Alliance 32 Aendan Silverstrife
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During the scourge assault on Quel'thalas.




IconSmall Alliance Alliance


IconSmall Mage Hydromancer, Transmutor (Formally Pyromancer)




Quel'dorei (High Elf)




IconSmall Adventure Adventurer, IconSmall book Studying Mage



Aendan Silverstrife (Ay-n-den) is a Quel'dorei Hydromancer currently travelling Azeroth to find ambition, knowledge and entertainment. He is loyal to the Alliance, yet prefers more neutral grounds to work in and is generally seen in such areas.


Aendan was brought up as a mage, his parents both being esteemed Pyromancers and so was brought up as one as well. His life was fairly normal for a high elf, not being at the top of the chain of money yet no where near the bottom. When he became an adult he taught younger elves how to use fire magic, which he would find quite entertaining and continued to do this until the scourge attack on Quel'thalas.

The attack on Quel'thalas happened to quickly and made Aendan's life a major turnaround. He remembers the screams and the fire the scourge created, leaving him scarred deeply by it all, so much so that he found it hard to even lay eyes on his homeland. After the horrors, he moved far away from Quel'thalas to the city of Stormwind, where he almost went mad from his addiction to mana. He luckily pulled through it from the intervention of others and meditating when needed.

He found himself unable to look upon fire anymore, remembering the terror it caused in his homeland. Although he missed Quel'thalas he knew he could never return and he even had to give up his own parent's magic because of these scars.

He moved to Dalaran and joined the Silver Convanent when the city was raised from the earth. This is when he took up Hydromancy, the pure opposite of fire. He thought that if he learned such a magic, he would be able to stop the fire from spreading in the future.

Now, he travels across the world trying to learn more and become more talented so that such a horror would not occur again. He also has a form of wanderlust, being stuck in Quel'thalas most of his life he has much to learn about the outside world and has a general 'neutral' behavior because of this.


Aendan is a very assertive person, able to give conversation wherever he goes and whoever he's speaking to. He seems to be a proud person, which is common among elves and is very good at hiding his emotions, which he tends to build up only to release at a later date. Aendan seems to know his own worth, believing that he is a very useful asset to any team and can generally talk himself into things.

He is a very careful person and would rarely put himself into very dangerous situations. He values his life a lot, believing that he still has tasks to accomplish before he dies.

He is tolerant to most alliance races, even having a few conversations with Kaldorei in the past. This is because of all his time in Quel'thalas, he hasn't layed eyes on many Kaldorei in his life and generally wants to know more about Azeroth. With Sin'dorei he tries not to get near them at all, as he doesn't know what to think of them - while he hates them for using fel, he misses the sense of community he once had when his race was united. He is intolerant of races such as Forsaken, as they simply remind him of the assault on Quel'thalas.


Aendan has long, wavey silver hair that goes down to his back. He would have a stern yet friendly face and when talking his gaze travels from one person to another, as if he was scanning all the details thrown at him. Because of this, he is seen as highly observant of the world around him. In battle, however, he has a very serious and insense look. He has a small beard on his chin, the style of which he seems to change by the month.

He would wear quite normal robes for a High Elf, being of good quality as they were made in Dalaran. His staff was also given to him when he was in the Silver Convanent, the staff being made of Truesilver and is a good, well made staff.


Aendan's prime magic is Hydromancy, which he initially took up due to his fear of fire. He is very good with it, able to command it at will after a lot of training with it and state of mind. He continues to try to find more ways to use it to his advantage.

Aendan also knows a little about Transmution due to wishing to travel long distances. He also learnt Transmution as a survival aspect, with the knowledge of know to teleport away should he get himself in a pickle. Of course, the teleportation would still have to have much preparation if he decided to use it.