Alisija Evesbloom
Within the Forests.






Blood Elf

Character class:

Priestess of the Sun


Chaotic Good








Vinarchi (Father), Siurocko (Brother), Azazel (Brother), Aylana (Mother).


Various priestesses.

The Beginnings:Edit

Third and final child of magister Vinarchi and priestess Aylana, Alisija did not have the most admirable childhood. Her father would usually violate her mother and her first-born brother Siurocko. Seeing that he would do the same to Alisija, Siurocko took Alisija away with permission of Aylana and gave her to the church where she’d study holy magic in peace with the priestesses. To this date Alisija is capable of remembering her father’s mistakes.  Within the church she became a novice priestess and later a priestess in her own right, taking humbleness and care as virtues. She was well taught that without strong will and faith she could never become a priestess, and she had both, belief in light and care for people. In her young years she appeared like the most usual priestess, her hair was long and blonde as it is with most of the Evesbloom family tree, slim figure with very fair skin complexion.

The Sundawn Consortium:Edit

As her life with the priestesses came to an end, Alisija was finally ready to go out and put her knowledge into the services of the Sin’dorei. The Sundawn Consortium led by General Sendir seemed to be just the thing. The main reason as to why she’d chose the Consortium is that her brother Siurocko was already within it and he could help her get herself involved. With her shyness and tiny voice, she did not have much say in things and would usually play the role of a support.

Belore’s Blessing:Edit

As she kept working within the Consortium, Alisija felt her magic bending away from that of light; she felt a new energy within herself and yet could not explain it, until it was explained to her through an unknown voice. Realizing that her new-found power came from the Sun, she took upon it as her new deity and decided to spread her faith. With very few wishing to be involved within it, she managed to get some attention from her fellow Consortium who inspected this new kind of magic they witnessed.

Silvermoon’s Council:Edit

Silvermoon could never let this new kind of magic spread through their Kingdom without their control. The leading council called upon Alisija to explain herself, once she did, they saw her as a new-found weapon against the enemy forces, a puppy to control and put her under the Paladins, to train new-found priests and priestesses in her magic, as she did. Yet soon, they could see what her magic truly did, Alisija no longer appeared as she would, her eyes gone red and enflamed, her hair becoming red as well, while her fait skin became tanned with no trace of arcane magic within her. Seeing this magic as dangerous for their people, Alisija was forbidden from using it or teaching it and was ordered to be back within belief of the light. She would silently agree, but never did she truly comply.


Becoming an outcast for the most part, Alisija left the Silvermoon city and it’s people behind, going to make her living in the Eversong Woods, she decided from there on, plants and animals, nature, would be her friends. And so it happened, she grew a strong connecting to each plant and animal, becoming a being of nature herself in a way and using her beliefs as her way out of the society. She would usually visit her brother on occasions and try to avoid further contact with humanoids unless nature needed protection.


At present day, Alisija is much more practiced within her arts and understands the Sun completely, although her past experiences made her ruthless and bitterer, more confident in herself and nature, less trusting of humanoids. She has a new-found deeper tone to her voice which can snarl with danger and won’t hesitate to take a cruel advantage in combat. Making herself the representative of nature’s most fierce magic - the solar flame.


Long waves of red, rather beautiful silky hair go down beyond her shoulders, between two lines of shiny hair lies her face. Her skin seems red-ish in its nature, yet it is her outstanding eyes that makes the full picture.

Alisija's eyes are red as flame itself, with just a slight touch of orange, they could be compared to eyes of red dragons turning within their humanoid forms. Alrighty shaped nose goes down the facial structure as you come upon her lips, the lips not seem truly full, but have a secure essence to them, ready to speak in iconic deep and strong voice.

Going lower down her body, you can notice that a long waved red dress goes along her line, made of fine material with several rubies over it. It is body hugging till waist, allowing for movement, while body structure seems quite fit for an elf, probably she does quite a bit of physical work too. 

Coming down to her feet, nothing special other than a pair of shoes can be seen, yet just fulfilling the flaming feeling of the dress.

Overall appearance yet doesn't seem to be of arcane as most elves; her appearance seems divine and enlightened up flames of the Sun, just as she is.


In her youth, Alisija was a shy and quiet girl, supporting and listening to the orders of her superiors. Today she won’t accept orders from anyone but herself, her patience is still at a certain level but she will keep herself distant and usually try to give off an intimidating gaze to those who’d approach her. Usually she is described as ruthless but just, she’d never trick anyone and is usually very direct and outspoken about the things that would bother her. She only shows liking towards her single brother, Siurocko while others must earn her respect and respect her to get this sort of treatment. Towards those who would assault nature, Alisija feels pure hate and won’t stop at nothing to give them what they deserve.


As a Sun Priestess, Alisija has a very unique set of abilities that is unknown to many people, on sight, her magic looks like mix of pure flame and light, known to exist among the Tauren tribes. She can use her magic to raise plants from the ground to either assault with them or to use them for healing potions; she is capable of direct healing when close to natural life. But where she excels the most is the ability to damage her foes, her spells are capable of blinding and they usually burn her enemies with ease, while she is very dangerous and nearly un-approachable during the day, rainy weather or caves that cut her direct connection to the Sun weaken her so much that she will eventually get sick and unless given sunlight, she might even die.

In battle, Alisija prefers to be elusive, she will send wild-life and nature as her foes while hiding behind them to set off a powerful strike of her own. Usually if the enemy is capable of overcoming her, she will use solar dust to put their mind off to sleep and flee the scene.


"May the Sun guide you."

"You’re a trespasser to nature!"

"Remember this; it’s the last time you’re under sunlight."

"The burning scars will serve a decent reminder!"

"Defeated by a flower…"

"And you thought plants did not move."

"The land is searing with life."

"Nature’s power has not yet shown its limit."

"My father was a fool, now he lies in –my- domain."

"Tread lightly; things aren’t always what they seem."

"I’ll join the society when it learns to respect what I fight for."

"They called me the monster, in truth; they are bigger monsters than I’ll ever be."

"I am grateful my brother stayed above them."

"The Sin’dorei are going downward, the society lives solely on corruption."

"Where are your allies? Mine are all around…"

"Think you can defeat the solar flame? You must have been blinded by it in the past…"

"Tigers, you can never compromise with those!"

"Eat this plant, EAT IT!"


Zyra Voice - English - League of Legends

Zyra Voice - English - League of Legends