Andrew Raymond Storme



Ray, Storme.


Inscriber, Focused Mage, Ley Walker, Archmage.


Human willingly turned Worgen.


Neutral Good


36 - Ageless (Worgen)


Archmage of the Argent Crusade, Cuckold, Mage/Inscriber and Ley Walker trainer.


Joshua Storme, Father, Alive, 55.

Jessica Storme, Mother, Alive, 54.

Chloe Storme, Sister, Alive, 16.

Tyr Silversteed, Son, Alive, Newborn.

Celestia, Lover, Alive, 6148.


Capital City, Lordaeron.



Clubbed To Death - Rob Dougan

Clubbed To Death - Rob Dougan

- Andrew's Theme.


As a human, Andrew isn't very remarkable. A bit taller than average at 6'6", plain, brown, neck-length hair, a thick but well trimmed beard and a decent muscular build are all that really defines him physically. Seen in what appear to be the typical casual clothing, he'd be difficult to spot in a crowd, except perhaps he constantly wears a Tabard of the Argent Crusade. In his Worgen form, he is no different than that is typically seen in them, either. He stands taller than some others, but not massively. He is more muscular in this form and it shows; thick bands of muscle rippling under his skin - but every other Worgen with any martial training looks like this as well. You see, it is not his looks which make him memorable. He is marked with a special kind of personality that seems to both draw people to him and repel them all at the same time. A very blunt man, he will say things as they are without hesitation and is quick to try and turn any situation into something light or funny. He feels he's the perfect balance of serious and funny, but several could disagree with that as he tends to ignore social cues and make jokes even at the most inappropriate of times, if only just to make himself laugh. It is how he deals with things, humor, and he prefers to keep things away from 'completely serious' so people do not become irrational or start a fight. While not exactly a pacifist, he dislikes irrational fighting in his presence and will not tolerate it in the least.

He has a very well honed sense of good and justice, willing to make sure it is met out at any cost, even at the cost of his own reputation or even his life. Though it is well-honed, it is not perfect, and he can occasionally martyr himself for something that wasn't at all right, or mattered little. He tends to let his passions get in the way of his reason, though he despises this part of himself. He always believes the only way to fix a situation or win a battle or to solve and issue, one must use clear, cold logic and apply it effectively. Ignorance is his enemy and he detests any of it in his presence. Coming from Lordaeron, he's had several ties with the Argent Dawn and the Crusade out of a sense of duty. Being an Officer of the Crusade, he has come to terms with things one would not expect because of it - namely his relative indifference toward the 'Horde' races. Because of this, he's not too well-liked for his "accepting" ways.

One would expect a veteran to be some cold, brooding downer. Everyone deals with things differently. Andrew prefers humor.

When his PTSD is triggered, his personality is afflicted with nearly uncontrollable anger - lashing out at people for being merely snarky with him, even threatening physical harm - or the complete opposite, he's overcome with a sense of coldness. He loses nearly all emotion, and becomes a heartless killing machine, unable to differ between a person he loves and a thing he hates. While he will not outright attack, he will have no qualms about doing so, and becomes extremely vengeful toward people for things they have done. During this manifestation of PTSD, he has little to no recollection of what he does. His triggers are specific, but can happen at any time if the correct events take place, and the manifestation of it is completely random.

The source of his immense anger has been found - it turns out he was suffering from Arcane Corruption and has been cleansed of this. While still prone to episodes from his PTSD his temper and patience have grown significantly and he is less likely to insult or assault anyone.


Andrew was born in the Year -5, or, 587 on the King's Calendar, a few years before The First War began. His father was a Dalaran magi, and his mother a Priestess who traveled amongst the various cities of Lordaeron, spreading her teachings of The Light. At a young age, he wanted to follow in her mother's footsteps. However, this changed around the time of the Second War. In a small, freak accident, he set ablaze the ground when he lost his temper with his mother over her reluctance to let him begin training as a Priest. His father recognized his talent with the Arcane and took him away to Dalaran the moment he heard about it, to the boy's dismay. It wasn't long before he realized his own abilities and began to like what he could do. He remained in Dalaran with his father, first training as a magi. For him, however, it wasn't enough, and around age seventeen he began to look into other ways to channel and hone his abilities. Discovering the 'Magical Warriors', support casters on the battlefield who were infamous for their versatility, he inquired to his teachers about such a path of training.

Being a pure magi for so long, his body was not in amazing physical condition. He could not keep up with the others in the program, and initially thought he was to fail. Fortunately, the exercise regimen they created for the program was specified for Magi wishing to follow this path, and in a couple year's time his body was fit enough to continue after being held back several times. Preferring a blade to other forms of martial combat, he trained in the art of swordsmanship. However, this was only half of his training. It took a while for his skills to be anywhere decent with a blade, despite his physical fitness. It felt clumsy to him; and not fluid like magic was. This is likely why he preferred to remain a Warmage, rather than the armor-bearing, melee-efficient Battlemagi. By the time he was twenty-three, he had already begun the final stage of his training: Combining what he learned about magic, with martial practice. This being the last, and longest stage, it took three and a half years to complete, officially 'graduating' as a full-fledged Warmage by the middle of year 23. He wasn't anybody special, though his teachers did recognize him for his gift for magic. Over his training he became a good swordsman and combined melee and magic very well when the situation called for it, though preferred to remain in the back and cast more than getting up close.

Lordaeron's fall did not affect Andrew as much as he let on. Just after the attacks began, his mother and a small caravan managed to escape being annihilated and fled south to Dalaran, aiming to get to Stormwind. Passing by to see Andrew and his father, he was relieved she and his little sister were safe. Within six months of leaving south from Dalaran, he received a letter stating she had made it and she was doing well in the rebuilding city, helping with the near-finished Cathedral of Light as was his sister, who was training to be a Priestess under her mother. Satisfied his family did not suffer the tragedies that so many others had during the Scourge's invasion, he continued to train by himself and with other warmagi he knew. Whether by fate or a stroke of luck, he was not present for the annihilation of Dalaran. He and his father left days before to Stormwind to visit their family. Now with no home in Lordaeron and Dalaran utterly obliterated, they decided to stay in Stormwind permanently. Andrew's father took up teaching at the Stormwind Wizard's Sanctum, as did Andrew himself, teaching both beginning magical classes to children and was allowed to train new Warmagi in beginner techniques with swordsmanship and how to combine magic and martial combat. It was not until he heard of the formation of the Dawn did he request to leave and assist them.

This would be his first real taste of combat outside sparring and dummies. Arriving in the scarred lands was not easy for him, and neither was the fight. He spent many years with the Dawn, taking part in their slow retaking of the Plaguelands. While not part of the big assault on Naxxramas, he was present for its siege and was involved with many operations to secure a way to attack the massive Necropolis. Even with the opening of the Dark Portal, he preferred to remain in the Plaguelands and continue fighting the Undead and the Scarlet Crusade to ensure the lands were taken back. During these times, working with all races and types of people, he became more relaxed around what he once knew as "enemies" though he is still hesitant around Horde races who are not affiliated with the Argents. By year 32, one could call him a 'veteran' Warmage, having practiced his art for nearly ten years by then, becoming very skilled at his lethal art. He tended to favor Evocation and Abjuration the most as his two 'main' forms of magic. At the spark of the Northrend Scourge War, Andrew requested that he be sent with the Crusade. Approved, he fought along-side both Horde and Alliance as an Argent Crusader, taking place in several skirmishes and led small strike-teams to take out specific targets in the larger-scale battles. He was, of course, not present for the Lich King's fall, but did partake in the initial assault on the bottom floor, protecting the camp at the entrance and seeing that Marrowgar fell.

In the time between the Fall of the Lich King and the Cataclysm, he returned to the Plaguelands and continued to assist in retaking the lands, happy that it was finally healing from the mass destruction. He happily assisted in retaking and rebuilding Hearthglen and is often seen there now. However, when Deathwing shattered the world he was in Stormwind on leave, visiting his family. Because of this, he remained in Stormwind for several weeks. Seeing the ancient Aspect inspired him to fight against these 'Twilghts' he knew so little of - in fact, the only reason he knew about them was from the Dawn and Crusade members sending reports back to Light's Hope or Hearthglen from Kalimdor and overhearing conversations. With the reintegration of the Gilnean people in Stormwind, he recognized the Worgen held potential. They were...feral, but not lost to the mind of an animal. Just like the people of Hillsbrad, he convinced a Worgen to offer his blood and allow him the chance to become one because of his stance as a Crusader, and thus fighting the undead often. He did not want to become one.

He is currently getting more used to his Feral self and prefers to fight in that form more than his human self. He is still a Crusader, but often goes to Stormwind to train other magi and Warmagi as he did before he left to join the Dawn. Considering the war is over and Hearthglen is taken, I'd think his leash would be a little looser. ha ha he made a dog joke

During his time "off" the Warmage Andrew found himself with a mysterious Archmage named "E," which he figured out later stood for "Ecrosetis." Becoming part of his 'Casta Talamasca,' a guild opposing the evil group known as 'The All Seeing Eye,' shortly after meeting the man. He remained with them for a long while, and during that time caught Ecrosetis' attention, becoming their 'Muscle,' so to speak. Eventually, Raymond asked Ecrosetis if he could train Ray further in the arts of the Arcane, wishing to advance to Ecro's level of power over time. The Archmage accepted, happy to have an apprentice, and immediately began training, which involved reading most of Ecrosetis' massive collection at the Casta Talamasca guild headquarters. Over time, the guild disbanded, but Ray kept up his studies by returning to the abandoned base and taking from his library.

While he continued his studies, he still wished to help the Crusade. He officially rejoined and was even promoted to Lieutenant, originally given a job at Hearthglen training new recruits in how to use a blade, or, advancing more inexperienced Magi in their training of the Arcane arts. His line of work as an instructor did not last long here, however, when he met Attara Scarhorn, who requested that Andrew be her second-in-command. Initially hesitant, he continued with his teaching job, but his sense of duty caused the veteran to cave and accept the offer, transferred to the base shortly thereafter, at his own approved request. Initially, the job was quiet. The base needed some work and the men and women ordered to go to the base were just now beginning to head there. Very few attacks to worry about, very little threat. Then the Scourge must have gotten curious.

Spies were sent in, which resulted in the first formal attack on the newer base, a 'seed' of plague corrupting the fountain waters, which then grew and spread, turning all around it into mindless undead Ghouls, which spread out and attacked the base. The Plague itself also continued to spread, but it was quickly controlled by Ray's ordering of all nearby Battle-Priests to contain its spreading. Even after the battle, the clean-up necessary was massive. They had to initiate a lockdown and turn away most non-Argents to Light's Hope Chapel, offering guardsmen to escort them to the safer location. This is mostly still in effect, but loosened in light of recent events. Shortly thereafter, an assault on a nearby developing Plague Cauldron proved successful, an attack which Ray led himself, and the casualties were minimal at best.

The Scourge's remnants kept assaulting Tyr's Hand. For weeks, they were pounded relentlessly by attack after attack, their gates eventually shattering from a large abomination and a Flesh Giant simultaneously assaulting the base. While all attacks were repelled, the base was left in a state of disrepair, losing several men and women from each assault. People became restless and Ray's dedication to learning more and more strengthened, wishing to be able to fight better versus the Scourge. Ray was happy to learn that Ecrosetis had decided to join the Crusade, and his training outside of reading resumed for a few more weeks, quickly picking up on the lectures he read and the spells he was asked to train specifically on. He was a great student under a great teacher.

Ecro's betrayal struck everyone hard, Ray in particular. The Warmage looked up to the man and respected his knowledge, following his every instruction to the best of his ability. And though he vowed to exact his revenge, he was never able to. Within a couple weeks, Ecro was destroyed. His attacks were displays of power; power that was never able to come to fruition. Killed by his own little brother, Castiel, Ecro had written a note to Ray before his complete fall, apologizing for what he had done and praising Ray for his dedication and a special request that others not slander is name. At first, he disregarded the message... but over time, he grew to accept it and eventually continued his studying even without his mentor, still having access to his mentor's library located somewhere in Stonetalon mountains. He'd visited during his five days off, as Darnassus was not as large of a distance as the Plaguelands were, and also visited when he went to Ashenvale on a small mission, branching off to collect more from the library.

More recently, there was an assassination attempt on Adison's life, as well as the unborn child she carried. While the attempt failed, it jarred Andrew enough to finally wish to step down from his position and fall into inactive duty so he could pursuit his own personal desires, as well as take care of his pregnant wife - his own life is what mattered, at this point. Doing so, he's made more trips to Dalaran and has been there days at a time, coming back to check on his wife, who is in a secluded location, every now and then. Most of his time has been diverted to studying toward his goal of attaining the title of Archmage. His drive is fueled by his desire to obtain the status of one merely so he is able to assist better and more often - specifically retaking Lordaeron - and, in part, the need to show up his father, who is also an Archmage in Dalaran, by obtaining both the power and the title long before he did.

During his studies, the Crusade finally pushed to retake Stratholme. As Andrew promised, he was there for the assault, helping with both Plaguewood and the city itself. The assault took five straight days of fighting, and eventually it was cleared, Andrew taking most of the credit for "killing" Balnazzar, though was a major part of retaking the second half as well. With the Alonsus Chapel and the entirety of the City retaken, Andrew was promoted to Captain for his efforts and allowed to branch off from the Crusade to go assist Azeroth's Vengeance, a neutral-aligned faction dedicated solely to ending the Twilight threat and a group that Andrew assisted in removing The Justicar and his Vortexes from Azeroth. With the end of the Justicar, Andrew followed Garton and his Guild to Stranglethorn Vale, where they all gathered just outside Booty Bay for a short time, before moving straight to Hyjal. Because of personal issues, and a desire to remove himself from most he knows, he decided to follow Sera Dawnseer to Felwood to take care of the issues currently troubling the Emerald Circle - namely the Shadow Council.

Ultimately, the small group's efforts in Felwood ended when the false Archdruid of the Emerald Circle, Navarax, was revealed to be a powerful Saytr named Xaravan and killed soon after, thanks to Feronas Sindweller, a Demon Hunter who sensed the Saytr's treachery long ago and was being falsely accused of murdering Druids without a reason. With him defeated, both Sera and Andrew decided to give their help to Hyjal and both of them teleported there to offer their assistance to the Vengeance once more. While absent for many of their attacks, Andrew has joined their forces and is a loyal ally to their cause.

Currently in Dalaran most of the time unless called out of the city to deal with something important or to see family/friends after a rough patch with Celestia which broke them up. He did end up finding someone else, Nirana Dawnmist, who pulled him from his depressive stupor.

Out of his state of depression, he delved into his research of Inscribing. As Deepholm was started, he was already a proficient Runecaster, and was steadily growing thanks to Nina and Kira, both in Nagrand and Netherstorm respectively. Since the start of his training, he had been meditating under the guidance of Nina to learn Ley Walking. He proved successful, and offered his newfound powers to the Earthen Ring in Deepholm. Eventually, the World Pillar was restored with the help of Andrew and several others, balancing the realms of Azeroth and the Plane of Earth once again. Regarded as a hero by the Earthen Ring, he left Deepholm to rest on Azeroth, at his home, preparing for the next fight.

A few weeks after Deepholm's completion, Andrew found himself getting a little restless. Hearing that a couple friends of his, Marcus and Celestia, had been in Tanaris with the Explorer's League and the Redmantle Expedition, he decided to visit them at their dig in the Valley of the Ancients. This "visit" ended up lasting a lot longer than he previously thought, as the neighbor Reliquary camp ended up causing problems. Remaining with them for the rest of that day, both groups eventually walked through the gates of Uldum and settled in the nearby oasis. Andrew originally planned to only remain there for a couple weeks, just to take in the sights of such a new land, but ended up deciding to stay once he heard of the native Tol'vir's plight with the Neferset and the Wind Elementals of Skywall, who were found out to be working with Deathwing.

Andrew now remains in Uldum, usually at the neutral camp he set up and currently "runs" or the nearby Explorer's League/Redmantle Expedition camp. While he has no love for the Alliance, he does use them as a proxy to assist the Tol'vir whenever he can.


- Andrew's voice is much like that of Robert Downey Jr's, and several people have commented that's the voice they think of, as well as the look of Tony Stark when they think of his face, replacing Stark's hair with a longer brown or black. I honestly have no idea why people say this; I just go with it since so many have all said the same thing to me.

- As ironic as it may seem, Andrew is actually a cat person and prefers the company of felines over that of dogs. He has a cat named Tommy. It's a plain silver cat with yellow-green eyes. He recounts his cat is not natural, as it catches birds mid-air when they're swooping down and even defends the home much like a vicious dog, fending off several other stray cats. This is odd, because Tommy has never been much of an outside cat. He is eleven years old. It used to live with his mother until Andrew was able to buy a home.

- For some reason, Andrew has an aversion to insects. Nobody knows why.

- His favorite Element to cast is Lightning.

- Andrew is considered a Master at both Evocation and Abjuration magic. That is, Destructive spells and Shielding/Dispelling spells, respectively.

- Despite being a member of the Kirin Tor, he actually despises Rhonin Redhair and feels that Antonidas was the best leader Dalaran ever had, with Runeweaver coming at a close second. He does, however, like both Modera and Aethas Sunreaver, or at least doesn't mind them. It's also learned that he isn't a fan of Jaina because of her love for Arthas, but does respect her demands of peace and neutrality.

- Never speak highly of Varian Wrynn around Andrew. Just like with Rhonin, he vehemently despises Varian, thinking him to be a "selfish, pig-headed manchild." However, he seems to really like Varian's son, Anduin, feeling that he will become a great King, and one that he could support. This also seems to extend to Daelin Proudmoore, explaining he "Got what he deserved" because he "Chased down Thrall's Horde like they were rabid dogs, when they were just trying to find a peaceful land to settle in."

- Andrew has issues practicing what he preaches; at least in terms of Racism. To nearly all, he's perfectly kind and polite, even to Forsaken so long as they don't support Sylvanas. However, around Goblins he's much more callous and quickly annoyed, and is hasty to end a conversation with one. Their selfish, greedy, and needlessly destructive ways (especially to Nature) is the root cause of this, as he's explained several times.

- The Undead used to cause problems for Andrew. This has changed. From the events at Tyr's Hand - which forced him to have many interactions with Argent-aligned Forsaken and Acherus Knights - he's calmed down a lot about the long as they're not loyal to Sylvanas. He still despises anyone who follows the Dark Lady, or even shows a shred of respect for her, believing she is merely a second Lich King, especially since her recruitment of the Val'kyr.

- You'd think a Warlock would inspire anger in this mage. They don't. He's cautious around them, but he doesn't outright despise Warlocks. The reason for this is, so far, unknown.

(more will be added later)