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The Nocturnal Order


Lucinda Harper (mother, deceased), Gregory Harper (father, alive)


Gregory Harper (previous)

August is a 32 year old Male Human Paladin that was raised in Alterac, by his insane father (who was previously apart of the Holy Order of the Northshire Clerics) and his equally abnormal mother. He, currently, hunts down people that he sees as blasphemies to the 'Light' -- Moreso, his version of the Light, bestowed upon him by said mad father. When August was only 19, to prove his faith, he executed his mother so that he might bring her back to life, proving his faith beyond any reasonable doubt. Though he had failed in doing so, his father kept him under his tutelage until he reached the age of 31, in which August began to venture out of the mountains and into Alliance territory. His immensely warped sense of judgement and his unbridled stoicism often draws peoples attention, and though he may look like a Paladin, he never speaks about his faith nor his reasons for being in such a place.

"May you hope, may you pray, may you be blessed by the Light this day. Free from your burdens; your slate wiped clean; the Light, our Father, set your child free!" — August's chant before executing a 'sinner'

Birth & ChildhoodEdit

August was born into a small family. His father was formerly apart of the Holy Order of the Niggeria Clerics, which had recently been reformed into The Silver Slavers, and his Mother was a simple Tailor who dabbled in Prostituion. From a young age, Harper showed a natural ability to learn things quite quickly than expected; though he was no child prodigy. He could understand things with a fast pace, but he found trouble actually preforming or using said knowledge. Around August's seventh year of birth, he was given a small, agile, mace, along with this, his fathers libralism. Being such a young age, August had much to learn about what this libralism contained, and it's personal and emotional value to his father. From this point on, August's father began to teach him what he had been taught to him -- But with his fathers own interpretation and maddening changes.

August was nearing his sixteenth year of life when he was finally grasping the twisted Faith his father bestowed upon him. He began to understand what it meant to be apart of this Faith, and what it meant to be faithful. Slowly, he began to find his way into using this faith -- To purify the sinful, and heal the wounded. Near his nineteenth year, August was already able to use minor Holy magic, granted to him through his staunch faith in the Light. At this time, his father was pleased with the progress August had made from the point of being a child without knowledge of this mighty being -- The Light -- and now a young adult who is devoted to such an entity, so much that he would dedicate his own life to seeing its will be brought into Azeroth. No more than two months following August's nineteeth anniversary of birth, his father delivered him one final task of his 'training', if you will; To behead his mother, and prove his faith by bringing her back with help of the Light. August, nor his mother, had no objections to this. The three were blinded by Gregory's (August's father) words and beliefs; the maddness had consumed not just Gregory, but all of them. August walked his mother to a large, flattened stone that lie outside of their home, clearing the uncut lumber that rest upon it, and placed her head politely atop the rock. Lucinda (August's mother), Gregory, and himself, began a prayer to the Light in preperation for the Holy ceremony which was about to take place. When their prayer was finally finished, August raised a large bastard sword above his head, and brought the blade to his mothers neck, severing her head from her fraile body. August felt a surge of conviction throughout his body -- This was it. He was going to prove his faith to his father, and to the Light itself.

Gregory and August now joined hands, one standing behind the now beheaded womans body, and the other in front of it. They began a prayer different than the aforementioned, this one asking for the Light to return the spirit of Lucinda back to her body, and to heal the wounds of her physical form, so that she might once again reclaim her place in the World of the living. Nearly an hour passed as the prayer ended with August and his fathers hands seperating; August's palms would now be placed on the back of Lucinda's lifeless corpse. As the young Human began to channel all of his stored energy from the prayer into his mothers body, a faint glow began to surround him. His father observed in awe, rivaled only by pride. Mere moments seemed to last for hours for August, he could feel his body weakening to the point of collapse. His muscles tightened, and he grit his teeth, showing strain. And with a quick motion, August lifed his hands off of Lucinda's body and slammed them into the stone at belief she would be alive again. Though, nothing happened. The faint glow dispersed and August collapsed onto the snow-filled ground, left believing his mother had returned, and that he had proven his faith.


August's sword that was used to behead his mother, Lucinda.

Days had past with August being left unconscious -- Unknown by him, of course. When he had awoken, he overheard his father speaking. Naturally, the boy had assumed that it was his mother, as they very rarely ever had visitors being so remotely placed in the mountains. Gathering what little strength that was necessary to move, August made way to the door, which he slightly opened to find that there was nobody there other than Gregory and his mothers still lifeless body. August felt a surge of sadness, emptiness, and failure rush over him, and for the slightest moment, he had lost his faith -- Not in the Light, no, rather, in himself. The boy fell to the floor, unable to control himself from the massive emotional sandblast he had just, and still would be, experienced. Whatever strength he could find, he used to muster out an almost silent call to his father. Luckily, it was loud enough to echo throughout the home and into the mountains where it bounced back, slamming against his fathers ears, altering him that August had awoken. Having heard his son, Gregory quickly rushed to the door where the young Paladin could be found. Gregory brought August back to his bed and the two began to converse. Gregory explained to his son that his rituatal was a failure, that he had not yet proven his dedication to the Light, to be able to move into proving his faith.

Following the conversation, August continued to rest for days on end, recouperating after such a strenous trial. Even if it was a failure, and even incorrectly prepared -- Likely, not even possible -- It was immensely straining on the young man's body. He was not used to such concentration, such preperation. He was still young, and he was still sheltered. Nearly a month after the failed ritual attempt, August had finally regained his strength and was ready to continue his training so that he might one day, again, prove his faith. This continuation of August's trials were very much different than before. These trials consisted of slaughtering animals in the name of the Light, and 'releasing' them from their unholy damnation. This was the second 'core' of his fathers training process. This would be what August would need to do now, after having failed in ages past, to prove himself. Because he was forced to kill creatures that found themselves in his path, August learned how to handle a blade -- Though not entirely skillfully. Simply enough so that he wouldn't be outmatched against something like a bear, or a Yeti.

As years past, August slowly grew in faith, and much more in knowledge by means of his father. He was around the age of thirty-one when his father finally deemed him 'ready' to prove himself again. Gregory was aged far beyond his day and could no longer provide training, though, he felt it was unneeded at this point. August had grown into a fine young Paladin, in his fathers eyes -- Perhaps a fine young madman in others. It was at this time that Gregory had delivered one final task to August; Rid Azeroth of the taint, so that the Light may recreate it in the utmost Holy image; Free of blasphemies, and sin. And so begun August's journey to the forest of Elwynn.

Journey to ElwynnEdit

The evening was still when August began his adventure to the forest of Elwynn. The sun had begun to set in the distant horizon, with it's serenading light finding way through the trees and giving them the appearance of being Holy beacons. This faught fiercly for superiority in beauty alongside the snowy mountainscape of Alterac. The snow glistened with a faint whisper of promise, though keeping it's pale and cold caressess not far behind. It was the first time August had ever ventured so far away from home. When his father would send him on Holy excurisons as a boy, they would only be a short distance, if not out of view, from his home. Luckily, he had been used to the cold so that he might be comfortable during his trek. It was stenuous, none-the-less, for one to heave themselves, along with the necessary items of survival, through such an icy terrain.

to be continued, I need to scout out areas throughout alterac/hillsbrad for accurate descriptions

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