Adella Nightoak
Fairy On The Moon
The Moon Fairy





Character class:

Priestess of the Moon


The Kal'dorei


Nature's Protector


Adventuring across the world



The Beginning:Edit

Adella was born in the outskirts forests of Suramar 11000 years ago. She was raised by both of her fairy parents, who would teach her the values of what it means to be a fairy and what is her role in the world. She was taught that the nature is the most important privilege of the world and that it must be kept well maintained and looked after, she was also taught of creatures ready to assist fairies and get the assistance back. As she reached adulthood, she went after the path her mother originally took, the path of an Elune’s devotee. She would learn how to channel Elune’s magic through her hands and by strong will and faith repay to her goddess, always to use her magic in service to nature.

War of the Enchanted:Edit

The most tragic war remembered in history. War of the Enchanted brought many deaths upon the world, fairies were no exception to this. Adella’s own parents died in their desperate attempts to defend forests from demons, yet the fairies’ very fragile skeleton could deal out damage, yet could take none, two demonic hits were enough to end one of them. Adella, still in her youth wouldn’t care go out and fight the demons directly, preferably she stayed in the background of the battle, choosing to help heal all injured allies of nature. As she kept doing her job in the back lines, there came a time where the war would end in one swift blow, The Sundering. She along the night elves and most nature’s creatures would be blasted away with their part of the continent, known as Kalimdor to live within Ashenvale forests.

The Long Vigil and beginnings of the Third War:Edit

The results of the war were not quite bad after all, Adella along the rest of her faerie kind managed to make peaceful living with the races within Ashenvale, including night elves, dryads, ancients etc. She kept her will and devotion to the Mother Moon and would not cross herself from being chase, resulting in no direct heirs. Soon enough the humans and orcs arrived in their combined forces to Ashenvale. Along with the night elves she believe they would harm the forests and did not hesitate in giving them a fight for it, yet when the greater threat approached, her mind was changed.

The Third War:Edit

Seeing the demonic power renew itself. Adella relived the horrors of the Enchanted War all over again. Yet seeing humans and orcs as less of a threat now, she focused her efforts in staying to the back-lines, healing and sometimes going into fights versus demons. She helped the night elves in the final battle for the Mount Hyjal and watched as nature’s spirits made the ultimate sacrifice.


In the aftermath of the Third War, Adella retired to her forests in her ever-lasting duty of a protector and bringer of good fortune, yet as outlanders appeared on the land, she began to wonder about the world beyond, and soon found herself in new adventures. Deciding to leave her mother-land for just a little while, she went off to seek forests in need of fortune and help, setting off on a whole new adventure.

Adella's Appearance:Edit

Adella is very, very short. She has a skinny figure that is covered by a flowing white dress that gives off a teal reflection, her wings being quite large compared to her body in patterns of a butterfly, having the rich and deep blue color within and on the outskirts of it a shimmering light purple, while her hair is dark and either teal or green, it is hard to tell, it is quite long as well ranging over to her mid section and all over her back line. Fairy's skin is luminous in blue lighting which is even better noticed while she's flying, while not luminant itself, the skin would look faintly blue-ish.

Adella's Personality:Edit

Being a fairy, Adella is very protective of her friends and forests. She is usually found to be kind and a little bit silly, considering how playful a nature's attendant can get. but her intentions are never malicious. If anyone would harm the forests she'd act quickly in wish to push the enemy away and won't hide any bit of her rage. Usually shy towards any race but a night elf, Adella will communicate with them if the need be, she is even starting to get relaxed around them slowly, but will rarely stay to commune with other races unless a kal'dorei is nearby.

Adella's Abilities:Edit

Being a fairy, Adella is very flawed in combat. Due to the fragility of her skeleton, a mismanagement of her wings or few strikes are enough to bring her down swiftly. She must keep agile and fast to be able to escape harm's way and in doing so she is rendered useless to casting. Due to this issue, Adella will often prefer to stay in the back of the fight and out of the focus spot or if that is not possible she will stay back as the healer for her allies. Her healing and casting powers would match an average night elven priestess.

Adella's Quotes:Edit

"Elune’s blessings upon you!"

"For Elune!"

"I’ll end you trespasser of nature!"

"None shall defile Enchanted Lands!"

"That’s enough from you!"

"You’re gonna get it now!"

"Good things come in small packages!"

"I saw a rainbow, it was…beautiful!"

"Was that a squirrel?"

"My wings carry swiftly!"

"None may outrun the fairy!"

"Pray from the hearth…"

"Will power is the most powerful of all!"

"Keep your faith strong!"

"Afraid to get star-dust in your eyes?"

"You’ll wish fairy dust was all I could throw…"

"Oh yes! I love bananas!"

"My wings are wet, let me just…ouch!"

Adella's Voice:Edit

Lulu Voice - English - League of Legends

Lulu Voice - English - League of Legends

Adella's Themesong:Edit

Demi Lovato - Gift Of A Friend - Official Music Video (HQ)

Demi Lovato - Gift Of A Friend - Official Music Video (HQ)


Adella's Model:Edit