Atal Loa Jindazar
Aztec warrior colored version by doniobina-d312epl
the Voodoo council

Main Leader(s):

High Priest Aye'zan

Secondary Leader(s):



Troll (all sub-races), Dire Troll, Beasts


Zandali, Common


Troll Loa Pantheon, Zandalari tribe(partly)

'Atal Loa Jindazar' is a newly-formed international Troll religious organization (also called order or council) of voodoo worshippers and servants of the Troll loa pantheons. The small council has devoted their lives to serve the pantheon and their Gods.

The organization's goals is to discuss the future for the voodoo religion, to take decisions on recent events in Troll society, to spread and preserve the voodoo belief as a whole. Althrough mainly a council of voodoo users, the organization supports military capabilities, drawing willing conscripts from different troll nations and tribes, in case where a direct approach to a religious problem with force must be taken.

The council also takes important decisions as for as how far can the voodoo be abused for political, social or military gains before they offend the troll loas.

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