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To begin this wiki I’d firstly like to introduce what I’m about to write. So, yes this is a character named “Alec Alasdair” which you might’ve figured out about now. The pictures and most of ideas are taken from the character “Bishop” from NWN2. Of course I’m not literally ripping everything of but more so using him as pictures as said before.

I will write this wiki as if it was Alec himself who wrote it (self-biography that is). ICly wise Alec would be at his older age, finally returning to the village where his family and former friends resides and have decided to write about his adventures. Now let’s get started.

The BeginningEdit

Alec Alasdair
Alec during one of his man hunts.








Sean (Twin brother, alive), Damion (Father, alive), Helen (Mother, alive)







When finally returning home the first question asked was from my dear friend Andrew. “What happened?” He asked. At first, I did not fully understand the question yet when I’m sitting here I think I do. It is not often you see a man such as I choose this kind of road. Either way, I cannot answer this question as bluntly and easily as he asked it, no. No, to tell you what happened I must go back to the start, to my childhood to be more precise.

The Early DaysEdit

My earliest memory from my childhood would be when I ran through the forest right outside Grand Hamlet with my brother. It was our home, a beautiful, living city. My family, the Alasdairs had been nobles of the city for a longer while and we held a strong reputation within the town. I remember that my father stood in the middle of the merchant district to speak with the people of what was to come and what was to happen in the near future. I have collected many memories from this city, everywhere from where I was trained to act property in front of other nobles to where my brother and I tricked the elderly of the city.

Yet, as all other nice things it must come to an end. And this very specific memory was taken far too quickly from me. The reason is simple, the war came. Although, I guess you can call us lucky. The news read the town quickly and we were given a chance to escape before the armies arrived. My brother and I were far too young to stand and fight and we, together with our mother and the helpers of our household, headed north towards the still safe and peaceful settlements.

Alec 4

A younger Alec playing with his mother near the once beautiful landscape outside Grand Hamlet.

Even thought I am getting to age I still fully recall how we reached the settlement. It was a shocking sight; I who had lived my entire life in luxury was taken by surprise when I saw the refugee camps. My father arrived to the settlement a few weeks after us only to give us the bad news that we had lost. He together with some other nobles were planning for the next few days, I remember how my brother and I used to sneak into the tent to hear the grownups discuss, yet only to be thrown out as fast we were noticed.

The decision was made; we were to continue up north to a bigger city named Andorhal, apparently our father had strong connection up there and we were to live in peace and everything would return to normal. And, my father was right. The war turned to our favor and we established a mansion near Andorhal with the money we took with us from Grand Hamlet. I and my brother got older and we started to get more and more involved in the business we were to take over whenever my father passed away.

Life continued.Edit

When I and my brother were both considered as adults my life took a turn. The new mansion grew in size and our family’s named gained some sort of reputation, of course nothing compared to what we had back in Grand Hamlet but it made us survive. I and my brother Sean usually rode out into the forest, hunting and training each other in sword combat. I still remember these days clearly, it was before everything just went wrong.

It was in the middle of the winter. My brother and I had just returned from a successful hunt in the forest t

Alec with his twin brother Sean on a hunt during the winter.

ogether with our father. As I and Sean went to the butchery to sell our price father headed to the mansion. It was not before we reached the very door of our home I felt it, something was wrong. I remember the feeling as if it was just yesterday, my stomach turned as I opened the door. When I stepped inside my brother and I were met by a few servants who only increased my suspicious that something indeed was amiss. We walked through the hallways and turned to the right when we reached my parents chambers. I opened the door and was shocked by what I saw. It was my father sitting on the bed next to my mother, holding her hand as his eyes was closed. I find it strange that I still remember this so clearly, it was after all forty years ago now, if not even more.

My mother had turned ill and something was attacking the noble kingdom of Lordaeron from the north. Our family could not flee with the rest due my mother’s state. My brother had been told to follow the refugees to the west coast of Lordaeron as I and my father remained in Andorhal.

The months passed by and the news just got more and more troublesome. We were all told to evacuate as the city of Stratholme fell to the destructive forces of this “Scourge” as they had been named. My mother had shown signs of getting better yet she was not able to leave the bed just yet. Our workers and helpers had fled long ago, realizing what would happen if they remained. At last my father and his friend Nicolas had decided that we would indeed move out. With a well made wagon we took off, this time leaving almost everything behind. Sean had already been given most of the family’s belongings as he was to establish a new home for us to live in when we got there.

But, when we reached the coast we were yet again taken by surprise. This was not what we had planned, the ships had a
lready departed and there were only a minor group of ships left which was to depart in a few days. There was no sign of where my brother had headed and I later found out that he had a scheme of his own.

A new life.Edit

Finally, we had gotten our self over the sea without any problem. The sea ride had gone as planned and my mother was feeling far better. Yet my father was troubled of the thought where his son had gone with all the money and belongings. I myself was back then certain that he had ensured the Aladsair family a safe position in this new colony and we were to be greeted by him when there. But, as many times before I was wrong.

When we walked the streets of Theramore and one of our former helpers approached us with a warming and welcoming smile on his lips. He told us that he needed a word with my father in private and they departed. After a few hours my father returned, I can remember the anger which filled his eyes back then. He explained to us how Sean had taken the family’s money and established a place of his own, but we were apparently not welcomed. The helper had told my father that if he so even approached Seans new home he and his family would have to face the consequences. We were helpless yet
Alec 3

Alec walking with his mother through the forest.

we survived. My father’s old contacts would prove themselves really useful now. We turned our self to another family, one of the ones we knew back from Grand Hamlet. We were offered to stay there until the problem had been solved and we had to repay nothing.

The days passed by and my father had established himself in the city, regaining his former pride as my brother had escaped the city, fearing what our father would do to him. It was also here I decided to take another turn. When I had ensured that my family would survive in this new city I left as well, not really sure where to go but one thing was certain, I had to leave.