at the night shy, realising he was late, hurrying up to the Elder hut. When he entered the small second-floor wooden platform, he saw a gathering of a few trolls, each of them painted with dye and having religious robes, tattoos and trinkets on them. They reacted calmly upon Aye’zan’s arrival, pointing him to sit down near the flaming brazier, and he did. Forming a circle, they renewed their conversation:

- As I was saying, it is strange about Vilebranch’s recent way of attacking our hunting parties. They pick up on younger trolls, mostly children, and instead of killing them, they take them as prisoners…Why? – Said some muscular Revantusk troll, wearing a scary Rush’kah mask on his face.

- I assume that it is something to do with their Loa… - Another troll dressed with full-of-feathers robe answered.

- I assume that too. I feel great disturbance in the Voodoo – said a third troll, with a black robe covering his body and scripts full of violent and hateful quotes covering the robe, and a hood covering his face – I have a feeling that they’re using our people as easy sacrifices for their Loa…We should-

- We should investigate it and stop the rituals! – said the masked troll, cracking his knuckles – Tomorrow I will start a ritual to invoke Ogoun and look for his guidance.

- But for now we cannot do anything. We lack warriors – said another Rush-kah mask-wearing troll, dressed in green - Each of you, invoke your favoured Loa and return to me tomorrow morning with the results. Without the help of the Loa we cannot hope for much. I shall too call upon Legba. Now…why is Aye’zan of the Amani here?With obviously drunk movements the village Witch Doctor rushed from the stables, reaching the platform and crawled to Aye’zan, with the wooden mask on his face. The other high-ranked trolls just looked at him, some covering their faces with their palm, others smiling, before leaving Aye’zan, the Witch Doctor and the Shadow Hunter of Legba alone.- Shorry I’m late.. – the Witch doctor said under his mask, trying to cover his obviously drunk state – Dish ish the troll I wushh talksh ab’out. Haven’t yo read da letter..?Aye’zan blinked, as he pulled out the letter and handed it to the Shadow Hunter. The servant of Legba started to read it, while the drunk Witch Doctor totally passed out, sleeping loudly on the wooden floor. In this awkward situation Aye’zan just waited a few minutes before finally the Shadow Hunter spoke again:- Okay, that is good. And you’ve already been marked. So, your dilemma is between our and the Amani loa? Well, my friend, it’s not your choice anyway. You shall come with me, so we can solve that issue together. I want you tomorrow morning here, but you shall only be let inside after our Council is done, so don’t hurry…and pick up the Witch Doctor and bring him back to his home, okay? Thank you. Goodbye. – without waiting for any answer the Shadow hunter disappeared before Aye’zan could even blink. Shrugging, he picked up the drunk doctor and bringing him back to his hut, finally reached his and went to sleep.

Voodoo Training [Background]Edit

Troll dood by Soudaiya

Aye'zan as a Voodoo priest apprentice.

On the next day Aye’zan met with the Shadow Hunter again, and travelled with him in a remote flat place in one of the hills, where the Shadow hunter’s hut was, he started learning the ways of contacting, communicating and using the powers of the Voodoo and the Loa. Having the necessary knowledge about history and pantheon, he progressed faster than usual, and they solved the issue – despite Aye’zan wanting to be fully accepted among the Revantusk and for that follow their pantheon, “Blood doesn’t turn in water”. He was Amani in blood and the Revantusk loa refused to do anything with him. While the Amani ones head his prayers and voices. With the Shadow hunter becoming his mentor, Aye’zan started to practice the Voodoo, spending years on rough Shadow Hunter training involving hunger, meditation, combat with wild animals, pain endurance and various sicknesses. After six years of heavy training Aye’zan could manipulate and summon the powers of the Voodoo pretty easily, calling upon Amani loa in times of need.

One day the Shadow Hunter decided that his training is already finished, and released him, taking another apprentice to take his place. With a few words Aye’zan said goodbye to his teacher and returned to Revantusk village, only to find it in greater troubles considering the Vilebranch than before. There, he was officially promoted as “Servant of the Loa” (aka Priest), and also “Historian of the Amani”. Honoured by the titles, he returned to his everyday life, taking young students interested in the Amani history in his hut. His life normalized, until…

Jan'Alai's Trial [Background]Edit

Dragonhawk by auryanne-d4y8whs

Jan'Alai, the Lord of Dragonhawks.

One day, the Divine seal on his neck started to grow, burning his skin as it disappeared from where it was, but the old wound caused by the Dragonhawk’s fire breath started to hurt so much that Aye’zan was rolling on the ground in pain, groaning and cursing every second, with tears on his eyes from the pain. He then lost consciousness, entering some sort of coma state, with his body paralyzed and only his heart still beating to keep him alive. But actually, he was in some sort of a…dream. In that dream he was in a forest, where all trees were burning. The ground was covered with dust and ash, with only a few fallen leafs to bring some “alive” look to it. Aye’zan looked around, starting to walk pointlessly in a random direction, trying to find out where, how and why is he here. The looks and shapes of all objects around him were twisted, making everything look so unreal. He raised his gaze up on the sky, hoping for it to have a normal look, but no – the sky was red, crimson red, red like the blood of the enemy when you slice their throats. The troll stared blankly at it, starting to feel really uncomfortable and hopeless. And then suddenly, breaking the blood-stained clouds a pillar of light hit the ground, taking shape of a giant Dragonhawk head that set it’s glowing eyes on Aye’zan, before opening it’s orange beak, allowing it’s demanding and overwhelmingly mighty voice to shake the ground in the dream: 

- So, you must be Aye’zan, the Amani who thought he could just change his tribe and forget about his blood. The Amani, who abandoned his people and forgot about his Gods. But the Gods have not forgotten you, Aye’zan. Your fate is already written. You shall become the weapon in the hands of the Gods. You shall become the weapon IN MY HANDS! – the last sentence was pronounced with such commanding tone, that Aye’zan fell on his kneels – You bear my mark from years, the burned place on your chest. Your destiny is to SERVE me… and be proud of it. Climb up to the cave in the hills to the north of your village, until you reach a stone with my sign on it. Enter the cave near it. I command you to do it. Now, BEGONE!

The Dragonhawk head opened his mouth, letting out his fiery breath to throw away Aye’zan’s burning body…

Aye’zan woke up with sweat on his forehead. What a nightmare…what a dream. While he started to forget what exactly happened in the dream a few minutes after he woke up, he remembered the last part – the directions. Soon after he packed up, and letting a long prayer to the Loa in his hut before leaving, he went out of the village, heading towards the northern hills, where the dream told him he must go. After long and exhausting climbing on the rocky and dangerous pillar of stones leading to the top of the hill, Aye’zan finally reached the said stone, marked by the Loa. It had a giant Dragonhawk head drawn on it with orange color. Aye’zan looked around and soon noticed the entrance of the cave, entering it with caution…

There, in small cave’s inside, was lying very clean and well-kept scroll in it’s center. The troll picked it up, starting to read it very carefully. The scroll instructed him that he must spent five days in meditation, without any sleeping, eating or drinking, sitting in one pose during that entire time. At the end of the scroll’s text was another Dragonhawk image, convincing the troll that this is the will of the Loa and he cannot ignore it. He sat down on the ground, closing his eyes and relaxing his body, trying to do as best as he can to stay awake and endure the hunger and thirst. And he endured. As the fifth day passed, he finally stood up, making his kneelpads crack horribly. He looked down at his scarred chest – he could literally see his ribs through his skin. Leaving the cave and walking outside, his eyes were blasted by the morning’s sunlight. He put a hand on his forehead, looking around pointlessly, as he was trying to see any sign from the Loa and see if he passed the trial. As he was walking around in front of the cave, suddenly a stone met his right foot, making him fall from the cliff, rolling down on the rocks until a random hill tree stopped him as Aye’zan smashed himself into it. Totally beaten up, Aye’zan grabbed the tree with his both hands and closed his eyes, entering another Loa dream.

When he woke up, he washed the blood coming out of his nose, trying to remember the dream, but he could only recall one sentence – “return to the cave, servant”. With great displease on his face Aye’zan started to climb on the hill again, and after a few hours of tiring climbing, he finally reached the cave. There, he found a giant dead Dragonhawk, with a dead troll warrior covering his skeleton in wooden armor. Aye'zan knew what to do - he sat down on the ground, starting to make a wooden mask representing a Dragonhawk. As he placed the mask on his face, a single, mighty echoing voice passed through his brain – “From now on, you shall be my Eyes, and I shall be your Weapon”. And only then Aye’zan totally understood the meaning of all those actions – Jan’alai has picked him as a High servant to do his bidding, granting him his power. Aye’zan could already feel a burst of energy through his veins. The hunger, the sleepyness and the thirst disappeared, leaving only some slight feeling of greatness. He decided to find out if he is right about that – he raised his hand infront of him, focusing on it while whispering a short prayer to Jan’alai. The result was both shocking and amazing for Aye’zan. A long cone of flames emerged from his palm, setting everything that was not a rock in the cave on fire. Aye’zan quickly left the cave, praying again to Jan’alai before heading to the Revantusk village.

The Avatars of Zul'Aman [Background]Edit

He spent three years in studying and developing his abilities of a Servant of Jan’alai, when suddenly the powers he had left him, and the voice of the Dragonhawk God stopped to guide him in his dreams. As Aye’zan would later find out, the reason is that Zul’Jin, returning to Zul’Aman, finding out that the Horde has allied with the elves allowed the most powerful Witch Doctor in Zul’Aman to summon the spirits of the Primal Gods and forcefully bind their essences in the body of a chosen Amani Warriors to use them as a weapon. But the “vessels” of the Primal God’s essences were killed and the Loa were freed, returning the powers back to their servants. 

The Holy Mission Against the Cataclysm [Background Conclussion]Edit

With time, following the war against the Lich King in Northrend, Jan’alai was sending more and more warning dreams to Aye’zan, where the Loa noted multiple times about the “danger from the depths of the World”. The Loa slowly prepared his High Divinist of what it was about to come – the Cataclysm.

All peoples living in Azeroth watched how the world got teared apart in about in a matter of hours. Tsunamies, mateorites from the sky, sinking ground under the sea – the world was about to get completely wiped out. And soon it came out who was behind all that – the Old Gods. Jan’alai, not wanting to give away the little influence he has to the Old Gods, commanded Aye’zan to leave the Revantusk tribe and travel on a “Holy Mission”, as the Loa described it, based on destroying anyone, who would endanger the well-being of the troll race and their Loa pantheon, especially the servants of the Old Gods, who claim that the world would soon belong to their dark gods.

And so, Aye’zan packed up and after he said goodbye with everyone on the village, he went on the long road of traveling around the world…meeting many characters, defeating many enemies, visiting many towns and carrying the tablets of faith of the Amani, backed up with the flames and glory of Jan’Alai, the Amani Dragonhawk God.


High Priest Aye'zan has earned the title "Voodoo Master" from his enemies, the Vilebranch Tribe, due to his mastery of Voodoo rituals and vast knowledge on them. The troll has shown to have a greater manapool than most other priests of his rank and great manipulation of different Loa-given powers. As most High Priests he is able to transform into an Avatar Form - a large Dragonhawk with glowing eyes, and as a Champion of Jan'Alai has completely mastered the use of Divine Fire, and to extent, Wind manipulation.

But what truly earns him the title of Voodoo Master is his skilled use of ordinary priest abilities, having a vast range of different chants and rituals to use in combat. Even so, Aye'zan has used Shrunken Heads and other tools of Juju as an alternative method of casting. Within his knowledge lie Forbidden rituals aswell, althrough he mostly keeps them as personal knowledge. 

During battles against the Twilight Hammer the troll has shown improved resistance against Shadow-based spells and corruption, aswell as the abillity to absorb shadow-based magical projectiles launched at him by blocking them with his hands; the extent to such protection however is limited.

While being skinny is truly a disadvantage, Aye'zan has managed to bypass this issue somewhat by creating his own style of melee combat - should a need for one arise - by using simple Voodoo blessings to improve his movements, he relies on fast-paced strikes and a lot of dodging, including acrobatic feats, aswell as kicks and punches who closely relate to martial arts. His weapon is usually his staff, which he uses suprisingly good in melee combat. He has shown relatively good use of axes and glaives, aswell.

Aye'zan has managed to defeat and kill the Death Knight Jarvus (2nd generation), aswell as keep on par with spellcasting of the Lich Durge. He has defeated a High Priest - like himself - of Hakkar single-handedly in an island temple of Stranglethorn, and has slaughtered numerous powerful members or abominations of the Cult of the Twilight Hammer. During the Hinterlands war with the Wildhammers, he single-handedly managed to maintain balance of the battling forces versus the overwhelming enemy.

Temple MasterEdit

Aye'zan uses his Temple as a training ground for the various apprentices he has. Some of the known apprentices that are either in-training or have completed their training and became priests are Jok'zombwe, Uru'khan, Key'ora and Jo'nowa.

High Priest Aye'zan accepts members of all Troll tribes in his temple, as long as they appease to him.



  • The inscription on Aye'zan's left cheek is most-likely given by his unknown Zandalari lover.
  • Despite supporting the Horde, the troll has cooperated with the Alliance where greater threats can be found - most notable being the Twilight Hammer. Even so, he avoids being close to members of the Alliance if there's nothing important to do with them.
  • Aye'zan is an addicted smoker, and has rough and periodic cough because of it. With pipe in his mouth even during battles, he has joked that he would "probably die from it".
  • High Priest Aye'zan maintains a network of connections and informators across Azeroth despite his posture as a humble priest - he has 'friends' within the Zandalari, the greater Horde and the Argent Crusade, and uses that information carefully, trying to follow the events of the world and be in-touch with them.